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Ryan, Ex-Nintendo world champion, upon putting on the power glove, is sucked into another world. Ryan, using the power of the glove, must travel the many lands of Epixeria trying to find his way home.
[Cover created via Bing's AI Art Generator. Text edited later using 8-bit Font]

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ok good cause the only console i played from that kind of era was the N64 (man i feel fucking hold even though i'm 20 years old)

The NES goes further back though, way before the N64.


You cheeky lil whippersnapper...!

*predates NES*

When I was a sprout, we were playing with ATARIs. Asteroid, Pole Position, Centipede, Dig Dug, Pac Man, etc. :rainbowwild:

he noticed his body had the colors similar to the 16 bit limitation of the original nintendo.

That should be 8 bit. NES was only 8 bit. SNES was the 16 bit system.

Some purpled maned white coat unicorn wearing a green tunic was jumping around trying her best to avoid the fireballs that flew at her.

:raritydespair: Green?! The horror!

You need to do some editing. More than just typo-hunting. This shifts between present and past tense frequently.

Thanks for the correction. I've also fixed a few other things to the best of my ability with some help from a friend, but I'd like a second opinion.

Love it I might love normal displaced stories where there in Equestria but I also love stories like this with the world now about the name I know you said it may change and I’m just making a suggestion what about a name that’s like the name he put on his save files or something

I recently read the batter displace, but can't remember the name. Please?

He swing with his intended joke and was muffled by the catchers glove.

He had to force himself not to quote Morshu from the CD-I games.

Weeeeeeeeell, excuuuuse meee princess

I want to see more of this

(if mostly only if so when we get to the point where the fic this was a triumph crosses over with this one cause I am excited to see his reaction to more modern games like Halo, Kotor, command and conquer "the more graphically enhanced versions", and things like a few indie games (*binding of Issac anyone?*))

It may come to that in the near future depending on who he crosses over with that wants to go to those game worlds, not soon but more likely after the main story.

It's not referencing it. In the original game Shadowgate for the NES that Glitchcord pulled them into, the words 'Smash' would appear on screen when you hit the rock to dislodge it.

If the next world is FF, proper FF, I would like a touch with finding the second Crystal of Light.

No, I meant that if you did a proper FF world, I would like to join in with it.

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like I mentioned, autism has been preventing my focus and inspiration.

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