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When scavengers come across a single working cryo pod from before the war will the scientist within be able to help them break their way into the biggest secure facilities in the wasteland? And will they be able to help him figure out just how he ended up in the cryo pod in the first place? What secrets does this pony out of time hide? And just who is following them across the wastes?

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This looks interesting! If you haven't heard of it already, there's a Fallout: Equestria Side Stories Compilation Document here that you can post your story to. Quite a few authors of other side stories hang out there, so do come along and introduce yourself! :twilightsmile:

hmm a little to fast paced you could of started out on the day he was put into cryo and then chapter 2 him wake up but still good :twilightsmile:


Originally I was going to start out the story like that but I promise there's a good reason for why I started it the way I did. :pinkiehappy:

You like DEVIL MAY CRY.. That game series is frigin sick.. in the good way<.<


Devil may what...?:rainbowderp:

JUST KIDDING! I do very much love Devil May Cry :twilightsmile:

Just for likeing the series have a fav...

good chapter coulda been a bit longer :twilightsmile:


I'm not used to writing fan fics so I'm still working on making the stories fuller and more detailed. Feel free to IM me any suggestions you have for improving, I'm always looking for ways to get better

great chapter & story overall, like the romance, how each character responded seeing them in bed, i like the falllout refrences/similarities, maybe focus on some future/event hinting-makes for a more interesting read. make him a really big help to there/a cause. tell us more about the enclave! smore background stories too...*friendly criticism* :moustache: but i overall bucking love what your doing, keep it up brony :rainbowdetermined2:

Hm... I must say the beginning of the story was quite interesting but the whole mysterious cyber-ghoul-thingie seems a little bit too far stretched. Don't they have some sort of monitoring on the base? And what's with the ponies getting killed in the cages? :rainbowhuh: The part with the secret agenda of the doctors from the last chapter was ok thought. It gave an additional mystery to Sugarcanes story, but their BOSS is simply a BLAM... Neverless the criticism above I still think, that the idea of a pony held in stasis for 200 years, awekening to postapocalyptic Equestria has a big potential. You simply shouldn't rush things :twilightsmile:

Time for insanity!:pinkiecrazy:
The old question from Frank Herberts Dune: In the case of Ruby being Canes descendant, would it make the nature of their potential relationship (and we've already seen the buck has a weakness to red, winged mares) incestical? I mean 200 years equals around 5 generations, so would it still be dengerous for the genepool?:twilightoops:


I promise the whole BAM chatting with the bad guy thing has a proper explanation. I'm kinda bad about coming up with ideas in my mind and not elaborating properly right away but what I have really does make sense when I come back to it. And the burning ponies and the crazy cyber ghoul thing, all of it stems from one core concept that I'll explain in a few chapters and hopefully you'll be saying to yourself 'oh okay, that makes sense' at least on some level :scootangel:

1081094 We shall see if it remains its status as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment... Hopefully not :twilightsmile:

Explosive ammo + Ebony, Ivory= FUCKED!!!!

I like it, that the relationship between Ruby and Cane isn't going down the sex for fanservice way and that it gets a little bit more depth. Althought I'm a little bit surprised about his lack of reaction when she tells him about her promise to Brutus...:rainbowderp:

One little thing of concern - you sometimes mix up the present and past forms:

Bullet storm pulled the saddle down from the pile of supplies the brahmen carried and handed it over to Ruby. She squeals softly and twirls it in her wings.

See what I mean?

You make some excellent points my friend I think I need to overhaul some parts in there, it's my fault for editing and publishing it at 1Am instead of waiting till I was focused enough to go through it.

