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Equestria at War: Worlds Apart - GIULIO

Chrysalis has traveled to request refuge from Queen Gytha of Greneclyf after being defeated by rebels back home. Gytha knows about her reputation, and though there might be some value in Chrysalis, Gytha must still remain vigilant...

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A Queen Humbled

“And who does this represent?”

Gytha followed Chrysalis’s gaze and beheld the heraldry of Queen Deidre, the Broken Horn on a snowy hill. “That’s Queen Deidre, Our great grandmother.” She came to a halt, and the armour of the escorts rattled aloud as they followed suit. “She lived around four hundred years ago, and had agreed to the Second Great Pact.”

“The Second Great Pact?” Chrysalis echoed with a raised eyebrow, taking a moment to admire the tapestry.

“The Reaffirmation, Chrysalis,” Gytha turned to face her guest, looking up to meet her eyes, “of the friendship between Farbrook and Greneclyf.”

That had earned her a muted scoff from Chrysalis in the form of a twitch of her lips. “Friendship,” the royal muttered, flicking her eyes upon the tapestry once more. “Why a broken horn?” she asked with a pointed hoof.

“‘Tis really a tale about a broken heart,” the Queen explained. “Not long after the accord, Queen Deidre approached the Farbrookian Chieftain, Albar, to further their friendship.”

Chrysalis immediately understood. “She loved him,” she said quietly, prompting a nod from Gytha. “And he rebuffed her.” Another nod. The foreign Changeling snorted and shook her head. “Why am I not surprised?”

Gytha’s jaw clenched somewhat. “The timing was inopportune,” she insisted, “nothing more.”

“Or perhaps,” Chrysalis piped up, glancing sideways at the Queen, “it was nothing more than a smitten fool hoping that she could overcome Pony nature.”

Anger promptly flared within the Queen as she shot a glare straight at Chrysalis. Menacing hisses emanated from both of the escorts behind the two royals, and Chrysalis was suddenly very aware of her situation.

“Watch thy tongue, Royal,” Gytha spoke in an ominous tone that she barely recognized. “You and your subjects’ accommodations are solely dependent on Our hospitality. Lest you wish for the cold outside, We suggest that you do not speak ill of Our ancestors.”

There was a long and tense pause as both royals stood their grounds. To her credit, Chrysalis did not look troubled, even though Gytha could taste the underlying anxiety behind the neutral mask. Eventually, she thought that she spotted a crack in it in the form of a twinge of Chrysalis’s smile. Good.

Remorse hit Gytha in full force at the malicious thought. Why was she finding pleasure in threatening someone? What would her mother, bless her, think if she knew of this? The anger abated slowly as the monarch let out a slow breath. “I‒ We apologize.” Gytha rubbed her forehead with a hoof. “It was not Our intention to threaten you.”

“No,” Chrysalis said in a wheeze, as if she had forgotten to breathe. “I was the one out of line, and I ought to be the one apologizing, Your Majesty.”

The Queen scrutinised the larger Changeling for a moment longer before relaxing her shoulders. “Yes,” she said slowly, nodding to herself. “Yes, see to it that you watch your step.”

“I will do so, Queen Gytha,” Chrysalis replied with a hoof to her chest. “But poor word choice asides, I mean what I say.” Gytha’s gaze hardened immediately, but she stopped short of snapping at the sight of Chrysalis’s raised hoof. “Please, I don’t mean to insult the memory of Queen Deidre, but even if her heart was true, her love would never have been reciprocated by this Albar character.”

Gytha maintained her hard stare, and flicked her wings and tail in irritation, but she held her tongue. Sensing the unspoken consent, Chrysalis continued slowly. “Only another Changeling would truly have loved Diedre back, and it would not have been her fault.

“I know the feeling all too well, Your Majesty,” she said, casting her eyes downwards, not looking at anything in particular. “I—” The royal cleared her throat. “The world hates us for what we are. It is pointless for us to try to befriend anyone who is not one of us, because they will never see us as anything other than parasites.

“I’ve tasted their hatred directly,” she stated resolutely, locking eyes with her petite host. “And I shall carry that taste with me until I meet the Hatcher for the last time.”

The two Changelings did not break eye contact. Gytha did not sense anything asides from the sincerity in the latter words, and knew that the foreign Queen had suffered much at the hooves of the Pony kind back in her lands. That much was true.

