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atleast he didnt go to jail or have vinyl hate him


i claim this comment as first so no one can i didnt claim it and post a gif(or gfi the one video picture thing) about being first.

Second date with Vinyl secured. :rainbowlaugh:

At first I was like "FUCKING DROP THE (B)ASS CLONES"
Then I was like "Oh boy it's Goris."

Hey, at least *I* didn't leave getting screamed at or physically harmed. So that's cool.

Haven't even read this yet. I'm already scared, man. Do the next one with Berry Punch or Carrot Top!

Dat punchline

She probably did him anyways.


Damn that made my day thank you:yay:

I tell her my name? But how does that work... :fluttershysad:

1030893 What up boi!?

1030947 yup. Down to a T

oh god vinyl whay was your dads dildo in your room



didn't expect to see you here :rainbowlaugh:

The Real question is why he did it! After all that bad luck he decided to go both ways?

Yay! You followed my advice! woohoo! I think this may be the start of magical friendship. (Cliche I know, but it fits) Anyhoo, Just contact me if you need ideas, need a editor, or just want to plain talk. :raritywink:

He never quite got over that whole incident with Big Mac. :eeyup:

Thanks, I'll contact you next time I run out of ideas (which probably won't take long). :derpytongue2:

She tried to after he got out of the shower and stopped crying, but he had an actual seizure literally 1 second before he was able to get into bed with her and collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. It was the closest he's ever got, though. :rainbowlaugh:

BAHAHAHAHAHA, That was extremely epic.

Good god that was funny.:rainbowlaugh: Considering all the other shit that's befallen Goris' protagonists, this one got off light.


REALLY? AGAIN??? When are you going to write a story where this guy just commits suicide because of all these terrible things that keep happening to him???:facehoof:


Seems legit.

I'd say next prey should be... Nightmare Moon :pinkiehappy:

I believe the only reaction approipriate for this fic is "Why...why would you do that in the first place"
1030876 its a second person fic. You tell her whatever your name is, they say it like that so it doesn't make the character even less second person.

:rainbowlaugh: NO NO NO STOP! Vinyl's DAD'S? Wait, in HER bedroom....Ok um....:rainbowderp:

Wow, he's not in jail, and Vinyl doesn't hate him. WE'RE GETTING SOMWHERE

This was f*ckin hilarious! Anyone who dislike, doesn't have a sense of humor. Good job man!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

SO FUCKIN FUNNY!!! :rainbowlaugh:
I was laughing so hard i nearly pissed myself

weird in a good way :moustache:


This is the second fic I read by you the first being "Firewater"... you sure like those twist endings huh?

1030625 Fit hits the shan when Deathclaws are around. Especially writing Deathclaws. They convert the deadly damage into humor.

"Oh cool a 2nd person Vinyl Scratch fic. Who's the author?" -Me
AUTHOR: GorisTheDeathclaw

Keep up the good work!

1033392. Ypf I didnt expect to see yall over here on the weird side of fim

I hate you so much, but I loved this story. I mean, we all have one of those awkward moments, just as we're about to get lucky, right?

At least they still most likely fucked later on so it's all good

Author Interviewer

I just listened to a guy read two of your fics (this and Golden Orchard). This was amazing. I saw the final twist coming, but my god, I laughed so hard. 10/5, would be trolled again.

"Hahaha! This is the funniest shit ever!" she says through the laughter.

"Aren't you mad I, uh, used your dildo though?" you ask.

"Nah, it's not mine. It's my dad's," Vinyl replies.

I actually gagged. This is fucked up.

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