• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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The Humble Prince - Lighting Ace

A man wakes up to find he's inhabiting the body of cartoon horse who wasn't exactly Mister Popular judging from how shocked they are when he says things like 'please' and 'thank you'.

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The First Steps (YB)

After finishing reading yet another love letter addressed to her while eating some blueberry ice-cream from a plate, the monarch of the night yawned in exhaustion and stretched her body and wings before smacking her lips together, her regalia already tossed aside for comfort. Contrary to what her citizens or even her sister knew, the princess of the night actually enjoyed some of her sister’s sun rays before calling it a day, just as much as a pony would enjoy a part of her night, before heading to bed. She simply didn't have much to do and looking after the dreams of her subjects often times required a lot of effort on her part. So, by the time her duties were over there wasn't much energy left in her.

To spend what little of her time remained she often tried to distract herself with some nice reading, some origami, or as it was in this case, a nice laugh at pretenders wanting to mask their underlying wishes for power or money, disguising them as 'actual' true love letters. They believed that one thousand years of isolation had somehow made Princess Luna naive in the game of politics.

Oh, this one is by far the best. This stallion didn't even know how to write a love letter. It is, word for word, a poem I myself wrote five or six hundred years before my banishment… and it was addressing my favorite ice-cream flavor!

The princess chuckled at the utter lack of effort the noble had put into his letter, before yawning.

Well, I think that is enough humor for one day.

She crumpled the piece of paper and put her now empty plate on to her nightstand before going to bed, using her magic to place a blanket on top of her. Her eyes were already growing heavy as her consciousness slowly began to fade away.

Unfortunately, before sleep could finally reach her, a loud knocking on the door woke her up with a scare, making her leap up and fall down from her bed.

"Luna! Open the door! Open it now!" It was the voice of her fanatical sister calling for her on the other side. Luna just grumbled and glared at the door as she stood up, untangling herself from the sheets.

It’s ten in the morning, sister... Equestria had better be under attack. Luna grumbled as she approached the door. "I hear you, Celestia! You can stop knocking now!" Luna called out as she opened the door and looked at her sister with an angry face. "Ok sister, where is the fire?"

Luna barely had a chance to process what was happening as her sister invited herself in and pulled her into a hug while spinning both of them around. "It happened Lulu! It really happened! Our wish came true!" Celestia exclaimed in excitement as she continued to spin her poor sister around.

"Tia, unless you want me to vomit, I suggest you put me down this instant!" Luna yelled in both alarm and anger as she was starting to feel nauseous. Luckily for her, Celestia got the message and put her on the ground.

The moment her hooves touched the floor the princess of the night tried to clear her head as she regained her bearings. With a quick shake of her head she managed to do so. Mind free and clear, she focused on the situation and then looked to her sister.

"Now let's start this again, slowly. What is all the commotion and why couldn't wait until night court?" she asked, crossing her front hooves.

The good spirit that possessed Celestia moments ago returned with a renewed vigor as she clapped her hooves in excitement. "Luna, the wish we made last night, do you still remember it?"

"It was eight hours ago, dear sister," She mentioned in both sarcasm and annoyance.

"Well, it came true!" She chirped with a smile that easily rivalled that of the Element of Laughter.

Luna, meanwhile, just kept staring at her, unamused, until finally she raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"I know what you are thinking, Luna, but I swear it’s true! Blueblood is no longer the jerk you know. He is a completely different stallion!"

"So, let me see if I got this right; You decided to wake me up in the middle of the morning by marching right into my room and spinning me like a windmill without my consent... for some kind of prank that our nephew is trying to pull on you?"

"What?" Celestia looked at her sister in confusion until she felt herself being teleported back to the hallway just outside of the door to her sister’s room, which was promptly closed and locked behind her.

"Do not buy his act, sister. He is trying to play you. And please, don't wake me up again unless Canterlot is under attack," Luna's voice called out from the other side of the sturdy wooden door before the sound of her hooves, followed by the movement of blankets and springs, indicated to Celestia that her sister had just gone back to sleep.

Wow, was I really like that just a moment ago? Celestia thought to herself as she looked at the door with a measure of guilt. Oh, my poor nephew. It’s no wonder he passed out. I must have scared the fur off of him.

With a dejected sigh Celestia decided to comply with her sister’s request and let her have some sleep. She couldn't actually blame Luna for being grumpy. She, herself, would have been the same if Luna had barged into her room in the middle of the night. At the moment, though, there were more urgent matters to attend to. Specifically, day court… which, to her displeasure, was about to begin. So for now, she needed to attempt to perform her duties and hope that her nephew doesn’t relapse into his old ways by the time Luna wakes up.

Meanwhile, in Blueblood’s room

The prince woke up with a groan as he sat up and came to the conclusion that he was back in the same room where everything started.

"Good morning, Prince Blueblood.” Looking to his right, he saw a familiar looking purple maid cleaning the room with a feather duster that she made float using her magic. "Did you sleep well?"