What left her unconvinced of Chrysalis’s thinking was her own personal friendship with Cenhelm, and the countless relationships that Greneclyfians shared with Farbrookians. There was clearly room for growth (at least when it came to improving what had been agreed in the Second Great Pact) and whenever she was reminded of her great grandmother’s tale, Gytha did sometimes compare her relation with Cenhelm to Diedre’s. Perhaps Queen Diedre’s ancient goal of proving to the world that love truly could transcend all species could fall upon her.

The question was, did Gytha truly see the stallion in that light?

Putting such thoughts aside, she focused on Chrysalis. “You forget the Great Pacts, Chrysalis.” She motioned the royal to follow, leading both her and the two escorts further down the chamber to a set of majestic draperies.

There were two pieces, each embroidered and weaved with fine textiles of colours that were perhaps more alive when they were first spun, but still held rich details even centuries afterwards. The first, the one on the left, recreated the scene of Fingal sharing his love to a starving Queen Dylis, whereas the second on the left depicted Queen Diedre offering refuge to Albar during a particularly harsh winter. Each piece had distinct styles, with the first utilising the Katellian style, typical of the time in Greneclyf, while the second was woven in the Farbrookian way.

This had a sister tapestry that currently resided in Farbrook, and they were made possible thanks to the collaboration between two people. Their mere existence was a message enough in it of itself, and was a living embodiment to the interspecies cooperation that Chrysalis insisted that could not exist.

“Here, Chrysalis.” Gytha waved a leg with a bit of a dramatic flair. “These are the Great Pacts. This is the First Sharing, with Queen Dylis and Chieftain Fingal from over eight hundred years ago, whereas this one” —she pointed to the second embroidery— “is the Frozen Refuge that my great grandmother had offered to Albar.”

She turned to attentively observe Chrysalis, noticing a small tingle of appreciation trickling from the royal. A few seconds of silent contemplation passed, and Chrysalis nodded slightly.

“These are rather beautiful,” she stated clinically, taking a moment longer to view the First Sharing. “I imagine that they represent the pacts, correct?”

Gytha tilted her head to the side, blinking. “Well, yes. These are the pacts.”

Chrysalis began to nod again before her ears perked up. She turned slightly to see the Queen from the corner of her eye. “Wait... ” She snorted. “Surely you’re not referring to the scenes depicted here.”

“We—” Gytha shook her head. “We’ve meant what We have said,” she said, confused.

The large Changeling turned to the Queen, then back to the Pacts, angling her head to find a perspective that simply didn’t exist. “Wha‒ but…!” She buzzed her wings to go airborne and look behind the tapestry from above. She slowly hovered back to the floor, completely astounded.

“What are you searching?”

“What am I sear‒ where is the paperwork?” Chrysalis suddenly demanded. “There has to be the written record of any formal agreements! How else can they be followed as they were supposed to be when they were penn—” She stopped herself before bringing a hoof to her head and groaning. “Hatcher Below...”

Gytha finally caught on, finishing Chrysalis’s thought. “Queen Diedre and Albar were illiterate, Chrysalis, and so were nearly all of their respective subjects. Needless to say, so were Queen Dylis, Fingal and their subjects.”

“Bu‒ but then...” Chrysalis craned her head to be at eye level with the smaller royal. “There is no legal obligation for either you or them to assist one another.”

The Queen gave her a funny look. “Honour and mutual respect for one another will uphold the Pacts,” she said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “That will ensure Farbrook’s acceptance of our requests, should all of our diplomatic envoys and offers of friendship be rebuffed by the others.”

Chrysalis clearly did not see it that way, sputtering some more in her native tongue before giving up the effort. Groaning once more and pointing to the Pacts, she said, “This, this right here.” She turned to face Gytha. “This will be your undoing with Farbrook. They will play the part of the sympathetic Ponies until it’s no longer convenient for them.”

“You know nothing, Royal,” Gytha spat. “Our history—” she brought a hoof to her chest “—nay, Our own experiences prove otherwise.”

Her foreign counterpart scoffed. “You will see, Queen,” she spoke slowly, her strange accent fully evident. “Greneclyf will require assistance from its nominal friends, and they will not come.” The royal shrugged her shoulders and threw out a leg. “What will you do then?”

Out,” Gytha hissed through her teeth.

Chrysalis began to reply but stopped when she sensed the raw rage hidden underneath the thin veneer of civility. Even the two escorts scowled fiercely at the foreigner. Eventually, she gave a light curtsy. “As you wish,” said Chrysalis in her neutral voice before walking past the Queen, followed closely by the guards.

