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You'll Never See Me Comin'!

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I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on this one!

Glad to hear it. As this was an older project of mine, you shouldn't have to wait too terribly long for the second, or even the third chapter.

im glad your still posting stories i didn't know if you stopped or just took a break cause i didn't see any posts from you for awhile but i'm happy to know your still doing stories still. :)

I want to see some of the Milita's Drone Tanks please!!!!!!!!

Technically they're the New Lunar Empire's Drone Tanks. Moreover, I'll see what I can do, but I don't want this to become My Little Pony: World of Tanks.

Yeah, I just took a break to work on other, non-MLP related projects for a while, but now I'm back and ready for action.


Wait?! Why the Hell does Nightmare Moon frickin have them??!! Those are Jason's/Arkham Knight's Tanks!!!!!!!

And I know that this is a cyberpunk world. BUT, how does Nightmare or her lackeys have the concept of the Milita's Drone Tanks, and the other Drones?!

The Militia as we know it from Arkham Knight doesn't exist in this universe. In this universe, the drone tanks are designed, built, and operated by the New Lunar Empire.


Well, that sucks. Still can't believe that Nightmare and her empire got the idea and concept of it.

It will be funny that Jason could sue Nightmare Moon, and her Inventors and Engineers for copyrighting!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Excellent work keep it up

Guns. Lots of guns. And knives. And grenades. And all sorts of other gadgets, protective gear, and weaponry. That’s what lined the walls of the Armory’s Equipment Room.

Best opening text ever!

I thought Arkham Knight wasn't Jason Todd.

Excellent work keep it up

Great story so far

There should be a non cannon chapter where Jason sues nightmare for stealing his ideas for the militia tanks

What’s the new chapter coming out it’s great!

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