• Published 6th Nov 2018
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Last Sunset - Kyoten Fuyu

I was a human that accidentally killed the real Sunset Shimmer, and took her memories when she tackled me into a magical portal. This is my story.

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Yes, Tim Hortons is a great place for breakfast!

I wasn't thrilled to see the actual Doctor Strange in this story, nor to find out about THE Doctor. Nothing against their characters; I quite like them in their own universes. But the fact that they are multi-dimensional always makes me uncomfortable. Their jobs are to go around protecting worlds and timelines. They don't just sit in the background of a story and not steal the spotlight.

Ah yes, just the way I like it. EXTRA WEEBY!

They won't have larger roles for a while, well. The Doctor, anyway. Strange will be helping out for the first three arcs. So, you'll see more of him. ;)

"What are you—" the male guard try to say before Wrath used his skull to practice her baseball swing. Meanwhile, Peace ripped of the female guard's armor with her magic, stabbed her spear into the ground, made the tip round before placing her up the ass and through her mouth, killing her instantly while doing so.

"That was...overkill," I blinked, unknowing on how to react. They simply shrugged in response. Shaking my head, I walked passed the mess into the castle's courtyard with my companions. It's Celestia's problem anyway.

Ok, sorry. I can’t. I guess I had the wrong impression of this fic. That’s so incredibly random and illogical that I just have no words to express my thoughts. :applejackconfused:

I'm still setting everything up. It's Arc 0 - the Prologue of the entire fic. A lot of things will be confusing until they are explained later in the story. Everyone has a place. Some have quirks, some are from different countries, some were brought in from other plains of existence. They aren't there for no reason. Also, no smut will be in this fic. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Also, I've left behind clues on where this story is going all over the place. You just need to look. Innocense is just a distraction. She doesn't exist ;)

Celestia now you begin to see how much you fucked up. And I'd wadger it won't be your only insight.

Like how this fic is going as so few has sunset laying down on Celestia on how she should had been a mother instead of a teacher to her.




So, you three. How should Sunset Vs Twilight's first fight go? Sunset can barely use telekinesis, but she has more magical and physical power than Twilight?

Once sunset figures out that twilights panic button is Celestia. She tells Twilight that after she beats her Celestia is going to dump her as her student. Which cause Twilight to panic and turns her attention to Celestia which sunset sucker punches her and starts beating her into the ground. With her breaking her arm or leg leaving her broken on the ground and sunset turns to Celestia and ask her why she ever chosed her to be her daughter. And then sunset rips off the gem on twilights forehead and destroys it.

Also dont forget sunset killing off castle servants as well as guards next chapter. Like the ones who use to beat her. And her telling celestia what they did while killing them.

Honestly I'd wadger sunset could handily kick twilights ass just with her marital arts skills. Would definitely embarrass old sun bitch seeing her prized student getting layed out within the first 2 minutes.
The excuse could be she didn't want to blow Twilight up with her magic before she had some control over it.

That last bit is too extreme. Why would she destroy Twilights ability to use magic? She has no vendetta against her. Thats too harsh in my opinion


If twilight would be a sin. Which of the Seven Deadly would she be?

I think Gluttony fit her quite well since she doesn't nothing but study and rarely does anything with her knowledge. All she knows how to do is consume.

Ya gluttony does fit her well. But as for her lack of sharing that knowledge. I think that has more to do with the fact she doesn't know how to convey her knowledge in a way the common pony can understand, because of this she doesn't even try because she always gets put out when people can't keep up with her.

i know i was not the one asked but depending on how smart Sunset is, as well as how magic works in this world she could do area affect magic interference/jamming by filling the area with raw magic leveling the playing field. this would make any spells cast outside Twilight's body miss-fire, or act differently to intended. this is pre nightmare moon meaning she is a bookworm with very little real world knowledge meaning she is very unlikely to adapted to a problem like "the magic i have known and i have practiced my whole life is now not doing as its meant to". this is something sunset could do if the magic "arrays" or how ever the magic works is outside of the body for example at the tip focus. sunset or other very powerful being could do this due to the fact that have so much more magic power then the rest of them

as far as i can tell no as the magic focus is not part of the body removing it should do nothing, even by force should do nothing to the user unless they are using magic as it is removed

that could be what happens to tempest she was using magic as her focus was destroyed fucking up her magical channels

i could be wrong but i think it would work that way we need to w8 for ask the author

