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"ON THE LONGEST DAY OF THE THOUSANDTH YEAR, THE STARS WILL AID IN HER ESCAPE, AND SHE WILL BRING ABOUT NIGHTTIME ETERNAL" An alternate-universe continuation of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, wherein Harry learns of a different, ancient, powerful kind of Magic. Spoiler alert: It's Friendship.

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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality :)

Here's a story I wasn't expecting. Off to a good start, thankfully I recently read Methods of Rationality so I can jump into this without being completely confused.

Very interesting so far. Will track.

Well, it probably won't work, but most crossovers shouldn't work either so i'll give it a shot.

My brain's autocomplete patternmatched this pinkie with a mirror mind like the sorting hat is in HPMOR. I'm not sure exactly why.

Just wanted to say I like what you've done so far, really interested to see where you take things with this universe. Hopefully, the wait for the next one won't be too long.

Great chapter love the explanations regarding the ponies. Of course since this is Rainbow explaing it we can't really be certain how accurate it is.

Yeah I guess from a certain perspective Fluttershy would come across as the perfect Slytherin which is just hilarious.

this is good. continue, please.

This is awesome. I love the idea that pony seasons might be only a few days long; that fits nicely with, among other things, the way the Running of the Leaves episode comes shortly after Winter Wrap-up. That episode's song does mention "three months of winter coolness", but that could be excused as an unusual or at least only this specific winter.

I was a bit surprised to hear (pony) Rainbow Dash mention "Sci-Twi", though. Perhaps that's nothing to do with Equestria Girls and just a coincidental nickname for the pony Twilight Sparkle when she starts geeking out?

Hahaha! I had been wondering how on earth you would justify Fluttershy as a Slytherin (I said as much on the Fanfiction.net reviews months ago when chapter 2-3 were posted). But now when she was talking to the snake I literally laughed out loud and said "Of course". Then you brought up the dark hints in Shy's personality (well, I guess Dash and AJ did earlier, and I missed that), and the mysterious "persuasive" moment in the hallway, and suddenly bam, yes, you've got a very persuasive Slytherin Fluttershy. Nicely done!

(I remember some commentator claiming that EqG Fluttershy had a bit more of a dark note to her than Equestria's Fluttershy - with moments like "The revenge?" in Sunset Shimmer's Fine Line - but the way you have it here works very well.)

As for Dash and AJ's earlier conversation... I'm very confused by the way they all talk about having been dead before. I don't know what to tie that together with.

I also wondered if there was a little hint in AJ's comments of how to match up the Elements of Harmony's various names as introduced in the second page of Rhapsody in Blue - we know that Generosity goes with Beauty etc, but how do they pair up with Time, Space, Power, Life, Love, Mind? "Kindness, healing, life" is a quote from this chapter that makes perfect sense as a triple of names for the same elements. AJ mentions there being "power" in honesty. The two of them mentioned "loyalty" and "bravery" quite a bit, but not any of the ancient element names.

My best guess then is:
Kindness - Healing - Life - Deathly Hallows
Magic - Sorcery - Mind - Diadem of Ravenclaw
Generosity - Beauty - Love - ??
Honesty - Strength - Power - Philosopher's Stone
Laughter - Hope - Time? - ??
Loyalty - Bravery -??- Space - Mirror of Erised

Well... that was really something. It was almost a slog to read through, but it definitely paints a more complete picture of things.

This chapter was alright, bit too much of an info dump. It was all very interesting but it was a bit too much to take in all at once. Hopefully, there aren't too many chapters like this one.

Well this is an unexpectedly pleasant surprise, good start so far, can't wait to see where this is going!

Interestingly, this chapter was originally called "Memory Dump", but I decided it was a bit too inelegant. This is really the only chapter of this style.


Glad you're enjoying it! To summarize this chapter:

Kindness - Healing - Life - Deathly Hallows
Generosity - Beauty - Space - Mirror of Erised (Tesseract)
Laughter - Hope - Time - Mirror of Noitilov/True Reflection
Honesty - Strength - Power - Philosopher's Stone
Loyalty - Bravery - Mind - The Mind Stone
Magic - Sorcery - Love - Diadem

Also if you look in the background of each Element in Rhapsody in Blue you'll see a symbol that corresponds to one of the "ancient laws" (the six fundamental scientific units)
Space - m - meter - Distance
Power - kg - kilogram - Mass
Time - s - second - Time
Life - A - ampere - Current
Mind - K - kelvin - Temperature
Love - cd - Candela - Luminous Intensity

Well that escalated quickly, feels like we missed a few scenes leading up to this moment.

She recalled from the instruction manual of her parents' chest freezer that it used around 400 kilowatt hours.

Per year.

She spent another moment in thought. "Well, Disco- I mean, um... Mrs. Maxim? When Mrs. Maxim said he was here because our friend got in over her head and needed help, you thought he was talking to you...

Hmm, that looks like a lie that screams "I'm a lie". What's the point?

"You're her friend, and you won't stop until you find her. If you were lost, I wouldn't stop until I found you. If I were lost, my friends wouldn't stop until they found me. If they were lost, their friends wouldn't stop until they found them. If their friends were lost, they wouldn't stop either."

The problem here is that succeeding at "not stopping until finding her" doesn't require success at "finding her" in the slightest. If I understand something about Harry's personality, his reaction to that won't be nice.

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