• Published 14th Jun 2018
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The Devil You Know - DuvetofReason

When your people are nearing obliteration. When your cities are but smoking ruins. When all other options have been exhausted. Can your final, desperate gambit release their jaws from your throat? Or will the devil you know undo your finest schemes?

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Congrats on getting your first story finished, Duvet! :pinkiehappy:

It has been quite a ride.

Couldn't have done it without ya!:twilightsmile:

This was a nice story my only mean comment about this is you squel baiting ass i hate cliffhanger this needs more if you feel up to that is :twilightblush:

lol yeah. Well, this was only ever meant to be an introduction to this alt-Universe. Believe me when I say that Duvet and BDK have both discussed at great length on my Discord server the possible future events which will go down here. There is quite a bit of lore they've packed into the AU. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

At the moment, however, we're all cracking the whip to get him focused on his WIP Flurry Heart Sci-Fi story. :trollestia:

and twilight comes back with rainbow and nightmare/luna, full of blood saying "WE'RE HOOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!"

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted Jul 11th, 2018


I hope you update this with a notice when the next one comes out for like a week.

Considering this, Luna seems to be about halfway between sanity and full-blown Nightmare. She is capable of mercy, gratitude and affection, but it's all at a hysterical pitch, as if she's still not entirely self-controlled. The difference is that Luna hasn't actually been cleansed by the Elements; she's mostly acting on her own natural motivations, but her soul is still gripped by Nightmare.

She was entirely herself smashing the Umbra, though. Sane-Luna fighting and Nightmare-Luna fighting is still pretty much the same. And, in either case, utterly awesome.

I wonder if Pinkamena survived? The members of her family are among the few non-Alicorn Ponies I could see surviving a fall into the canyon while in close combat with one of your Umbra. By reasonable implication, she'd already survived such combat with many of them before, which means she's both fast enough when in her berserkergangen to only sometimes be hit, and tough enough that attacks which would literally tear most Ponies to bits merely score her hide. I wouldn't entirely count her out.

Thank you for the insightful comment! Ah, Luna and the Nightmare, you are right in that they both exist together rather than one having outright control. It means our Moon Princess flits between her normal self and the Nightmare making her dangerously unpredictable.

As for Pinkie, her fate will be revealed in the next installment:pinkiecrazy:

Dun dunnnnnnnn!!!

Wow, was that June? Time flies.

Anyway, finally got around to reading this. Really liking this AU. Aside from the obvious much darker setting, the small twists to canon here and there for it all to fit together are appreciated. So far no magical-instant-solution, aka Elements of Harmony, but rather old ancient magic and rituals keeping the universe going. I like it.

You have gained a thumb, fave' and a follower.

Excellent story.
This UA promises:
-a relationship between Luna, rainbow and original twilight
-the vision of the two princesses on the world (with their ambitions of course)
I have to forget about it but it is on, if there is continuation, I take without hesitation.:rainbowdetermined2:

Please tell me there is a sequel in the works. :fluttercry:

That there is:pinkiehappy:
I'm currently working on another big story that's nearly done. So you'll have double the stories


And thanks for the news. :twilightsmile:

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Imagine a similar cast to the squad from Aliens. Ocean Breeze is obvious a female Hudson
Brumbar would have definitely been voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan.

Just a question. Why is it marked as complete, if it's anything but? Who's the Umbra, who's behind the Umbra, what will Luna?nightmare do? Too many questions...

A sequel is in the works, but this story completes the first arc of the tale

Ah, ok. Here's hoping that next story goes out soon. Keep writing.

вау, эта история слишком захватывающая чтобы закончится на клиффхэнгере
wow, this story is too exciting to end on a cliffhanger.

Considering my involvement as a pre-reader, I do offer my deep apologies for not finishing my read alongside your work.

Indeed you have the makings of an excellent saga. I hope to be of further assistance in the future, my good sir. Perhaps not so closely. :twilightsmile:

Sooooooo... Where is the next story? Or Sequel?

One is coming, but I'm in the process of finishing up a very big project (3-4 years in the making!) and it's taking up a lot of time.

Good idea, but this story is broken and horribly unfinished. Don’t recommend it.


Wow, petty. You act as if he owes you a quick and satisfying ending rather than keeping the story open for future development. Stories take a ton of work and there is often far more to write than a person has time to write. Besides, I don't see you contributing anything.

Get some perspective and show some appreciation when others put work into something for you to enjoy for free.

But I guess your message is that the author isn't allowed to have a life and other things which need doing before writing a sequel to this?

From the get go, I loved this story. I love that it was born out of frustration and was a means to let your creativity run wild without worry, I love that you got to tell the story you wanted. It's very rare that I enjoy anything these days that doesn't waste my time. TDYK, from the moment I read those opening paragraphs, has been a worthwhile read.

To anyone who happens upon this story:

If you want to see what this author is up to currently, head on over to our Discord server where we are quite active, working on huge projects. We do not operate regularly out of FimFiction, so the best way to stay in the loop is to come to Discord.

They know no pity. They offer no mercy. They feel no remorse. They are blacker than the blackest night and more deadly than can be imagined. Buy you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

This story definitely needs a sequel.

Flurry in Time has soaked up a lot of time. Now that it's finally out in the wild I might have time to go back and give this fic the sequel it needs

Awesome! And good luck!

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