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The following story takes place in the Equestria at War universe. It contains no real spoilers for any nation, and does not require any prior knowledge of EaW to understand. Enjoy!

Though Queen Chrysalis knew that changelings could live almost anywhere, she was still surprised to hear about an isolated island nation of changelings on the other side of the world. This was quite the interesting development, as she was currently waging war with Equestria.

She had wondered if these foreign changelings might be interested in helping with her subjugation of ponykind. Though she had long since dissolved her diplomatic channels due to perceived incompetence, Chrysalis wanted to send some form of emissary to ask them to aid her cause.

And thus she sent one of her spies to visit Greneclyf, the island of harmonious changelings.

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It's starting out interesting. I'm looking forward to the next part.
Very interesting choice of name for the infiltrator, is all I have to say about it.

Really interesting can’t wait for a next chapter

awesome chapter mate cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

You have no idea how much ive waited to see more fanfics of my favorite changling faction I hope this story continues I can't wait to see what happens next and you earned a follow thankyou for this fanfictan I truly appreciate it it will be amazing to see what happens next you did very well on the first chapter just remember to take it slow and to not rush masterpieces take time and patients

Oh? đź‘€
What's interesting about his name, I wonder?

Always good to see stories about Greneclyf, they are such an interesting nation even though they don't have a lot of content right now. I look forward to reading about the interactions between Gerhard and the Greneclyfians.

Kopieren literally means "to copy" in German. Was that not intentional?

Well, they are a german based nation in the mod, so I am pretty sure it would be intentional.

I agree I wish they had more content I really love playing them and it is good to see more stories about them

Oh Hatcher save him.

At this point I suspect that Gerhard has upset his superiors somehow, and they deliberately dumped him there without briefing him properly.

Either that or they are really just that incompetent. :facehoof:

Oh this is priceless. Looks like it's more Old Tongue fuckery for you, Gerhard.
Yeah, seems like it. To not only not provide a translator, or at least a dictionary, but also not even tell the poor guy that it might become a problem? I refuse to believe VOPS is that incompetent.

I love the implementation of a language barrier it makes even mundane conversations a lot more fun because the characters cannot understand each other.

Then again, neather nation even knew of each others existence. Two whole continents between them.

I cant wait till the next chapter I love this story so much and I can't wait to see how he gets throu this keep up tje amazing work and dont rush or anything I understand you have alot of things on your hands but you are doing amazing keep it up and stay safe out there

Hey I just wanted to come check on you and hope your Ok

I'm good, just lots of stuff going on IRL combined with me spending most of my writing time for the Equestria at War team (which I am now a part of :twilightsmile: )

This story will continue, but I cannot say at this point when the next chapter will be done.

Congrats my dude so much and dont worry I'm in no rush take your time I do worry sometimes that this story will be abandoned sometimes this is the second story of my favorite faction I've found and i just don't want it to be left in the dust but I know it's hard and takes time to write stories so I'm not rushing you or demanding anything I just wanted to check up on you and to see how you are and again congratulations

Aoife smiled cheerfully and shifted in her seat. "Well then! Zašto se ne prebaciti na ovaj jezik?"

Screams in south slavic

God, i love what this story is going for

He turned his attention towards the island in front of him. He could see groups of changelings buzzing about, doing... whatever it is they do here. Despite being a master of infiltration, he felt like he would have a very difficult time fitting in here.

I would assume hiding among other changelings would be easier than hiding among ponies.
Especially if those ponies are actively looking for you, while the other changelings barely seem to care about you.

"Uh..." Gerhard was taken aback. Noling had told him that they spoke a different language! He backed away slightly out of uncertainty.

Maybe the ambassador should have mentioned that small detail...

I always thought it'd be fun if there were more interactions between Greneclyf and the Changeling Lands, but (at the time of writing) their current in-game interactions are... minimal, to say the least.

I only very recently started the game, but I agree! I'm glad you are trying to fill the holes of the unwritten story between those two factions.

Past the large hive were more traditional yet smaller changeling settlements, ones that appeared to be dug into the earth, suggesting that they went underground. Looking at them made Gerhard feel like he was walking through a Changelingia history book.

Maybe he unknowingly isn't that far from the truth.
It is possible a long time ago one of the old queens left Changelingia and settled on this island.
That explains the common tradition, and the isolation would explain the lack of progress

As Gerhard weaved his way through the streets, he paused when he spotted a street vendor that looked like they were selling miniature candies shaped like ponies. The drone running the stand was quite lively, talking so quickly to anyling that passed by that Gerhard doubted that he'd be able to understand the vendor even if he knew the language. Still, it was a good a lead as any.

Hopefully they at least gave him some bits to buy stuff.
Pony-shaped candies are probably delicious, and it would make for good stories at home!
Gerhard: "So, once I arrived a bought a pony and literally ate it."
Audience: "Wait, a real pony?"
Gerhard: "Almost, but not entirely."

