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Wasn't expecting a sequel. Looking forward if the character tags are any indication of what will happen in future chapters.

Thanks for reading, about the character tags sorry but they are a little bit misleading, while you can add any number of characters there's a 5 tag limit for that so sometimes you will find characters no listed previously. Originally this was going to be a 1 chapter story so I only tagged the names for the first chapter. I'll start work on the 3rd part of the story after taking care of a few events including Halloween and my daughter's birthday. Thanks again for reading

Oblivious little book nerd. :twilightsmile:

That's the way i wanted to portrait her since in the EG series she looks like the more socially inept, even more so that Fluttershy. Thanks for the comment.

Will this series have any M/F sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work? You reply to comments by moving your mouse over to the right hand side of the comment you want to reply to and clicking on the >> that appears.

I may include something like that in the continuation, the way I'm portraying the couple is with Big Mac, the older of the two guiding Sunset, the younger but it would be interesting to switch the positions once or twice. Thanks for the comment.

Dang, here I was hoping Twilight would discover true love :rainbowwild:
...or some sort of feeling :scootangel:

Weeell? Sticking to the canon she doesn't until she fall for Sprout something in the Everfree movie but right now she's just ignorant about all that stuff.

Psssh, she can learn to make due by herself before then!
Think of it as studying for when Timbuckto comes into the picture :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: Btw, I was joking, but just in case you weren't, his name is Timber Spruce.

Ha ha I guess, it would be like a solo round or something, I'll give her her chance later on in the main story.

Oh ok thanks, I only look for the name when I'm using it in the story, otherwise I just name them how I remember them.

I'd look forward to that :raritywink:

Btw, I kind of started at "The First One" via recommended sidebar stories. Is the main one "Fruits of Love"?

Correct, the BGFT are more sex oriented and Empress of the moon is Luna based but all of them serve as prequels to Fruits of love.

Gotcha. Though when you put it that way, wouldn't the solo-round sound more BGFT-oriented? Also the fact that she's x-ray oogling her brother's...fights *cough* sounds like "Bad Girl" material. :derpytongue2:

Good point there, however I already have a set up where Sunset's new powers go a little out of control causing the other Rainbooms to go a little wild. In case I don't use that scenario I'll go for BGFT.


I already have a set up where Sunset's new powers go a little out of control causing the other Rainbooms to go a little wild

You know, you already had my attention. Somehow you have over 100% of it now 👀

I gotta catch up to the main story then!

Thanks, I hope you find it entertaining, also if you have stories of your own feel free to recommend them or any other story you found enjoyable, again thanks an lot for reading.

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