Gytha watched Chrysalis’s form as she walked away, getting a good view of her whole body. Time had been kind to Chrysalis during her stay in Greneclyf: the scarring on her limbs had almost healed entirely, and her wings were now whole; the exotic mane and tail were no longer matted, oily things, but neatly combed and trimmed; her body, while still lean, did not appear nearly as fragile as it did when she had first arrived, and her chitin bore a sheen that was pleasant to the eyes. Even the horn had become somewhat less gnarled.

Watching the form sway with every step, Gytha had almost thought of this new Chrysalis as beautiful.

But she saw for what she was: an apple with an interior rotten to the core.

Still, as Gytha stood there quietly venting her frustration through a few long-winded sighs, she knew that there was a good reason in keeping Chrysalis around, even though it was somewhat hard to spot it right then.

Though an advisor, there had still been skepticism from the elders and the small council regarding as to where the former queen’s loyalties truly lay. Her old hatreds had promptly shut down any conversation of reconciliation with Equestria and the current Changeling state in the other continent, garnering much reproach from everyone involved. Even Gytha, having taken Chrysalis under her wing (ironic as it may have been to some), glimpsed signs of dishonesty underneath the fanged smiles and in between the few friendly words of redemption.

Really, the reason that Chrysalis was still kept within the inner circle was pragmatic more than anything else. Chrysalis and her followers still had valuable lessons and knowledge to share, and Gytha had held onto the hope of perhaps bringing the foreign Queen to her line of thinking. After all, it had been her House’s philosophy for centuries. Surely there was merit to it if it had led the Hives for so many years.


Gytha stopped herself dead. No, she told herself as she beheld the Pacts once more. Cenhelm will come through. He can be trusted.

She quietly made her way out of the chamber.

It happened.

Gytha had demanded for the messenger to repeat himself twice, but his report remained the same both times. The drone’s demeanour had grown more and more concerned with each recounting, wings aflutter and eyes widened at the edge in his liege’s voice. When he had finished for the third time, the Queen was deathly still.

“My Queen?” he asked tentatively, ears splayed back.

Gytha did not react. In fact, she had barely heard the Changeling. Her breathing slowed to a near-wavering inhale. She focused only on her breathing: Slow inhale, slow exhale.

Moments passed, and Gytha thought that she heard the drone ask another question. She took a sharp breath as her eyes flicked over to him. He shifted under the scrutinising gaze, but otherwise held his ground.

“I—” The Changeling coughed. “My Queen, are you feeling alright?”

The royal closed her eyes and tried to concentrate once more on her breaths while thinking on the question. A particularly loud and long exhale through her nose and heaving of her shoulders afterwards, Gytha’s mind went back to one name.

The messenger leaned closer; his Queen had whispered her response. “I beg your pardon, Your Majesty?”

Gytha’s whole form shuddered, and her brows knitted tightly. The corners of her eyes glistened. Cenhelm… Cenhelm…!

The smaller Changeling scrambled away as the large monarch fell down to her buckling knees. A wall of deep misery and sobs radiating from her threatened to overwhelm the drone and the others nearby. A wordless cry emanated throughout the chamber that almost compelled those around their Queen to lose themselves in her sorrow.

This didn’t matter to Gytha, none of them did.

The Griffons’ refusal was expected. The Equestrians’ refusal was a surprise, but ultimately made sense. The refusal from the tribes under the Federation was worrisome. Farbrook’s refusal… It was a devastating betrayal of an ancient trust.

Since the times of Queen Dylis, Farbrook had been the only point of contact with the outside world for the Changelings of Greneclyf, and their only true friend. Whenever the situation had called for it, both states had helped the other at its time of need. Had all else failed, Gytha had Cenhelm to fall back on. To think otherwise was impossible. It was a trade deal! Why would they refuse that?

“Why?” she asked aloud at the tail end of her sobs. “Why, Cenhelm?”

What had changed? He had been a dear friend to the Queen, and she had shared intimate information with the charismatic stallion. To think that she had entertained the notion of considering him as something more than a friend…

Was Chrysalis right after all?

A few Changelings approached to offer their affection, but her emotions were too much for them. They instead joined in Gytha’s grief, tearing up and sobbing quietly along with her. The others stayed at bay to not become overcome themselves. Confusion reigned as those unaffected called for assistance from beyond the political chamber.

All the meanwhile, the Queen lay there with three drones, all wallowing in their shared anguish. For those passing minutes, nothing beyond those Changelings existed.

