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Lt. Spike, Lt. Ember, and Lt. Gabby are being sent to a remote system called Galvinux VII on a mission to investigate the disappearances of several embassy and scout ships in the sector. Little do they know they are being sent on a suicide mission. Before they left for their mission, they were given shots. These shots were not vaccines, they were genetically engineered viruses. Their true mission was to infect and exterminate the plague survivors on Galvinux VII. However, they are captured and found guilty of criminal trespass. With their guilty verdict, they are sentenced to four judicial rejuvenations each. Now, they are forced to relive their childhoods as well behaved children who get daily spankings as punishment for their crimes.

Includes Spanking and Age Regression Fetishes

Adaption of Palcomix's Growing Up Again series

Proofread and Co-Edited by Ryshinki

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 9 )

What happened to Spike?

His rejuve will be the focus of chapter 2

I like the way it came-out, its different but follows the basic storylines.

Comment posted by Indigo Tornado deleted Sep 13th, 2019

if this parody of Palcomix's Growing Up Again series.
won't be even younger then 6?

need lot work but I can get better

It feels all very rushed. You just state what happens and then move on. Try to slow down and really get into how they are feeling.

It's so rushed. Try to have a moment of reflection. Describe the scenery in detail.

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