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This was good as always with your stories.

her breasts filled and filled and filled until they couldn’t contain any more and began leaking thick, creamy milk all over Cyanne

And then Cyanne and Goldie started sucking down that milk, thus causing a growth feedback loop.


weight loss

Something doesn't seem right here.

FUCKING. Phenomenal. Absolutely amazing. Top-tier stuff I haven't read since the days Megapone was still cranking out smut for a dime a dozen. Entirely worth the read.

Very fun!

Before even reading, I'd just like to say that having sex IS a viable weight loss method. It's considered exercise. Exercise is loosely defined as "Any activity that requires exertion and elevated heart rate, increasing the use of metabolism to burn fat into energy." Sex is an exertion. Sex raises the heart rate. Sex requires motion that burns energy. SEX is EXERCISE!

I read "all panties involved" in the description at first glance. Had to read that part twice.

(Reads description)
Big deal. I'm currently 328 pounds and I can four-star most Just Dance numbers.

She'd tried to cut back. Really she had. She'd practically begged Golden Shoes to help her come up with a diet plan and exercise regime, with every intent of sticking to it. She just... hadn't. The exercise regime had, surprisingly, been the easy part. She hated doing it with every fibre of her being, but it was ultimately just a few jogs every day, and Golden Shoes was there to make sure she didn't give in to temptation and skip out.

Golden Shoes was not there to make sure she didn't give into temptation and cheat on her diet. And, as she had established, dieting in Canterlot was hard . She didn't even have to be particularly sneaky to cheat. Just decide she didn't feel like preparing a healthy lunch for work one day and instead head out to one of the many cute little cafes within walking distance of Smart Cookie Preparatory School. Which was where she currently found herself, sullenly nursing a milkshake while waiting for her chili cheese fries and double hayburger to arrive.

Okay. This hits WAY too close to home. Story time.

When I was 10, a pituitary tumor caused me to be put on full hormone replacement. In their 'infinite wisdom', the doctors left my hunger switch in the ON position. Within a month, surprise surprise, surprise, I had gained 60 pounds.

Over time, I tried diet after diet. First was the Grapefruit Diet. Having bacon and eggs every morning was nice.... if I didn't absolutely DESPISE the taste of grapefruit!

Next was the Atkins diet. Crashed and burned.

The Bernstein diet. Crashed and burned, at the cost of hundreds of dollars.

Tried the grapefruit diet again. Hated it EVEN MORE.

A specialized one year weight management program. After the program was donee, the pounds I had lost hooked up with friends. They found me.

Bariatric surgery. Over time, rrrright back to the 300s. :ajsleepy: And by the way, there's only a .2% chance of death for that. Just saying.

Goodlife Fitness only made me put on muscle. Less fat, more muscle. Same fat time. Same fat channel. SAME PROBLEM.

(And recently we've found out that muscle bound types live an average of thirteen years less than your average couch potato!)

The Acid-Alkaline diet... sort of worked to a point. Maybe it would work for her?

Right now, we're on the Keto diet. And I have to say that I CRIED when I tasted satiety for the first time in my life. I still treat mmyself occasionally, but then go through Saitama's regimen (minus the 10k run). So far I've lost almost 40 pounds in two months. I'm getting to eat many things that I like, and practically none that I don't! If Lynette tried it, maybe she'd have more success.... If ponies didn't have sentient creatures all over the place.

Beef is out. Venison, out. Rabbit, out. She'd practically have to actively hunt if this were to work.

But after each diet I've kept something permanent. After the Bernstein diet, my haze tolerance is amazing, and I can use a sauna for half an hour if I want. The bariatric surgery literally changed my innards. I'm still using much of what I've learned from the A-A diet. My story might one day have a happy ending. And I hope that Lynette will too.

Thanks for listening to my sob story. But MAN that felt good to get out! :twilightsmile:

Right now, she didn't really care. She was more interested in the loud, wet, and very familiar gurgles coming from her gut. She remembered them very vividly, though she wasn’t entirely sure how she was digesting anything , given none of it was in her stomach. But, frankly, she also didn’t really care. Just like the last time, it felt really fucking good . Slowly, her stomach began to deflate while the rest of her began to slowly inflate . Her hips widened, her ass expanded, and her breasts filled and filled and filled until they couldn’t contain any more and began leaking thick, creamy milk all over Cyanne. She smiled dumbly, content to revel in the sensation of getting bigger. There was still a small part of her concerned with the effect this would have on her diet, but that part could suck it.

HA! Considering that she's producing milk now, be concerned with what might happen in ten months or so.

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