• Published 11th Nov 2017
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TFW You Find Your Crush's Nudes - NightCoreMoon

Twilight helps Rarity out with the web frontier of her business. Twilight finds a nude photo of Sunset on Rarity's computer. Twilight happens to have a crush on Sunset. Twilight is also being haunted by Midnight's resurgence. This can only end badly.

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Story is in fact, not dead.

Jesus, just by the description alone you already know that there's a whole mess going on :pinkiegasp:

sure seemed like it

The only thing i liked abot this chapter was the little bit of interaction between Rainbow and Rarity.
The rest feels and actually reads way too artificial . .

Well in all fairness the entire population is contaminated from the ingestion of microplastics over the course of who knows how many years/decades. One could argue that everyone is at least somewhat artificial.

Glad to see more of this. This group really is well-equipped to deal with psychological crises, even if the one undergoing the crisis would prefer if they weren't. A+ moderation from Rarity in keeping Sunset from berating Twilight further into her defenses, and Dash is almost frighteningly perceptive when she actually cares. Looking forward to more. I can only hope Twilight can be convinced that her friends don't mind helping her, and that there's nothing wrong with needing help.

I wish I had friends like that...

PS: I love the story. It's great like all your other works. Can't wait for the update.

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