I have a page of notes on how to Focus works. Sunset will go over it with Strange when she eventually asks for help practicing her magic. But you are mostly right. The Focus acts more like a wand than a unicorn horn, but removing usually does nothing, but keeping it in does something else ;)

How 'bout, "Because Raisins."

I'm really trying to want to continue reading this story. I'm really having a problem rooting for Sunset. She is just way over the line of villan. I have no sympathy for her back story, mostly because I think it's all self delusion, made worse by power players like Hylia telling her she is some sort of 'chosen one' when she has done nothing to be worthy of it.
Sunset here is just a "sh*t person" who whines about how she was so abused, and kills(or agrees with her guards) anyone who even gives her a nasty look. (Before saying the royal guards somehow deserved to be killed because...uh...backstory..yeah backstory, and they were all mean and nasty who teased Sunset and kicked her puppy. Right? Even the new recruits that never saw her before? Or perhaps Sunset is just so 'powerfull' that her being annoyed justifies skiping trials and going straight to the execution.

I know this is clearly AU but it's so detached from the source material that I really wish you had based it on some other IP. Perhaps Escape From NY would have been a better match.

and anyone who is going to complain in the comments. don't if you don't want to read a story do not leave comments like that just because you're complaining about how you don't like how the story is written. stop the person is trying their best to make a story everybody likes but then again as I just said it's THEIR story THEY CAN DO WITH IT WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY LIKE. so please don't leave comments that result in you complainingit's a fanfiction it doesn't have to have Cannon material I don't mean to single anybody out but I've read comments like that and several stories and it's starting to get to me. if you don't like it don't read it.

I'm sorry I don't mean to rant but stuff like this really gets to me when people leave comments about how they don't like the story and such. if you don't like the story give an idea and that's it but don't start with saying stuff that will hurt the readers feelings and or affect their wanting to write. It's happened in far too many stories that I know of where the writer was left comments by some readers that was negative feedback. It just affects the writer some people have quit writing because of negative feedback. If you don't want to read it then don't read it as simple as that.

again I'm mumbling I'm only saying if you don't have any criticism that could help. don't. Just. Just don't. it's a fanfiction it's fake it is whatever the writer wants it to be. The creator of the story is GOD what they write in the story is what happens. again sorry for ranting on your posts I just have a pet peeve about that.

Thank you someone else who uses their fucking brain for more than fertilizer for their hair. I was being to think I was the only one.

I just hate it when people leave comments that make good writers leave the community. I have found 43 different books not just in this site but other sites that people have stopped writing because of a negative feedback.

There has even been suicides because of it it's called cyber bullying even if it's not on social medias.

Like I said you use your brain for more than fertilizer. Now then author we await the next chapter with anticipation also can you throw celestia a bone? Not saying she doesn’t deserve the anger just the story is starting to look like all anger and rage with nothing more…

When are you going to update

Celestia had only one chance NOT to fuck up with sunset, and she fucked it so spectacularly that nothing can save her. I personally would not be surprised if Luna's "fall" was for simulator reasoning. Your Celestia is either the most blind idiot in existence, or she believes her actions, or lake there of, was internally except-able.

I can only ask of you, is it possible for Luna/Nightmare moon to join sunset?

if nothing more, I look forward to your continuation of this masterpiece.

I'm going to rewrite it now that I've had some time to distance myself from writing. My anger and annoyance projected upon in my writing that messed with the character I'm trying to create.

Hope you update this fic. It's one of the only ones that has Sunset done right

This story's dead along with her other incompleted fics.

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