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The internet loves Sunset Shimmer. It's not mutual.

But if there's one person who understands the internet, it's Vignette Valencia.

My submission for the Sunset Shipping Contest.

Cover art by Ta-Na.

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So much metatext. To the point I couldn’t actually tell if they were aware of the fourth wall or not.

Not really my thing, since I tend to focus on positives rather than problems, but really well done for what it was.


Should I feel bad for liking a good chunk of the things Sunset was complaining about?

Also I can't see this relationship lasting since Vignette will dump Sunset the instant her friend count drops.


Also I can't see this relationship lasting since Vignette will dump Sunset the instant her friend count drops.

Yeah, same.


In that case, the relationship will last forever!


Yes, but SHOULD it?

9135989 You're thinking Vignette can do better? I don't know, I can't think of anyone more popular than Sunset...


Oh, you tease.

Way too metareferential. This wasn't a date, this was a therapy session. Or you using Sunset as a mouthpiece to complain about character stagnation and other things you don't like, though I may be making unmerited assumptions there. The explicit use of calendar years especially killed the immersion. Sorry, but this one just did not work for me.

I haven't read many fics at all lately--really glad I picked today to come back on, because bits of this were a pleasant surprise. Wasn't the hugest fan on some of it, though.

But I'm super happy to see someone talented writing Vignette--she could use a lot more love, especially if she's being shipped with Sunset :pinkiehappy:

Hoping you write her again someday :twilightsmile:

This was very interesting. I hate Vignette Valencia far more than any other character in EqG, but I could still appreciate what you did in the first half. Her internal narration absolutely would be full of hashtags, and her voice mostly felt pretty accurate.

But this line felt somewhat out of character for her: “Do you think there’s anything you can do about that, now you recognise the problem?”

The idea of Sunset getting to go on another character-defining arc is interesting, but I'm not sure "discussing it with Vignette on a date" is the right place to explore it. I guess it's a lot easier than going and writing that alternate ending fic to Forgotten Friendship.

9136878 Thanks sweetie!

After I finished this, I found there was no character group for Vignette, so I made one. There are only four stories so far and three members, but at least now there's somewhere to keep all stories about her in one place. I can't think of any other story ideas for her right now, but maybe someone else will?

Author Interviewer

8 people think it don't be like it is, and can't stand to hear Sunset say that it do. :3 This was wicked.

Pretty much my reaction. Well put.

Amusingly meta, good read.

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