• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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The Humble Prince - Lighting Ace

A man wakes up to find he's inhabiting the body of cartoon horse who wasn't exactly Mister Popular judging from how shocked they are when he says things like 'please' and 'thank you'.

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Luna, The Guardian Night Princess (RB)

As the sounds of keyboards are heard on the distance, the prince wakes up, to find himself on his human body typing on a computer, and soon realized that he is on the cubicle of an office. Confused, Blueblood stops what he is doing and try to leave but just when he took two steps, something yanked on his left arm, and when he looked down he saw a white thick thread tied to it, which pulls him back to his desk and forces him to sit down.

"And where do you think you are going?" The voice of his father boom on the distance, distorted and with an echo.

"I-I wanted to leave."

"Leave? Oh no, you can't leave now." More strings appear and tied the prince’s body forcing him to work once more. "There is still much work to be done. Too much unfinished business!" The room erupted into fire, as everything around him starts to shake.

"You forgot? You need to take responsibility for your actions." The computer, at that moment, turns into a sleeping Blueblood trapped in a cage whose colors have faded, and the human turns into a puppet version of the prince. "N-No!"

"Yes!" The prince in the cage caught itself on fire, waking the other pony who looks around in terror before looking at him and rushing to the metal bars begging for help. Blueblood tries to reach him but the streams prevented him from getting close enough, and he can only see how the pony screams as the flames claim him and turn him to ashes, right in front of him.

He can't even grab the ashes since the streams force him to start walking in the palm of someone’s hand. "You really did it this time, son. You committed a first-degree regicide."


"The power of a brand new world is now at your grasp!"


"And you take an innocent life! All in one sweep." The voice starts to laugh, and from the shadows a rickety person on fire, emerges wearing the mask of theatre comedy, staring directly at him. "That’s my son."

"No, I'm not like you, I'm not!"

"Oh, but you are son. You’re a monster, just like your old man. A wolf who can only live to eat and hunt! That’s how I raised you, and that’s all you’ll ever be!" He tells with malevolent laughter before getting serious all of a sudden. "Now, stop with your whining, and start working on what needs to be done. You had a nice start earning their trust, yes, but we both know that I didn't raise a loser, it’s time to climb the ladder once more, son. What do you say we start by taking out those that outrank you?"

The man tells as he drops a knife in front of the prince and then, two spotlights appear in front of him showing the princesses of the night and the day.

"Make me proud son." The man whispers as the streams force his body once more and make him approach them both, while lifting the knife into the air.

"Come on, do it! It not like you haven’t done it before, so just go ahead, it's in your blood. I know you want to do it!" The man commands him as his hoof begins to shake.

"Never!" Bringing down the knife he injures his own hoof and in the process breaks the strands on him. As he nurses the injury he just glares at his dad. "I will NEVER hurt them, even if they loved me just because I look like somebody else, they treat me like a real family, 'Father'. So hear this, I will never hurt them! You hear me!? NEVER!"

"You hypocrite coward bastard!" The man slaps him before more streams recapture him and start to tighten to the point that they start to choke him, as well as worsen his injury. The hand disappears and he is left hanging literally by a single thread. "Power beyond your imagination, served to you on a silver plate...and you back away? I thought I raised you better than that, looks like I was just wasting my time. A disappointment even beyond the grave. You are now, always, and forever will be just that, just one disappointment after another." The man tells as he starts to guide the prince into an open flame. "Looks like you still need to be disciplined."

The prince could only scream in terror and guilt as he starts to feel the flame licking his back.

"Enough!" A beam of light pierces the darkness destroying the hand of the man and dropping the prince onto the floor. Holding his stump, the man roars like a beast and looks up to see the moon rising in the sky, and from it, the silhouette of an alicorn flying towards them.

"Still resisting boy? Can't you see? No worthless horse can save you!" The man tells as he goes and tries to grab the pony, only for his other hand to burn out, and then be pierced by Luna who just catapults herself toward his face like an arrow, landing in front of Blueblood. "Remember this, vile nightmare, I'm not a whorse. My name is Princess Luna, and as long as I'm here you will not touch a single hair of my nephew." She warned him glaring at the piece of mask that crashes in front of them as Luna take a step back and bring Blueblood into a hug using one of her wings, in a defensive position.

