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There are two types of people who sneak in through windows. Assassins, and illicit lovers. Queen Chrysalis is visited by someone who is both. But which role does she plan to fill tonight?

Art credit:
Chrysalis by Ric-M on DeviantArt
Aria by jankrys00 on Derpibooru

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This was a nice read! I definitely think it got better from the first version you showed me. I like how the characters' dialogue and narration suggested a world and history we weren't shown too much of but could still make some good sense of.

That being said, I do have to wonder a little what exactly Aria's plan was, given that Chrysalis has the kind of magic she does--when she turns the tables fairly effortlessly given a moment's hesitation to work with, I'm honestly not sure what Aria was expecting would happen when she opens with a one-liner instead of a stab.

Unless maybe the thought was that she'd guessed Chrysalis wouldn't kill her right away, so she poisoned the wine and gambled that she'd be able to get one last roll in the sheets out of Chryssie?

I'm not sure she knew. I kind of left it intentionally vague, there's a few ways it may have gone down depending on how you interpret the scene I think. I've got a few theories, but I can't say I have one specific canon theories and yours might be as good as mine haha.

As for the stabbing, I think she just found that it wasn't that easy. She had the upper hand twice, and neither time managed to take the plunge.

Now the only question remains: does Aria have an escape plan?

Lots of great world-building here, and I liked the veiled hints of their history together without getting into too much detail.

I'm not quite sure why you made them human, though? And I do kind of wish you'd gone for a different title :twilightsheepish:

I presume blue and gold vengeance will descend on the city no matter what, the only question is whether they can get there soon enough to rescue, or have to settle for mere punishment.

Thanks, it was fun to do.

Human world is because I like human sirens better, giant dragin things make poor assassins, and it's meant to be set in historical EQG world with the human version of Chrysalis.

And the title was the impetous for the entire thing, so I didn't care to change it.

Haha, she made it to the movies so we can only assume!

I do so love a good back-and-forth between villains, and you delivered perfectly. The tone and atmosphere were built up well, and foreshadowing of the ending was good too. A wonderful read.

Thank you so much! Im glad it came out well.

Regardless of the quality of the story (I haven't read it yet), I have to respect the pun game in the title.

Edit: And the story was actually fairly good, too.

Thank you! I'll admit, the title may not have been the best fit for the story, but I just couldn't let it go!

Love the title, and faved the story because I know I'll like it especially after your contest entry.

Haha, I'm pretty proud of the title myself. I hope you enjoy it

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