"I will be honest, my friend. You stick out like a sore hoof!" laughed the vendor

Maybe they should have given him a mode moderate "disguise"...

Felim happily jumped at her, and she reciprocated in kind with a big hug. Gerhard could swear that he could taste... was that love radiating off of them? It couldn't be. That was impossible, changelings couldn't produce love, they could only take it.

This discovery could change everything for Changelingia... And he only just arrived.

Good story so far!
I enjoyed reading it.

You mean you became one of the Equestria at War developers?
Sounds cool!
If I may ask, what are you doing? Are you writing the stories of the game?

I hope your doing well in the world and being awsome we miss you and hope your doing well also do you t know when we would get another chapter its just we don't have alot of fanfics of this country so seeing yours gave me hope hope your safe Be safe

The story is being resumed tomorrow :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I've been doing a fair amount of writing. I've written events and descriptions for the upcoming nations of Chiropterra and Tobuck, and also the upcoming reworks of the Dread League and Arcturian Order.

Yay and hope your we'll and safe

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Nice story, definitely interested in seeing more of it. The lore is very interesting, though I do not know how much is your invention and how much is inspired by future Changeling content. Keep up the good work!

That's the fun part, isn't it?

Guesswork can be ever so entertaining.

Whistles innocently.

I love it so much I hope there will be more soon love it so much

very nice. i wonder who the interpret will be... hopefully not someone hostile x)

I'll shelve this for binging a bit down the line, I've thought a lot about the possibility of other changeling hives/kingdoms, and definitely support any story that explores that. :eeyup:

You'll find that Greneclyf has a very unique culture when compared to Chrysalis' hive. I hope that when you do decide to read the story, it'll be enjoyable for you.

The more he thought about the situation, the more it didn't make sense. VOPS was one of the best, if not the best intelligence agencies in the world, how could they have neglected to consider the possibility that a foreign nation might speak a foreign language? It just didn't add up!

The truth is... the game was rigged from the start.

Not that he found Felim annoying, but he supposed that he wasn't used to being around such an... energetic changeling.

Later it probably turns out this is actually the default state for any changeling.
It's not that these changelings were overly energetic, it's that the Changeling Land 'lings are all grumpy (and underfed.)

"So, wanna play Bug or Bush while we walk?"
This was gonna be a long trip to Bugsmere, wherever that was.

How would that game work?
Is one pointing at a random bush and the rest muss guess whether it's an actual bush or a changeling in disguise?

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

About the rework of Greneclyf you mentioned earlier: Will it be part of the Zebrica-update (whenever soon™ finally happens) or further down the line?


About the rework of Greneclyf you mentioned earlier: Will it be part of the Zebrica-update (whenever soon™ finally happens) or further down the line?

The Greneclyf rework will likely be bundled together with the Arcturian Order and Dread League reworks, which are coming after Zebrica is released.

yay, update! thank you :)

Glad to see this up and going again, can't wait for the next chapter, thar cionn ar fad!

I'm so happy that it's not dead I've waited patiently for a new chapter I can't wait to see what happens next I'll wait patiently for the next keep up the awesome work your awesome

"Felim? Why stop?" asked Gerhard with increasingly apparent exasperation. It hadn't even been thirty minutes since they'd left the house and they had already stopped five times to look at miscellaneous shops.

Felim: "Its about the journey, not about the destination."
Gerhard: *suppressing unhappy bug noises*

The thought of abandoning Felim again popped up in his mind, but it was quickly dismissed upon thinking of how disappointed Aoife would be in him for making her brother sad...
Gerhard shook his head. No, no, his reason for staying with Felim was simply one of logic, that was it. He had no other assets in this country to utilize, and there was no telling how many other changelings here would be willing to help him, or even ones that knew the Old Tongue.

That may make sense, but does he truly believe it?

He wasn't especially keen on buying anything, especially since he had no money.

Didn't he bring any Changeling coins?
Even if those aren't a currency there he might be able to exchange them somewhere.

Gerhard's eye twitched. He stood there, mouth agape in equal parts astoundment and bewilderment.
The mare batted her eyes and said another indecipherable sentence to Gerhard. With a mischievous grin, she beckoned him over.
Out of all the things that Gerhard had prepared for in both his life and time as an infiltrator, a pony flirting with him in his natural form was not one of them.

Better get used to it.
Besides, it's not that bad, is it?

Greneclyfian changelings were weird.

Femlin: "Maybe, but still less weird than those from Vesapolis. I mean attacking and hurting their food source sounds kinda stupid, right?"
Gerhard: "Well, uhm... You see..."

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.


Didn't he bring any Changeling coins?
Even if those aren't a currency there he might be able to exchange them somewhere.

You know that's a good point. I'll add a tidbit to address that (He had been briefed that the Greneclyfians would be expecting him as an official diplomat and would provide for him, so no money would have been necessary)

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