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Well, I am still alive. Status update · 3:58pm Aug 8th, 2018

I was pretty much gone from here for a good bit.

First and foremost, I published a new story. Nothing amazing, but I do hope it's a nice enough read. It's tagged in this blog post, so if you haven't already, please consider checking it out ^^

So, what have I been up to and why was I so inactive?

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So, where am I at? · 1:05am Mar 25th, 2018

Huh. Well, I had planned to have a new story out quite a while ago. It is actually written, but I still need to go through editing.

First of all, I need to apologize. I truly am sorry to be as inactive as I currently am.

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New SFM poster, probably my last one · 1:20pm Jan 29th, 2018

I got into SFM by chance, and while it was fun I was never truly passionate about it. For various reasons I took a long break from it, to now come back and realize that I lost the little amount of skill I did have. That being said, I decided to create one last piece. It's nothign amazing, I'd call it decent at best, but still it serves as my goodbye to SFM :twilightsmile:

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Plans and thanks · 10:09am Jan 24th, 2018

So, I have been rather dormant ever since "Aftershow" was released. I apologize for that, I just didn't feel the drive to write. However, I now know what story I will be writing next, and will begin working on it very soon, so new content should come out in like, I dunno, probably about two weeks ( I am slow and lazy XD ).

On a sidenote, "Aftershow" hit 100 likes and 1K views, so thank you kindly for that :twilightsmile:

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Support the Barcast, please ^^ · 8:59pm Jan 17th, 2018

Hey, you know those guys? Flutterpriest, enigmated otaku, and some other big names from fimfic.
Yeah, as you probably also know, they run a little podcast called "Barcast", which is a ton of fun.

And, you maybe also know that all the money they earn from patreon and youtube goes to support a real life horse through charity. Awesome, right?

Thing is, youtube now requires at least 1000 subs on a channel to give out money.

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Interested in a sequel to "friends in mind" ? · 1:24am Jan 7th, 2018

So, I am currently thinking about what to write next. In a previous blog post I wrote that I would write a sequel to " friends in mind" now. Back then I was motivated to. Now? i'm not.

Still I don't wanna just go back on my word, so I decided to ask you guys. Do you wanna see a sequel? If so then comment that down below.

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Aftershow, the afterglow · 6:26pm Jan 4th, 2018

Alright, aftershow's time in the limelight is over, so let's recap.

My first story to get featured. Sure, it was porn, but still I am proud :twilightsmile:

I would also like to thank curify, the editor, again. He really did help the story out a lot and helped me to progress as a writer as well.

I learned quite a bit while working on aftershow. Now, will I write clop again?

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End of year · 6:54pm Dec 31st, 2017

Phew, 2017 is almost over.

It's been quite a shitshow of a year, hasn't it?

As bad as real life has been, I am quite happy with my experiences on fimfic.

Met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun. I'm also pretty happy with my progress as an author on here, so yeah, everything is dandy.

Happy new Year!!

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Quick Schedule update. · 1:30am Dec 22nd, 2017

Just a very quick update.

Clopfic is done, but still has to go through pre-reading and editing, so it'll be a while until i publish that. instead, the story I planned to release afterwards is currently going live, so I hope you enjoy that ^^

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Christmas Woona poster + short update · 12:33am Dec 2nd, 2017

I made a new poster! This time it's christmas themed and features Woona ^^


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