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After years of waiting, Juniper's finally been offered her big break – a starring role... but Sunset's not convinced it's the same kind of film Juniper has in mind.

My submission for the Sunset Shipping Contest.
Proofread by Best Bitch :heart:
Cover art by dieart77.

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this fic should be canon

I'll take 'Bad Juju for $500 Alex'

Dude!? Yeah, being an attention whore definitely makes one deserving of torture and murder at the hands of a serial killer for a snuff film. Mmhmm, yep, sure, totally checks out.

I don't even think this counts as dark comedy, it's just dark.
I thought it was porn as well, and then that Sunset would at least tell her the truth and that would cause the break up... so I guess good job defying expectations?

If you wrote this as a mock entry for the contest, to troll readers and judges, then you certainly succeeded at that. Congratulations.

I suppose that's one way to end a relationship...

Except that now Sunset is an accomplice.

9834134 after Sunset throws her phone in a canal, where's the evidence?

Author Interviewer

I wondered how you were going to justify the porn tag on a T-rated fic. But where's comedy? XD

Well! This was interesting! Certainly a story that doesn't come around often. It's got a great amount of description - exactly how much is needed in this. Good work on that. :twilightsmile:

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