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which crossover eh?

By the cover art, I think It is RWBY.

Lohamigos is correct is a RWBY crossover. Thanks for reading.

Correct you are my friend.

ahh. maybe um, put it in next time for people doesn't watch RWBY?

Sorry about that, honestly I didn't thought of that untill now. I assumed that must people would know just from the cover but now I remember that Rooster Teeth has the series under subscription only, sorry once again, let me know what you think about the story.


I might be able to tell who that crazy changelings is but I think it's a bit overdoing it.

Also I am pretty sure it's going to be extremely cliche if he be able to curbstone entire 11th legion

About your first question, thought it sounded fun Mexico + Mane = Manexico.

A out the second, no I don't intend to make Savage super OP where only the hero can hurt him, I myself have that trope, reason why I hate movies like Charlie's angels and James Bond. Again, no he's not gonna crush the entire 11th, but remember, he has a hive with him. Thanks for the comment RDDash.

"I will find you". Luna said as two small spheres appeared in front of her, one white and warm while the other was red and cold, the dreams of the unknown ponies. " Just you wait".

Jaune and Salem(?)... interesting

You're half right my friend. Just half right.

Now you're totally right! :eeyup: I wonder if the show is going to explain that part eventually? Is like another plothole that the writters got themselves into, oh well, I guess they can use convenient plothole fixed like with Aura, that's like the Hashirama cells from Naruto.

Aww, over already? :fluttershysad:

Sorry about that, I'm currently running 4 stories and even though I put one in hiatus, it still kind of difficult, but I'll come back to this one as soon as I advance Fruits of love a little. Thanks again.

" To the Miss? ".


" Miss? Why? She's The princess of the Moon! ".


" The what? ".


" The guardian of dreams! ".


" Uh huh ".


" Hmm, never heard of her! ".


" She's Princess freaking Luna! ".


"... ".


" You still don't know, do you? ".


" No idea, no ".

ah, yes classic Jaune

" Yes, Knight, short, sweet roll of the tongue, mares love it ". He said smiling and puffing his chest but pretty soon his demeanor changed drastically. " Well, the true is that I don't know my name, I know I have one but I just can't remember as stupid as it sound, a filly I met before suggested me to use Knight as my name since i was in full armor and everything and it somehow felt like it was the right name for me, you know".

all the yes

Thanks for comment. And Eeyup! :eeyup:

Now I'm straight up thinking "jaun arc, knight of the zodiac" hahaha

Of the zodiac? How so? Thanks for the comment by the way.

Caballero arco
Caballero del zodiaco

Ooooh! Ya entiendo, si, me recordó a los caballeros del Zodiaco, uno de mis primeros animes que vi junto con Macross y Las aventuras de Gamba el ratón, buenos tiempos.

Thanks for reading once more, very appreciated.

Sometimes I forget how fragile people are.

Thanks for the correction, forgot that people imply the plural not the single.

Excited for more juan arc accidentally courts a princess

You know? That was the name of the third title for this story I thought about. Thanks for the comment.

No problem keep up the good work in making me laugh

Yo! Thanks for reading, hope you like it so far, new episode coming soon.

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