An accented voice finally managed to pierce through the despondency and stirred Gytha and her subjects enough to become aware of their surroundings. Through bleary eyes, Gytha looked to see the approaching figure.

Chrysalis stood tall over the small mess of Changelings, eyebrows furrowed. “What’s happened he—” Her words died as she doubtlessly felt the immense heartache, flinching as she had gotten too close. She secured her stance as if she were bracing against a particularly powerful gust of wind.

Her horn shimmered with magic, and ethereal tendrils spread from the tip. Four green beams slithered through the air effortlessly and reached to Gytha and the drones, softly impacting each one in their chest. The Queen felt part of her very self being cut away, but whereas this would have normally been cause for concern, the shroud that was upon Gytha was slowly being removed. The glimmering beams of emotional energy drew out the gloom, and the afflicted recovered their senses.

Eventually Chrysalis had to cut off the flow of magic, trembling and sagging when she did. The Queen was still not well, but…

“Thank you,” Gytha whispered, still teary-eyed.

The larger royal sniffed in between the heavy breaths and rubbed her eyes, barely glancing her way. “D-don’t, hah, mention it.” Chrysalis took a few uncertain steps towards Gytha and helped her up. “I’ll ask again,” she asked, huffing once more before she sobered up. “What happened?”

Had circumstances been different, Gytha suspected that she would have avoided answering the question, using her rank as Queen and the excuse of Chrysalis being a stranger as possible justifications. Had things been different, Gytha would have kept quiet.

And yet…

“Cenhelm,” she said after a false start. “His reply has finally gotten back to us, a-and…” She stopped herself before the tears returned in force.

Chrysalis blinked a few times before she nodded briskly. “I uh, I see.”

“You were right, Chrysalis,” the Queen said, shutting her eyes and scrunching up her face. “You’ve said it so many times, and I didn’t listen.” She brought up her hooves to bury her face in, and her whole form shook with barely-restrained weeping. Tears began to roll down her muzzle. “Why couldn’t I…?”

A leg hooked around Gytha, gently pushing to get her to move. “Come on now, Your Majesty,” Chrysalis said in a hushed tone. “This is no way for a queen to behave in front of her subjects.” She looked about and spotted many drones looking on with concern evident on their faces.

Gytha’s wails renewed with vigour, and pushed the closer elders and assistants to the limit. All too quickly, the chamber was thick with the emotional pain. Even Chrysalis staggered at the waves of hopelessness.

“Hatcher Below,” she muttered despondedly to herself before putting more effort in her coaxing. “Th-there’s a time and place for this, Gytha!” The two royals stumbled out of the small council chamber and slowly made their way to the Queen’s private chambers, earning themselves the attention of the few Changelings in the corridors in the meanwhile.

Gytha had barely noticed that she was being herded away from everyone. All of her drifting thoughts centered around Chrysalis’s prophetic words from all those weeks ago.

You will see, Queen. Greneclyf will require assistance from its nominal friends, and they will not come.

This line of thinking demonstrated that, for all that made Chrysalis and her small group Changelings so alike to Gytha and her own Changelings, they were still fundamentally different. It compounded difficulties that the two parties suffered through already because of Chrysalis’s prideful arrogance, and had put the two royals at odds multiple times after that first spat.

And, she had been right all along.

The closing of a door tore her from her inner thoughts. Gytha found herself on her private chaise, and spotted Chrysalis standing by the large wooden door, huffing heavily.

“What was that?” Chrysalis demanded. Gytha merely drew a quiet breath and hung her head. “Breaking down in front of everyone like that,” Chrysalis continued, approaching Gytha. “That was an embarrassment!”

Again, Gytha stayed quiet, letting her head droop further down into her hooves.

Chrysalis shook her head and stopped right next the downtrodden Queen. “You are the Hive, and the Hive is you. You can’t just let—”

She was interrupted by a leaping hug from Gytha, who had begun crying into Chrysalis’s mane. The larger royal stumbled at the sudden weight, and barely managed to stand upright while Gytha wept.

“You were right,” the Queen mewled. “You were right, and I didn’t listen.” She dug her face deeper into the comforting hair. “I didn’t… I-I-I couldn’t…” Gytha continued to babble incoherently, leaving a very surprised Chrysalis unsure of what to do.

Gingerly, Chrysalis hooked a leg around Gytha’s neck, and ran her free hoof along the back of the neck. “Come on, Gytha,” she mumbled. “This‒ this isn’t healthy. For either of us.”

