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The resident German wannabe politician.


Jackson 'Call me Wolfgang' Amadeus has been put asleep in a Sarcophagus for the last three thousand years as a punishment for a crime he didn't commit. He would've been asleep for three thousand more had his... containment facility... not been disturbed.

Now the might of one very confused Human has been unleashed into an Equestria, were nothing is as it should be and worse.

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I most have more to this wondrous story!

OMNI:We agree with you! Author please continue!!!

A couple of grammatical errors - an occasional dropped letter at the end of a word, a missed apostrophe, full stop, or space here and there - but nothing major.

Otherwise, very well written! I can't wait to see more!

I have no idea what is going on... how did a German composer end up mummified in a sarcophagus somewhere in Equestria? What kind of staff is that? Where did he ever experience pizza? Was the pizza good?

Who Told You This Was A Good Idea?!

Now you have confused me! Why would you think He was a composer?

Allow me to present Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a composer of some small repute who lived during the 1700s.


I know it's probably not him, (though that would really elevate this story to new heights of WTF), but that name was uniquely striking.

Have you heard his music? It's quite lovely.

Yes, I have had the pleasure to listen to some of his pieces and no It is not Mozart, while I do agree that if he were this story would achieve a new peek of WTF its just not planned and I don't really think it would fit well, Jackson 'Call me Wolfgang' Amadeus is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with him

Now how did I manage to miss that? I suppose I should begin to think about getting some sleep then if I've gotten this fuzzy. I admit to being just a bit bummed though, I was having fun trying to think of any series of events that could have gotten Mozart here, pining for pizza. My mind seizes on the strangest things sometimes.

ah, chapter three has failed to load, too much weirdness perhaps?

While this story is definitely a hoot, it is also in dire need of an editor. Seriously. Liking the character though.

"Woah there never tempt fait" Amadeus warned the Unicorn

"Perhaps, but I need not hire a seer to know your fait..."

Should be "fate", no?

just goes to show how powerful Wolfgang is he doesn't even need to be there to cause chaos, discord would like him

wow you know you suck at your job when a alien and a dragon can sneak past you

Meanwhile Amadeus would ask his Companion if he too was gearing the faintest trace of someone's mad, one could go as far to say Discordian , laughter.

i think you mean hearing

"Oh thank you thank you! Oh Celestia Thank you!" The freed Malnourished Earth pony who looked like a walking skeleton hugged Wolfgang so hard she nearly displaced one of his bones.

interesting i figured this was a alternative reality where celestia never existed but if pony's still use her name like that then she did exist

It sounds so simple...NOT but hey now you really are screwed you got a fated character with you

well blueblood changed for the better, the cover art defiantly spot on for this chapter and this chapter definitely created more questions, when will you give us answer damn you

one element down. 5 to go... seems the 5 are keeping the elements from being found so none can oppose them.

Comment posted by Kanna deleted Oct 7th, 2018

Seeing this, panic started to creep into both Unicorns as they realised their futility. The Green one levitated a couple of bricks that lay around and threw them at Amadeus only for another shield, this one balck as the night sky to appear and stop them mind air before letting them drop harmlessly.

Balck? Black

"Sir! Your Mother has fallen ill and your father is being eaten up alive by the stress he is being put through whilst you waste your time with those ponies, who's credibility I highly doubt, that you call friends! We will take you in forcefully... relativley that is, since her Lady Von Vanhoofer would flail m alive and put m in the slave pens, before-"

Why is there the letter m?

Huh? Oh... whoops! Thats supposed to be a me. Heh...😅

wow, this Equestria if really messed up. Where are the princesses and who is this jerk in charge now?

My guess is that this is an alternate reality that is meant to be an Equestrian knock-off of The Shadow of Mordor.
And I'm guessing that The Princesses were overthrown in some way or another.
Almost-crazy protagonist?
Rag-tag groups of rebels?
Evil council made up of a group of five?
Now all we need is a wraith version of Celestia and Luna, an evil overlord, and a hobbit-like creature that's been mutated by greed and we have an Equestrian alternative to The Shadow of Mordor.
Otherwise its a good story. :pinkiesmile:

Nicely written, though it could use a going over by an editor to clean up the spelling and grammar mistakes.

Hey, are you looking for an editor? I'd be willing to go through this story and fix any mistakes I see.

"Tell me now, my little pony, or you'll be the next tunnel's new wall paint. Speak!"

Roooollll credits!

eyes picked up the faintest of noises.


Holds phone to eye "hello taco bell"

DARK SHIELD OF SHADOWS , Battle ready knives .

"Haha! Überraschung, Mutterficker! "

[1700 Followers Special] UNDERTALE - MEGALOVANIA (Cover)


"I am sorry, truly I am, but this 'Element' as you call it is simply an replaceable part of our plans" The answer came from Blueblood. It almost sounded sorry. Keyword: almost.


Storyshift[AU] | Chara - Monster In The Mirror [Cover]

Storyshift[AU] | Chara - Monster In The Mirror [Cover]

"I am sorry, truly I am, but this 'Element' as you call it is simply an replaceable part of our plans" The answer came from Blueblood. It almost sounded sorry. Keyword: almost.

NOPE , sHE IS A PERSON , NO .tAke this , I'm comfused what now with the slaves ... the changeling dragon . the resistance what the heck is going on . where they will go ?


Storyshift[AU] | Chara - Monster In The Mirror [Cover]

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