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The resident German wannabe politician.


Jackson 'Call me Wolfgang' Amadeus has been put asleep in a Sarcophagus for the last three thousand years as a punishment for a crime he didn't commit. He would've been asleep for three thousand more had his... containment facility... not been disturbed.

Now the might of one very confused Human has been unleashed into an Equestria, were nothing is as it should be and worse.

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Comments ( 21 )

I most have more to this wondrous story!

OMNI:We agree with you! Author please continue!!!

A couple of grammatical errors - an occasional dropped letter at the end of a word, a missed apostrophe, full stop, or space here and there - but nothing major.

Otherwise, very well written! I can't wait to see more!

I have no idea what is going on... how did a German composer end up mummified in a sarcophagus somewhere in Equestria? What kind of staff is that? Where did he ever experience pizza? Was the pizza good?

Who Told You This Was A Good Idea?!

Now you have confused me! Why would you think He was a composer?

Allow me to present Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a composer of some small repute who lived during the 1700s.


I know it's probably not him, (though that would really elevate this story to new heights of WTF), but that name was uniquely striking.

Have you heard his music? It's quite lovely.

Yes, I have had the pleasure to listen to some of his pieces and no It is not Mozart, while I do agree that if he were this story would achieve a new peek of WTF its just not planned and I don't really think it would fit well, Jackson 'Call me Wolfgang' Amadeus is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with him

Now how did I manage to miss that? I suppose I should begin to think about getting some sleep then if I've gotten this fuzzy. I admit to being just a bit bummed though, I was having fun trying to think of any series of events that could have gotten Mozart here, pining for pizza. My mind seizes on the strangest things sometimes.

ah, chapter three has failed to load, too much weirdness perhaps?

Huh. He's now also a leader of the slaved ponies.

While this story is definitely a hoot, it is also in dire need of an editor. Seriously. Liking the character though.

How does his phone still have charge?

It barley does. But that will be adressed later

"Woah there never tempt fait" Amadeus warned the Unicorn

"Perhaps, but I need not hire a seer to know your fait..."

Should be "fate", no?

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