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With Hearth's Warming Eve right around the corner, Twilight, being one of the princesses, has all sorts of paperwork to fill out and duties to attend to. But surely she could delay all of that for a few hours at least this one morning, right?

If it means she can spend some more time cuddling and sleeping next to Rarity? Yes she can!

Rarilight with a side of Christmas.

Huge thanks to tommal for editing who not only did an amazing job, but also got it done insanely fast, go check him out.

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Comments ( 7 )

I take it you liked the story :twilightsmile:

So Cute i love it!!! :raritystarry:
Grait job!!! :raritywink: :heart: :twilightsmile:

Which is even more funny considering that this story doesnt really have much to offer for you x)

Anyway, thanks for your time :twilightsmile:

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