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Holy shit another one! And one with best Sunset! Futa Sunset. I hope you have the time to update this often!

There is no concept that can't be improved by "but what if she had a cock?":rainbowdetermined2:

New DraceDomino? Instafavorite!

My two favourite things, bitchy Sunset and mind control! Combined they create masterpieces like this, cannot wait to see where this goes!

Does the cover art pic have more in it and it’s cropped or is that it. I’m curious as to who’s to Sunsets right in the pic.

To my knowledge that's the full pic. It's actually Ani's Twitter profile pic, but the expression was just too perfect!

MAN i hope this one goes awhile!

I Frikin love your stories. A lot more when they involve Futa Sunset, patiently waiting and hoping to see more of this fic.

Concept is nice, but not a fan of Futa stories. Has never been my thing. Sunset taking a more proactive step to take over the school using seduction and the like is something I wouldn't mind seeing and doing it on Rarity, the most socially skilled of the Mane 6 makes a lot of sense.

Again main issue for me is the Futa thing, just not something I can get into.

Now if you did a different version of this concept without the Futa, then we'd be in business.

It's actually a screencap redraw from one of the specials. The one on the right offscreen is Fluttershy.

Cool a news tory. Tho I'm getting major Shiro vibes off this one. It's still cool tho. Can't wait to see how she treats her principles.

“I’m going to pump my frosting right into your donut, Pinkie Pie."

This line alone should win some kind of award.

What was that last line? Were people watching?

In any case, great chapter, as always! One day I'll write futa smut as good as you do, good sir.

I think you are deserving of a stache. :moustache:

Comment posted by GT3RS deleted Dec 23rd, 2021

I think the implication was that she didn't want her house trashed like the inside of her car.

Ohhh yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

Nice chaoter!
Pinkie Pie Difficulty: Very Easy!
Although now I'm curious about Maud...

Really looking forward to the next chapter!

NEW CHAPTER LETS GO!!! I've been periodically checking this story every couple of weeks since the year started. Glad you're okay and still around!!

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, it's been a bear of a year on my end. Motivation can be a real rough bitch to mount sometimes, y'know?

Don't I know it. But hey, it's cool.

Another spectacular hot chapter loved it!:heart:

This chapter was worth the wait! Can't wait to see the rest of the story unfold.

You know, I'm crazy and all, but even I have to tell myself over time that this is too much and that maybe I should do something with my life, this and similar things that some "people" pass off as stories here are ...terrible , moreover, bad stories are published these days that are either about nothing, or are embarrassing, or are so twisted that even an exorcism wouldn't help, >>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>> and there will probably be more "people" here who will fall on this comment and be toxic or the creator of this story will delete it, but I don't mind but.... it just gives me the truth, I love MLP and I grew up on it but this community that only changed to :furries/deviants/non-binary genders/perpetual panickers and similar wrecked existences >>>>>

can you post the new chapters on AO3 too please?

This was hot I'm not going to lie but for some reason I'm hoping she fails with RD and the rules get reversed RD gets the amulet and proceed to have fun if sunset

Great chapter! I've only got one question. After Rainbow Dash gets claimed, will Princess Twilight have a taste of Sunset, too, at the fall formal? :twilightblush:

You can expect Princess Twilight to show up, but there will be a few more chapters before the Fall Formal.

Oh please tell me that Sunset will try to find the Human Twilight so she can get her too, also what about if she looks for her human counterpart?

My most hotly anticipated chapter and you've delivered 1000%. Thank you!

I'm voting or celestia and Luna next. Seems like the next logical step.

Awesome work as usual. I can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds! :twilightblush:

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