1122987 No problem, as long you have some good ideas and want to share them with the rest of the HERD(:pinkiecrazy:) it's ok. No one is perfect and everyone can make failures :twilightsmile:

The story gets better and better :pinkiehappy: My reactions while reading about Cane kissing Crackshot::pinkiegasp::pinkiesick::rainbowlaugh::pinkiesick: He's the craziest bastard around :rainbowlaugh: Besides that... Do I see a little bit of Pinkie Pies sense of humor in Ruby?:pinkiecrazy:

If I may say two things:
1. I would add *** or another sign of some sorts to indicate the passing of time between the moment the two left the building and the start of the shooting.
2. The only thing that really catched my eye was this part:

“Are you two alright?” They asked, a synthesizer masked their voice so we couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman in the armour.

You know one pegasus but a plural descritpion + buck/stallion or a mare. Sorry for nagging :twilightsheepish:


Grammar/gender issues corrected :derpytongue2:

I promise in Word I'm putting a spacer to divide the time lapse points, I didn't realize it didn't translate over to here ha ha. I'll remember for next time :twilightsmile:

I really like the way Crackshots rotten brain works :pinkiehappy: What I wanted to ask... Pinkie Pie figurine? :pinkiegasp: How did I miss that thing? :rainbowderp:


It was in the case that he opened for the council during his test :pinkiehappy: Right before he had the flashback to him and Rosa before he got frozen.

1193122 A... That explains many things :twilightsmile: At that time I was more entertained about his and Crackshots talk about "Iron Pony" and other prewar movies :twilightoops:

You nag a few times and suddenly you're evil incarnated... :trixieshiftright:

Present form:
She snaps, slapping me hard across the face with a wing, tears brimming in her eyes.
She says softly, coming over and sitting down beside me, wrapping a wing around me and holding me close, letting me cry into her shoulder again.

And you mixed up CB with EB a few times during the breakfast scene :rainbowwild:

It's getting better and better :twilightsmile: But the Fo:E Holy Grail is still Sombers Project Horizons :scootangel:


Well I'm currently at what 3% of the length of Project Horizons? :derpytongue2:

Maybe when I'm a few hundred thousand words into my story I'll worry about any kind of comparison ha ha. For now (And likely forever) PH is light years ahead of anything I'll ever write,

This was only the introduction? Who cares how long it gets as long it's entertaining?! :rainbowwild: Even if I can't really connect with Sugarcane - I really don't know why - your fic nevertheless still has a very sympathetic cast, crazy humor and a very cool look on pre-apocalypse Equestrian pop-culture like Iron-pony and etc. :pinkiehappy: And the birthday scene with the song (I couldn't imagine any music to it) really made me smile, or I would even say grinn :pinkiehappy:

Back to reality:
The floor and couches were a mess of Ruby's clothes, which I still didn't understand considering how little she wore clothing besides her armour:twilightsheepish:


It's 'Somebody to love' by Queen :P I meant to link to an audio only version at the beginning of the song and forgot :derpytongue2: it will be corrected

1292440 :rainbowderp: I-i-i-i... I've failed to recognise one of Freddies songs? :rainbowderp: ... NOOO!!! Curse you ponified lyrics for messing with my wicked brain!!:raritydespair:


:rainbowlaugh: It's okay I'm sure he forgives you. :scootangel:

1294142 Ah screw that... I suddenly like that buck :rainbowlaugh:


:rainbowkiss: yay! Another loyal follower :moustache: lol

1297407 Filly please... I'm watching this story since it started :moustache: <Sigh> I'm even the idiot with the most comments on it... :trixieshiftright:


Lol nothing wrong with having the most comments, but I actually meant another follower of Cane, not the story. I failed at making a command and conquer joke. :fluttercry:

1297472 I think that it could be wrong :rainbowlaugh: As I said the birthday scene made my yesterday, and reading it once more with the music playing in the background was even better :pinkiehappy:

Yeah I shoulda said something about the hoof of nod.

Hm... Honestly?:trixieshiftleft: I found this chapter a little bit weird... First: where is everypony? They shouldn't have been overrun that fast. Second: the filly ex machina and the super raider. Too sudden and too powerfull in my opinion... The rest, especially EBs fate were good.

