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This story is a sequel to Oversaturation

Dr. Turner has always been a mystery in Canterlot High. Even before the world had been transformed, he was widely known as an eccentric teacher with a mysterious past, an unparalleled grasp of history, and an impossibly keen intuition.

Following her apotheosis as the Spirit of Harmony, Sunset Shimmer begins to notice many little things about the mysterious Doctor that don’t add up. Abilities that seemingly shouldn’t be possible, and sudden appearances and disappearances that seem to go even beyond moving across the known multiverse. Curious, Sunset tries to find answers, only to be met with an enigma as vexing as life itself.

A dubiously-canon story in the Oversaturated World. 100% canon to the My Little Planeswalker series.

Cover art by Rariedash on DeviantArt.

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Glad I could help with the revision. :twilightsmile:

And yeah, the ETSAB are going to have a field day with this one.

"So I punched a hyperdimensional squid-thing?"
"For given definitions of 'squid,' 'punch,' and 'you,' yes."

That was really well done. Props to you.

Now I really want to know how Shattered Sunset plays out.


OH! The thing is an Eldrazi??

... Sooo wondering how to tie this into Elementals Of Harmony or something... Expand it, at any rate, especially since OW!Canon Ditzy has interacted with her Elementals counterpart / reflection... And MtG magic is a known quantity...


Cherilee [Cheerilee] x2+

sunset approached. [Sunset approached.]

Canterlot high [Canterlot High]

That thing is specifically, Emrakul, The Aeons Torn.

Hmm... Is Dr. Turner supposed to be The Doctor?

Author Interviewer

That was.. weird. c.c

"It isn't going to be a quiet riot~!" R.I.P Domri...

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