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Since the golden oak library was destroyed by Tirek, Twilight now lives in a charming little building near the canterlot castle.

It is surrounded by an absoloutely stunning garden, the beauty of which can barely be described by words.

What really makes her life there pleasant though, is that she gets to spend it surrounded by the ponies she values most.

.... is that right?

Huge thanks to my editor Nugget, who was not only a pleasure to work with but also completely overhauled the story and brought it to life the way i wanted it to, but couldn't achieve on my own.

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Comments ( 28 )

Wow, dark.

Hehe, ain't fucking around with the tags:raritywink:

Please make a sequel! :fluttershysad:

There's a story here. The start of one, or maybe the end of one. It would be a good story.

Like one where she finally gets a grip or one where she completely looses it?

Got another story idea to work on first, but one day maybe i will do a sequel..

This is so Sad but so good.

Glad you enjoyed it, and glad it hit the intended feels

I am thinking of doing a sequel one day, but still unsure about that.

Story Approver

I should also credit JackRipper, as his story “They're Gone“ inspired this one.

You're a sweetheart. With a message like that, how can I not read it? :heart:

I was gonna PM you anyway :derpytongue2::moustache:

Story Approver

I may or may not be involved in this site to an unhealthy degree. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, probably the better call.

She isjust by far my favorite character, and yet i gave her two rather bleak and somber stories :rainbowlaugh:

Haha, she's my favourite too. :twilightsmile:

is this one of those versions where she didnt save the other 3 princesses or are they there not helping her

I'm guessing in this story Twilight wasn't able to save her friends from Tirek and as I result she went nuts and started hallucinating that they where still alive and the voice at the end was one of the Princesses (by the wording I'm guessing Luna) trying to bring her back to reality and failing as Twilight falls deeper into her hallucinations.


 Twilight knew those whispers belonged to the tiny scraps of sanity that had persevered inside her.

My take on the matter is this:

Twilight went insane after seeing her friends die infront of her, especially since she caused it.

The other princesses tried to get her to snap out of it but failed, and since twilight is very powerful ecen without their alicorn magic, she had to be kept away from the rest of equestria.

But in the end its up to your interpretation :twilightsmile:

Pretty much what happened, aside from the voice, as was already pointed out by forrest yuchnitz

i was just curious to know if they were rescued in this version or not because most times in the even she doesnt take the deal and wins she usually doesnt know where the other princesses were to save them so she takes over equestria

Well i didn't specify it in theyour story, so if that's the way you prefer it think of it that way i suppose :twilightsmile:

Though i would say the other princesses were rescued since tireks stolen magic was set free because he was defeated, not because twilight's friends were freed.

So they did escape tartarus here, at least the way i think about it.

Wow, you are really great with those poetic, all too idylic descriptions. Maybe it's short, but the things hinted and implied made for a stark contrast to the beautiful surroundings, making this even more dark. Great!

Thank you very much :twilightsmile:

You should also check out the editor Nugget though, he really helped to make those descriptions you praised, and i learned to implement them myself due to working with him :twilightsmile:

You're welcome!

I've already read a few stories written by him. Great indeed :ajsmug:

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