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In Twilights mind, Celestia is the ideal pony, flawless in every aspect. And she is lucky enough to be with her, not as a student like she used to, but as a lover. She certainly never expected Celestia of all ponies to cave in and doubt herself

Thanks to Curify for helping me with this story!

Special thanks to pixelbit5 for editing this story

Cover art: https://www.deviantart.com/plainoasis/art/Twilestia-664268873

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With Hearth's Warming Eve right around the corner, Twilight, being one of the princesses, has all sorts of paperwork to fill out and duties to attend to. But surely she could delay all of that for a few hours at least this one morning, right?

If it means she can spend some more time cuddling and sleeping next to Rarity? Yes she can!

Rarilight with a side of Christmas.

Huge thanks to tommal for editing who not only did an amazing job, but also got it done insanely fast, go check him out.

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Twilight's life is going great. She has incredibly nice friends, finished her studies under Celestia and even got ascended into an alicorn. She should be content, but deep down she feels like her role doesn't actually equate to all that much.

She shouldn't have such feelings, they are not like her. Still, she can't help it, and even after her fellow princesses tried to calm her down, those feelings still linger.

It takes a conversation with someone who has experienced just how dangerous such feelings can be to truly put the lavender alicorn at ease.

Not a shipfic.

Edited by tommal, go check him out.

Cover art was generously done by Little Tigress, please show her fimfiction and her deviantart some love, it turned out amazing.

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For the ponies of Equestria Celestia is a brilliant ruler. An individual shining as bright as the sun itself.
However, on the inside, she carries great tragedy, which surfaces whenever the princess is left alone with her thoughts and always brings a wave of depression with it.

One night, such a wave is interrupted by a filly Twilight knocking on the Princess' door. She had a nightmare.

The student will not be the only one finding comfort in the situation.


un-edited to see whether I actually improved as a writer on my own merit, for future stories I will look for an editor again.

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Since the golden oak library was destroyed by Tirek, Twilight now lives in a charming little building near the canterlot castle.

It is surrounded by an absoloutely stunning garden, the beauty of which can barely be described by words.

What really makes her life there pleasant though, is that she gets to spend it surrounded by the ponies she values most.

.... is that right?

Huge thanks to my editor Nugget, who was not only a pleasure to work with but also completely overhauled the story and brought it to life the way i wanted it to, but couldn't achieve on my own.

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Ever since the loss of her friends, Twilight made it tradition to visit their graves on her birthday.
As she dwelves in memories, she starts to feel really down in the dumps. A certain alicorn mentor joins to comfort her in her emotional status, as it happens every year.


Yeah ok i´m terrible at figuring out titles and descriptions, but that´s basically all there is to this story.

I might have listened to a bit too much 4everfreebrony and suddenly felt the urge to write this. Never really wrote a story before, so feedback is appreciated.

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