This continued for a while, with Chrysalis vainly trying to comfort the bawling royal. The simple physical contact between the two was soothing to Gytha, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Chrysalis seemed to realize this and, with a sigh, lit up her horn once more to soak up the melancholy that permeated the room.

All Gytha could sense was that very melancholy being severed away, and she felt herself getting a grip on things. The sobs were quickly reduced to mere heavy exhalations, and she finally brought a halt to the tears, sniffing instead. Then there was another shimmer of magic from Chrysalis, and this time, Gytha thought that something was… pressed upon her, unlike before. A part of her wanted to understand what Chrysalis had just done, but—

“I’m sorry.” At last, Gytha brought her snout out from Chrysalis’s mane and found her looking away, teary-eyed. “I can’t—” Chrysalis sniffed and rubbed her nose. “I’ve been so selfish.”

That almost fully brought Gytha out from her funk, and she tilted her head. “But you‒ you helped me.”

Chrysalis shook her head vigorously, chewing on her lower lip. “No, not that.” She let out a shuddering breath. “I… I was going to call your Queenship into question, and I…” Her eyes finally met Gytha’s. “I was going to challenge you.”

Gytha’s heart hitched. It took her a moment to understand fully what Chrysalis had meant by that, but the implications were made immediately clear. Chrysalis had wanted to duel her.

Another moment passed. The Queen thought that she would have been furious, or at the very least irritated by this intended betrayal. There she was, a vulnerable little royal, confessing to her criminal intentions.

But there was nothing. No anger, no rising ire, no disappointment: just a sensation of emptiness. Gytha simply could not bring herself to bear any ill will towards Chrysalis. Instead, she felt pity for her. That made her snort slightly. She is far larger than me, she thought, and yet I’m the one pitying her.

Chrysalis noticed the goodwill pouring out from the Queen, and stared dumbfoundedly at the small smile that played on Gytha’s lips. “Wha‒ why aren’t you…?”

“You’ve finally learned,” Gytha said softly, her smile widening. “You could have exploited me at my weakest, Chrysalis.” She brought a hoof to lift Chrysalis’s chin so that she could see those emerald eyes. Funny, were they always this beautiful, or had Gytha never really paid attention to them before?

“But you didn’t.” Chrysalis blinked, astonished. “You didn’t let your vices win over your sympathy. Why else would you have helped me when I needed it the most?” Gytha genuinely asked. “Don’t you see? Your heart is only as great as you allow it, and only with great hearts can we achieve great deeds.”

Chrysalis stared, eyebrows raised high and eyes wide. Then a frail smile took shape and, after a sharp intake, Chrysalis closed in and kissed Gytha right on the lips.

The Queen immediately recoiled, shocked. How dare she?! To make such a forward and absurd move upon a Queen of Greneclyf! That was…!

...What was it?

Gytha knew that she should have been furious, but there was nothing of the sort. There was merely an excitement that had been wholly unexpected. The kiss, as abrupt as it was, was a nice bit of physical contact that she didn’t realize that she was craving for. A part of her still tried to rationalise everything, arguing that this was not proper, and that her emotions had gotten the better of her.

Gytha promptly decided to dismiss that thought.

Chrysalis looked appalled when she saw Gytha’s reaction. “Oh, Hatcher! Why d-did I do that?” She shuddered. “I’m so sorry, Your Majesty! I-I-I didn’t mean to—”

“Hush, Chrysalis,” Gytha purred. “Like We’ve said, our hearts are only as great as we allow them, and—” She laughed softly. “—and these shall truly be great.”

Chrysalis’s brows shot up as she was deeply kissed, though she did not once draw away from Gytha, instead leaning in to kiss back. Gytha wrapped her legs around the larger royal, and the two drew even closer to one another.

A shrinking voice in her head tried once more to put a stop to this. But, she didn’t care anymore. Hatcher, she needed this; they both did. Chrysalis had asked her what she would do if and when Cenhelm failed to uphold their friendship. Gytha still didn’t know the answer to that.

All she knew was that she had a good friend to help her.

Chrysalis’s eyes fluttered open, groaning as she shifted her weight. When she felt the bodily warmth to her right, she almost jolted to full consciousness. She and Queen Gytha were in the same bed, sharing the same sheets and space. When she spotted the soft smile adorning Gytha’s tranquil face, Chrysalis loosened up and breathed a sigh of relief.

That was too close.

The way that she had handled the Queen’s negative emotions was a stupid risk. She had taken too much too quickly, and had put everything at risk. It was almost by pure blind luck that Gytha did not have her arrested when Chrysalis had spilled her own plans.

