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Grandpear shares some letters Pear Butter wrote him long ago with Applejack, Big Mack, and Apple Bloom. He feels they have to know that she didn't forget about him altogether after he left her for his jam store in Vanhoover.

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Awww. That was really sweet and heartwarming! ^_^

I especially liked this part.

Grandpear then begins to read the letter. "Dear daddy, it's your dear little Pear Butter. Applejack and Big Mack got a hold of this one and wrote little notes to you on here as well. For me, today's been good. I spent the entire day at the spa with Chiffon. It was great. It was some much-needed relaxation. Dear pappy, it's me, Applejack, today daddy taught me apple bucking and mommy taught me guitar yesterday. It was so much fun. I wish I could meet you. Dear pappy, it's me, Big Mack, I wish I could meet you. I'm strong just like daddy and calm and collected just like mommy. Hey daddy, sorry about those two getting a hold of my stuff. I didn't mean for that to happen but I see what they wrote you is actually quite sweet. I hope the letter didn't confuse you at all. Sincerely, Pear Butter."

By the way. It's supposed to be Big MAC, not Big Mack. :P

*misty eyes* this theme of looking back on memories of people who are lost always gets to me

also it was very sweet and all the lil memory vignettes were well conceived and well written as always :)

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