• Published 21st Jun 2021
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Eternal Knightfall - The Phantom Joker

Following a terrible car accident, Malcolm DeWitt is reborn as Jason Todd, aka The Arkham Knight, and leads an Uprising against the tyrannical forces of Nightmare Moon and her lackeys in a cyberpunk dystopian Equestria trapped within eternal night.

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Comments ( 9 )

Guns. Lots of guns. And knives. And grenades. And all sorts of other gadgets, protective gear, and weaponry. That’s what lined the walls of the Armory’s Equipment Room.

Best opening text ever!

I thought Arkham Knight wasn't Jason Todd.

Excellent work keep it up

Great story so far

There should be a non cannon chapter where Jason sues nightmare for stealing his ideas for the militia tanks

What’s the new chapter coming out it’s great!

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