The mask just laughs and smirk as the floor turns to water and he starts to sink. "You are deluding yourself boy. You will never escape me. I own…" Before he could continue Luna blasts him destroy what was left of the nightmare and ending the dream, leaving both alone in a spotlight surrounded by darkness.

Lifting her wing, the princess found his nephew trembling in the ground, curl into a ball. She kneels and begins to nuzzle his back. "Shh, it's ok my nephew. It's all ok. I'm here now" Luna tries to console him but instead of doing so, she only seems to make him worse.

"No it's not." Blueblood lifts his head a little. "I took advantage of you." He tells in shame, confusing the princess.

"What?" Luna asks confused.

"~Somebody is not being honest~" The voice of the man echoes in a sing-song manner before a string attaches itself to his back, making him flinch in terror, as he looks back at it and then at Luna.

"Princess…I'm sorry." Blueblood manages to say before being violently yanked toward the darkness, as Luna gives chase in alarm. "Blue blood!

As she flies she see puppets of her, the main six, starlight and even her sister, her niece and herself, being play at by the nightmare who laughs as he speaks.

"Oh, you were magnificent boy, playing with their emotions acting as the scared little puppy, I have amnesia… I'm scared…let's befriend them…my name is Blueblood…I love you aunty" The man just rips apart each puppet as fire appears everywhere. "Oh god, was that hilarious, each and every single one of those ponies just took the bait, hook, line, and sinker"

Finally, the man appears holding Blueblood, now being eight foot tall. "Oh look it’s, your dear aunty playing hero." He shakes Blueblood in his hand mocking her. "Now, what were you saying about protecting him?"

In rage, Luna blast his face claiming his eyes in the process. That only makes him angry "Why you little…" He breathes fire at her but she just keeps dodging and using a spell to shrink him, and force him to let go of Blueblood who just backs away.

Before he could react, Luna tackles him and he ends up on the ground with Luna’s hoof pressing against his face. "Release my nephew at once!"

The figure just laughs and looks back at her "Your nephew? Do you even know who he is?"

"Your tricks are not going to work against me," She says, pressing even harder on him.

"What tricks?" He keeps on smirking as Blueblood starts to back away from both of them."Go ahead boy, tell her."

The prince tenses and tries to escape but finds his foot grabbed by the nightmare.

"I gave you an order boy, now say it!"

"Blueblood what is wrong?" Luna asks confused by his actions.

"I'm trying to fix it, I swear." Blueblood tells holding his head in his hooves.

"Nephew there is nothing to fix." Luna tries to calm him down, but it seems like it wasn’t any use, as he just stays in the same position.

"Oh that’s rich, just like a coward back then, he doesn't even want to stand up for himself. That’s what he is, just a coward too afraid to speak his mind." The nightmare gets stronger and bigger, managing to grab Luna.

"And you, little horse, are starting to get on my nerves. This is father-son, bonding time, right now." He presses his sharp thumb against the princess' neck. "And you are butting in, and that is something I really….really hate."

"Nephew…please I can't fight this nightmare alone, your sorrow…it’s feeding him" Luna tells in alarm looking at him trying to reach him. "Please fight it, don't give in to your fears."

The nightmare just keeps laughing. "Don't you see, horse? I'm not the nightmare here, you are. You represent the sorrow and guilt that he’s feeling right now. I'm just protecting him. You lost and now you’re done."

Blueblood looks at the images in alarm. He wants to help, but thousands of hands are grabbing him preventing him from moving as he just looks at everything unfold. Luna sees this and understands what she needs to do

"…I forgive you!" Luna yells catching Blueblood and the nightmare’s attention. As she smiles at him, the hands around him, grabbing him, begin to disappear "No matter what you’re afraid of saying, I forgive you, my dear nephew! I will always forgive you."