How is she…? Oh, right. Doctor Caliber told me magic exists here. Blueblood thought before answering. "Y-Yeah, I think so, good morning to you too... Mist, was it?" he asked with a hint of intrigue in his voice.

The maid nodded, approaching his side. "How are you feeling, your highness? The doctor said that you should take things easy for while.”

"I'm feeling better, thanks," Blueblood told her with a smile before he began to worry. "Is my mom still mad at me, Misty?"

"Misty?" Mist raised an eyebrow.

"Oh! Sorry, did I say something wrong?"

To his surprise the maid only chuckled and shook her head. "Oh no, your highness, it's just that… I didn't expect you to give other ponies pet names. I really don't mind. In fact, I kind of like it. As for the princess, there is nothing to worry about. She now understands what is happening and is sorry for scaring you." She put the feather duster away. "Also for future reference, Princess Celestia is your aunt, not your mom.”

"Wait, really?" The prince asked her in complete surprise. "But her fur and mine are so similar."

"I know, right? I’ve heard some of the other staff joke that if you were to cover your mane and sit in front of her you would almost vanish," Mist chuckled.

"We would be doomed if we ever got lost in a snow storm, right?" Blueblood joked back.

Mist laughed even harder. Oh, to tartarus with what Doctor Caliber said about helping recover his memories, I want this new Blueblood to stay!

Once their laughter died down Mist looked at him again. "Anyway... Doctor Caliber told us that you lost all of your memories, right?"

Blueblood just sighed and looked down. "Yep, I really can't remember a single thing. I'm sorry. In fact, where are we right now?"

"In your room, your highness," Mist answered. "And as for your lost memories, do not worry, prince. I assure you that everypony here on the castle will be more than happy to help you start over," Mist assured him while placing a hoof on his shoulder. "You’re even a fast learner, remember? Less than a day has gone by and you almost manage to walk by yourself!"

"Well, it was because I’ve had such a great instructor." Blueblood looked back at her, making her giggle and blush from embarrassment.

"Oh, you..." She started but then had an idea. "Would you like a tour of the castle? I can tell you what I know about Canterlot and it would be a good way for you to get accustomed to walking," She offered.

"You know what, Mist? That sounds like a great idea," Blueblood responded with a nod before pulling the blankets away from him and, with shaky legs, managed to stand up. "Where do we start?"

"How about the royal garden?” she offered. “It’s beautiful at this time of the day, plenty of fresh air, and there are lots of different animals for you to see. My cousin calls it horticultural therapy."

"Sounds good to me. Lead the way, Misty," the prince chirped with excitement as he started to advance toward the door, wobbling on his hooves and almost losing his balance on more than one occasion, until he finally got a steady rhythm. Okay! I think I found the trick; it’s like walking on your hands and knees.

The prince nodded and with some degree of difficulty managed to reach the door with Mist close by in case he needed assistance.

Okay, so far so good. They think I have amnesia. I just have to keep playing along until I find a way home.

The prince nodded. With growing determination and some navigation help from Mist, they made their way toward the gardens.

Meanwhile at the train station

A pink, tall, and slender alicorn with a mane and tail presenting three different types of colours on it, a small golden tiara on her head, golden horseshoes and a golden breastplate with a shape of a heart on it, stepped out of the train station, carrying a baby filly tucked in her right hoof. Said baby was a pink alicorn with a purple mane and tail featuring a blue streak through them. Once outside, the tall alicorn looked back with some exasperation.

"Shining Armor, please, I beg you, just let the guards take our luggage," The alicorn pleaded as a white unicorn with blue mane and tail approached them, carrying four big and heavy suitcases on his back. He was struggling to keep balance as walked.

"I told you, Cadence, our guards can’t defend us if they’re too busy carrying our luggage. Besides, I can take this, n-no… p-problem..." He wheezed. It became apparent soon after that the weight was too much to bare and he collapsed on the train platform.

Cadence just rolled her eyes before using her magic to levitate their luggage and giving it to some guards who nodded and took it away, much to the displeasure of Shining. "Caddy, why did you do that? I got…"

Cadence silenced him by giving him a quick peck on the lips. "I know you did, my strong, capable husband. But you’re a prince now and we have our own ponies for things like that." She then brought the filly in front of him. "And Flurry doesn’t want to give up sitting on her daddy’s back, right Flurry?"

Flurry just giggled like a baby and extended her tiny hooves to Shining, waiting to be picked up.

Shining couldn't resist the adorable sight and complied, gathering up his little filly and placing her on his back. "I just can't say no to those adorable eyes," he cooed with a smile before looking at Cadence. "And I know what you did just now."

Cadence just caught him by surprise with another kiss before feigning ignorance, "I don't know what you are talking about, dear."

"Sure you don't," Shining replied with a roll of his eyes as they walked through the streets of Canterlot.

"Oh, I can't wait to see my auntie!" Cadence exclaimed in excitement, prancing along as they continued.

Shining laughed and shook his head at the display his wife was making. "I can imagine. You didn't stop talking about it the whole way here. I think even the train conductor knows why we’re here.”