Well the sudden onset of CB's powers I modeled after Twilight's when she was a filly, just that she had a direction to focus it all, and she doesn't stay in god mode forever. The super pyro has more to him than I have yet explained, and remember there were evi forces at work on the base. All will be explained in time my little brony. Lol.
And hopefully in a satisfactory way.

1304742 Don't worry. I can always dump you and your story the moment it turns too much horseapples :twilightsmile: JK, we shall see :raritywink:

Maybe I'm simply into realistic situations but I've enjoyed this chapter way more than the last one:pinkiecrazy: The part in the memory orb was simply great and I love Rubys honset statement: Who said that? I'm just good at manipulating people. :rainbowlaugh:

A little bit of present-past chaos as usual :scootangel:

She smiles a little and reaches up above me, sliding a recollector off my head
He snaps, flopping back onto the makeshift mattress.
She asks softly.


Heh, you know I seriously considered rewriting the end so that it turned out he was telling the story to some powerful temporal being and that he was existing within the story (hence the present tense) but also with the being at the end, looking back on the story (Past tense) but it clashed too much with my planned ending, so I just accepted it as errors haha. Also I blame my editor because she said it was fine :derpytongue2::trollestia:

good chapter again

1359258 you should get some cover art for your fic Julep could probably make you one if you pay


I have cover art for it, but there were some delays in the completion, hopefully I'll have it soon :D

As the inhuman monster that I simply am, it's a little bit hard for me to understand the whole "goodie samarithan" tour but whatever...:pinkiecrazy: Still a fine chapter :pinkiehappy:

One more thing:
Besides, I like being a man while I'm with a woman, not a man while I'm with a man.
Mare/Stallion thingy? :twilightsheepish:


The terms mare and stallion wouldn't apply to a griffin or diamond dog so I went with a more broad word, I suppose male and female would suit it better :derpytongue2:

1374712 Oh right, she talks about it afterwards. It's the same way the terms "everypony" and "everyone" were used in the original Fo:E :twilightblush:

wow cant believe Coal survived and wants his brother dead good chapter

Ruby's Sugars grand-something-daughter? I've seen that coming since the orb in which Rosela told him about being pregnant :raritywink: Does it even caunt as incest after so many generations? :rainbowderp: The interrogation? Simply great idea! And if we're talking about Coal... I had my suspicion from the memory where he told Gaze about Sugars relation to Ruby, but I'm pretty surprised that he's still using his old name... Still a very nice plot twist and everything makes sense now. You're a good story teller :pinkiecrazy:

I also liked the scene between Cane and CB but one part seemed weird:
I don't know what I'm gonna do. Where am I gonna live? Who's going to help me with my homework? And make sure I eat! And don't oversleep and miss school! And... and... and... I can understand shock, but who thinks about school and homework when confronted with the death of his parent? :rainbowhuh:

P.S. Where's the promised title art ?

The part with CB is actually taken from an experience in my own life with a young girl I know who's mom passed away. She got really really upset (obviously) and worried herself sick about the really unimportant stuff, like school, like homework, over sleeping. Adults worry about things like funeral arrangements, bills, trying to make sure home lives are stable, kids worry about the stuff that their parents always told them was important that the children didn't believe was. It's also entirely possible that she was unique in her concerns, but I based that conversation off of the one I had in real life with her and her dad. As to the cover art I am very sorry. I have an artist doing the picture who is just lazy! Unfortunately she's also my sister so it's tougher to give her a hard time.:derpytongue2: but it WILL come! I promise!

ALSO, just because things seem clear now doesn't mean I don't still have a few tricks up my sleeve :pinkiehappy: :raritywink:

Behold! A temporary cover! The evil pyro pony:pinkiecrazy:

1425296 I never said that the story was over :rainbowwild: I just meant that while suddenly everything made sense I stopped thinking: "The guy has potential, but some of the horse apples he put into the fic just don'tmake sense... What a shame..." But you've already knew that :pinkiehappy: The fic needs way more attention! :pinkiecrazy:

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