“Stupid,” she said under her breath. Thankfully she had managed to place a powerful enough suggestion upon the Queen. Had she failed to do so, Chrysalis would most definitely not have been waking up in Gytha’s own bed.

This wasn’t part of the original plan, and she would have to rethink everything. Duelling Gytha now didn’t make sense, and Chrysalis knew that if she tried again Gytha would probably be in a better position to stop her.

A sharp snore from the side garnered a quick glance from Chrysalis. Gytha was still soundly asleep, and appeared rather pleased.

I wonder…

The gears in Chrysalis’s mind were working furiously. At first she had thought that the kiss was an absolutely idiotic play on her part, and though it was still that, there was now a tantalising opportunity. This… this was something that she could work with.

Smiling smugly to herself, Chrysalis set her head back upon her pillow, eyeing the Queen’s sleeping form in a new light. This brought to mind old memories from years ago…

She chuckled. Some things never changed. At least Gytha was actually cute, and her performance in bed was both satisfactory and absolutely adorable. This could be the beginning of something wondrous.

And this time, Chrysalis would win.

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How sweet those two seem.

What was Farbrook refusing? And is there any chance of a follow up to this?


It was a trade deal!

Comment posted by Comrade Marble deleted Apr 29th, 2018

Very interesting. Shame it's completed, I'd certainly like to see more.

Really funny that in game the trade deal could not be refused.

Ah Greneclyf. A "niceguy" non-reformed Changeling hive. You had so much potential when I learned you were in the game, only have those hopes dashed when I learned that the only real path for them is to become Chrysalis of the East.

Greneclyf is incomplete. That's all I'm gonna say.

Oh I know it’s incomplete but I can only comment on what’s done now not “when it’s done”. No sense talking about zebras or Kirin when they’re not in the game yet.

This... This story REALLY scratches my itch of wanting to see a ''corrupted'' Gytha :twilightblush:

The union of the two Queens will shake the very foundations of the world~ None shall escape the black tide... Except for maybe the Dread League, because they're just freaking creepy.

But yeah, really prefer something like this over Chrysalis ''taking over'' Greneclyf, since it gives room for both Queens to balance out each others extreme views.

Changling Ocean Switzerland best nation.

long time since i faved this but i forgot to ask the important question...sequel????

Possibly in the works.

Two of my most favorite factions I love both queens and I want to see more I wish more people would make more storys about this changling kingdom I want more tbis is going in the fave sence I first found it and you get a follow

I've never been partial towards Chrysalis. Always found her too conniving, and selfish. But Gytha, she was the odd one out amongst her kind. She dared to believe, and that was what made her great as a changeling queen. This is both unexpected, and highly amusing to read. Should there be a sequel to this, I would be most intrigued (and likely pleased).

“Bu‒ but then...” Chrysalis craned her head to be at eye level with the smaller royal. “There is no legal obligation for either you or them to assist one another.”
The Queen gave her a funny look. “Honour and mutual respect for one another will uphold the Pacts,” she said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

It is obvious. For her.
For Chrysalis though...

“Why?” she asked aloud at the tail end of her sobs. “Why, Cenhelm?”

*looks at Chrysalis*
Do you happen to have anything to do with that?

“I… I was going to call your Queenship into question, and I…” Her eyes finally met Gytha’s. “I was going to challenge you.”

I actually expected exactly that to happen at one point.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But now I'm curious:
Is Chrysalis somehow behind Gytha’s breakdown (either by causing or strengthen it), or did she manage to manpulate Gytha during her time alone?
Or is (for once) everything involving Chrsalis exactly as it seems?


Is Chrysalis somehow behind Gytha’s breakdown (either by causing or strengthen it), or did she manage to manpulate Gytha during her time alone?

In the original idea for Greneclyf, the presence of a Changeling Lands' submarine would automatically fail all of the trade offers unless it was removed forcefully by the player. It never was translated into the public build, but the story used that element to a point. Chrysalis didn't actively sabotage the efforts, but her presence evidently seeped out and got to the mainland, which put Gytha and the rest of her people in a bad light.

Thanks for the comment!

This is wonderful!
I’m an enormous fan of both Chrysalis and Greneclyf, and I adore stories where someone is being manipulated, but the manipulator is also drawn in despite themselves. Obviously Chrissy thinks she’s in charge here, but I suspect she feels more genuinely than she wants to acknowledge.
Plus, corruption and evil are always fun. I’d love to see more of these two <3

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