"And can you blame me? This could possibly be the first time aunt Celly will be able to add an student exchange program at her school! You know it’s one of the most prestigious schools for magic in all of Equestria."

"It sure is," Shining agreed with a nod. "I still think that we should have told her that we built our own in the Crystal Empire when we first broke ground on the project."

"And ruin the surprise? Come on dear, where is your sense of mischief? Besides, she was probably too busy with the news of Twilight opening her own school of friendship."

"Okay, point taken" Shining concluded as they kept moving. "I still find it funny that Twilight thought of building her own school only a couple of months after we opened ours.” He then chuckled a bit. “It's almost like building a school is the new trend amongst royalty.”

"Are you sure you didn't mention it in a letter to her?" Cadence looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

Shining just shook his head, "My lips were sealed. I assure you it was a total coincidence."

"Well, I still think it was very sweet of her," Cadence replied with a smile.

"Yes, it sure was."

After that, the royal couple continued their walk in a blissful silence until they reached the castle. Unfortunately for them, they arrived at a bad time, as Princess Celestia was busy attending day court and Luna was too tired to receive them properly. There was not much else for them to do other than unpack their things and wait for Celestia to finish her duties. With their stuff put away, they decided to take a walk through the castle, mostly for nostalgia and as a way to tell Flurry about all of the adventures they had when they lived in Canterlot.

"…And right here was when your father finally got the courage to gave me his first kiss, Flurry.” Cadence finished telling the story of how her and Shining got together as they strolled through the royal garden and approached a cherry blossom tree, where they decided to rest in its shade.

"Come on Cadence, 'Finally got the courage'? That’s not how I remember it." Shining defended while he prepared to feed Flury some apple sauce.

"You are right, dear. You also stuttered a lot," she giggled. "Oh, you were so cute back then, 'P-P-Princess M-M-Mi Amore Cadence, I-I-I was thinking, s-s-since this is our third d-d-date, c-c-could I…um give you a small k-k-k-k…" Cadence tried to make an imitation of her husband before Shining stopped her with a red face.

"Ok, I get it. In my defense, I had every right to be nervous. I was barely a recruit at the time and you had already become the Princess of Love!" Shining defended himself, making Cadence giggle.

"And you are still as adorable as you were back then, and it was a very nice kiss," She mentioned, stroking his ego a bit before backing away and serving herself some tea. "You know I'm just teasing you, honey." Cadence moved closer and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I love you.”

"Yeah, I love you too." They continued to cuddle until they heard hoof steps approaching

"Do you think it’s Princess Celestia?" Shining asked.

"Probably... I did ask one of the guards to tell her where we were as soon as she was available," Cadence replied.

They turned around to see that it was instead Blueblood who was walking beside a maid. The royals instantly groaned in annoyance. Even Flurry was matching their faces. She did not like him ever since he declared her to be the ‘fruit of wasted royal blood' on her baptism.

"Ugh! What is he doing here?" Cadence asked with a groan.

"Let's just ignore him, dear. Maybe he won’t see us," Shining told her, doing his best to ignore the blue pest. Cadence and Flurry were doing pretty much the same... until something caught the attention of the two royals that had them look at Blueblood again.

"…And then the three tribes decided to join forces and put their differences aside to build what is now Equestria." Mist finished her story as they came to a stop in front of an apple tree.

"Wow, and what happened to the Windigos? Are they still around?" Blueblood asked, words laden with curiosity, confusing the royal couple.

"From what I remember, the Hearth's Warming tale says they still exist beyond the Crystal Empire, on the other side of Mount Everhoof." Mist replied as Blueblood stood on his hind hooves to reach up and grab an apple.

Why is he not using his magic? Cadence asked herself, growing even more confused as to what she is seeing. The rest of the family was looking just as confused as she was.

With a chuckle and shake of her head, Mist helped the prince and picked the apple without him noticing. Blueblood cheered in success and dropped back on all fours. Before he had a chance to take a bite a small bunny appeared from some bushes and looked at the prince and maid with some pleading eyes.

Cadence expected the prince to shoo the critter away and just eaten the apple but to her shock he instead gave it a twist and split it in half, which he then offered to the bunny.

"Here you go little one."

The sight was enough to make all three of the royal family to drop their jaws when they saw how he was being nice to another living thing. He was even petting it while it ate!

The maid and prince turned around to leave only to find the royal family looking directly at them. Mist was confused and surprised at seeing the Princess of Love in the garden, wondering why was she here. While Blueblood simply resorted to smile and wave at them.

"Oh, uh, nice day we are having?" He inquired of them with a smile before gathering up the bunny in his hooves, which added to the shock factor of the royals.

"Um, hello? Are you okay?" Prince Blueblood asked them, beginning to worry about how none of them seems to be moving or responding in any way.


Author's Note:

Sorry no soundtrack this time, but wow I really wasn't expecting this story to be so accepted even with all the grammar errors. As always I will try my hardest to try catch on those annoying errors, while searching for prof readers.

And thanks to all the support guys, it really means a lot to me

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