"Hmph curious final words" The nightmare goes in for the kill but, it’s surprised when the prince uses his magic to stop him. "What?!"

"I will not let you do it!" He tells with tears in his eyes .

"You little brat, you think she’ll really forgive you? You really think she will keep looking at you with these same eyes? If you do, you will never have any rest, they’ll hunt you down like a dog, until you burn."

"We will never do that!" Luna yells at him.

The nightmare begins to get scared, as the image of Blueblood starts to morph in blue light and he begins to get bigger. "Boy, think about what you’re doing. We both know what will happen after this! You will die!"

The images changes to that of the silhouette of a man, that grabs the nightmare’s hand. The silhouette glares at his face. "I do not care." The prince punches the nightmare’s face in, bringing it down before getting on top of it.

"I am not like you." He punches it again.

"Living with you was hell." And again.

"I will not let you control me anymore." The monster start to break apart, like he was made of glass, as the fire surrounding them starts to disappear and both of them start to shrink, yet his punches do not stop.

"I have a voice, I'm alive, and I have the right to live just like anyone else!"

The man tried to grab his other arm. "You are making a mistake, you will not last out there in this world."

Blueblood gives him one final punch that breaks him into million pieces. "You need meeeeee…" The nightmare screams before disappearing into a cloud of smoke, leaving the prince kneeling and sniffing on the ground.

"Nephew?" Luna look at this image of the prince confused.

"I'm really sorry for not telling you. I just didn't want to die." The man tells in shame, as he stands up and looks back at her. "I suppose there’s no point in denying it anymore." He extends his arms. "This is how I really look."

The princess just stay quiet as she starts to approach him.

"I-I know you must be full of questions, I don't really get what’s happening either. But what I know is that I took control of your nephew’s body."

Luna just keeps advancing in silence.

"I swear! I'm working on a way to get out, I-I just don't want to die again that’s all. I know, that I must look like a monster to you right now, but I'm not going to hurt your subjects, I just want to be free, so just please, give me a little time."

She keeps advancing.

"Princess, just say something! Yell at me, get mad, or something…anything, just don't keep staring at me like…" She just touches his cheek with her hoof.

"You will never be a monster to me." She finally tells with a smile as she hugs him. "Oh my dear nephew, no wonder you were so scared to talk."

"I-I don't get it. Aren't you mad?"

"Like I said, you’ll never be a monster to me, just like you, I too had another face that I don't like others to see, and every night I fear that it has a mentality of its own. Please, dear nephew, just let me in, whatever is in your mind I will hear it with an open mind, in fact…" Luna closes her eyes and her body also start to glow and shapeshift until she resembles a human body as well, with the difference that instead of a silhouette, she looked like a human version of herself, wearing a toga, still having her wings and horn, and having her regalia, making her look like some kind of greek goddess. "There, now we are the same, I hope this will help you feel more comfortable."

Feeling like the world was lifted from his shoulders, the prince couldn't contain his cries as he hugs her back and they both kneel.

"That’s it, nephew just let it all out." Luna tells him as she whispers a lullaby. Once calm, Luna let him go and cleaned his eyes.

"Feeling better?"


"Anytime nephew." Luna tells with a smile before looking around. "This place looks a bit gloomy, why don't we go into a happy memory?"

"A happy memory?" The prince asks confused.

"Don't you have a memento of your life, in which you felt happy? Something that you remember that made you feel calm and secure? If you do, why don't you try to visualize it?"

The prince starts to think until something came to his mind, and soon, they both found themselves in the attic of some expensive home. In a corner, there was a television with a small kid playing with it, surrounded by various video games.

"When I was growing up, I remember coming here, to play often." The prince tells with a smile. "No matter how hard my father looked, he couldn't find me. This was my safe haven for years."

He looks back at her confused. "Is this really, not at all weird to you?"

She just shakes her head and sits on a nearby box. "Not in the slightest. I told you, I'm going to listen with an open mind. So, why don't you tell me your story?"

The prince nods and takes a seat next to hear as he starts to recapitulate all of his life. Unknown to him, each memory he was re-telling served to clean the fog from his head and restore his mind. The princess, slightly taken aback by his story, slowly starts to piece together what was happening.

"…Then the building just collapse on top of me, and the next thing I remember, I was already in that room."

"My nephew’s room?"

"Correct." The prince finish his story and just sighs. "And that’s why I was afraid to tell you, I just feared that you’d eradicate me"

"Oh Blueblood, why would we do that?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Blueblood look at her confused "Princess Luna, I'm a ghost possessing your nephew, and even though he was a bad pony he deserves to live. I had no right to take his place."

"All of Equestria would beg you different." Luna whispers mostly to herself with a roll of her eyes in annoyance, remembering how Blueblood used to be.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing, it doesn't matter." She looks back at him with a smile. "And it’s very kind of you, wanting to do the noble thing, although I think you are approaching this from the wrong direction." She tells as she stands up and cleans herself off a little.

"What do you mean?" Blueblood asks confused.

"I don't believe that you’re a ghost dear nephew." She tells him with a smile "What I believe is, that what you are going through is nothing but the cycles of your ordeal, trying to obtain some closure." She explained.

"Closure? Closure of whom? Nopony I know has died."

"Ah, but that’s where you are wrong. Someone did die, you." Luna points at him. "Like you told me, you died in your previous world, and despite having a second chance you haven't even let yourself mourn your own death."

The prince looks at his hand in realization, his silhouette slowly turning a more clear shape as his slightly brown skin start to show. "Mourn my own death…."

The princess holds his hand. "Its ok nephew, now I understand more clearly what’s happening, as well as knowing that we all mourn our losses in our own special way, so just do what you have to do. You can count on my support."

Her words help him calm down but then gets scared "And what about the prince?"

"You are him." She answers "He is you as much as you are him, no matter what you were used to be, now you both are the same pony."

"So I just…merged with him?" He looks at her with a raised eyebrow as she backs away. "That’s yet to be defined but by what I had seen, that is the most logical explanation"

"Then why I haven't seen any of his memories? Or have encountered him, here at all?"

"I'm afraid that is something that is also eluding me," Luna tells honestly.

The prince looks down in thought before nodding and standing up "Even if that is so, I need to, at the very, least try prin…aunty. If the prince is trapped somewhere in here, then it’ll not be fair to just...forget about him. I need to rescue him."

"Then do just that." Luna tells him with a smile. "If he’s there, then you’ll have my thanks for helping my family, but if not then I wish that this quest brings you some peace."

"Thanks for understanding." The prince smiles at her and then chuckled. "How I wish you were the real princess?"

It’s Luna’s turns to get confused at that comment before understanding what’s happening and then just smirked. "You haven't been taught much about the domains that I control, right?"

"Ah no, why?"

Luna just chuckles at his reaction. "Oh I think it’s better if they explain it to you directly, just do me one favor. Once you wake up, ask Twilight Sparkle to tell you about what I have dominion over. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure, I guess"

"Thank you, nephew." She goes to him and kisses his forehead. "The hour grows late. It's almost time for you to wake up. I wish you good fortune in your quest my dear nephew and do not worry about a thing. Until you’re ready, your secret is safe with me." Luna waves goodbye as everything around the prince starts to fade out into the distance until he finds himself waking up.

Blinking a couple of times the prince just stares at the ceiling confused.

Ok that is possibly the most realistic dream that I have ever had.

Sitting up, the prince just stretches and scratches his side.

But for some reason I feel very refreshed and calm. It really was a pleasant dream besides the start.

Getting out and making his bed, the prince remembers what Luna asked of him to do and with a shrug decided to comply.

Ah, why not? Might as well find out more about her.

After deciding what to do, he just exits his room and heads to the kitchen where he knows the others are probably already there, eating some breakfast.


Author's Note:

Special thanks to AvidSeason, who gave me a hand this time (https://www.fimfiction.net/user/185717/AvidSeason )

Hope this chapter is easier to read than the others

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