• Published 6th Oct 2017
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Muffins - BubblePuff

Trixie accidentally turns Derpy into a foal. Hilarity ensues.

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All grown up pt 2

“Well, now that we’ve filled up on ice cream what should we do next?” Asked Doctor Whooves.

“How about the carnival?” Lightning Storm suggested. “It just came to town. I’m sure these two would love it.”

“Cawnival!” Derpy and Thunderstruck both shouted in unison.

“The carnival it is then!” Doctor Whooves placed Derpy in her stroller and strapped her in securly. Everyone then headed for the carnival. There were rides, games, clowns, and various other performers. One booth in particular caught the attention of Dinky.

It was a booth that had a game of knock over the bottles. The grand prize was a massive stuffed teddy bear. “Dad, can you win that bear?” Dinky asked.

“Of course I can!” Doctor Whooves proudly said. He put down a bit and was given three balls. After doing a thousand mathematical calculations in his head, Doctor Whooves tossed the first ball and missed. He threw again, and missed.

“I dare say that this game is rigged! No pony could hit those bottles!” While Doctor Whooves was arguing with the pony who ran the game, Derpy had unbuckled herself from her stroller. She then flew up to the booth and grabbed the final ball. Derpy tossed it with both of her tiny front hooves. The ball soared through the air, hitting the bottles and knocking them all down with a loud clank.

Everypony stood in stunned silence. Derpy giggled and clapped her hooves. The owner of the booth gave Dinky the giant teddy bear. “No pony can hit the bottles, huh?” Dinky said with a smug look. She then kissed Derpy on the cheek. “Thanks for the teddy mom!”

Doctor Whooves looked at Derpy, then broke out laughing. “You always were a better shot my dear.”

The rest of the time at the carnival went by without a hitch. Everypony enjoyed the rides, games, and the shows. Thunderstruck’s parents even won him a stuffed penguin plushie.

Before they knew it, the day was coming to a close. Doctor Whooves looked up at the town clock and saw that it was getting late. “My, won’t you look at the time. We’d better head over to Twilight’s castle. I’m sure that the spell for Derpy is ready by now.”

“It was so much fun spending the day with you all.” Lightning Storm said. “Perhaps after Derpy is back to being an adult, you could foalsit Thunderstruck sometime?”

Dinky looked up at Doctor Whooves. “Can we daddy? Please?”

“Of course we can.” Doctor Whooves replied happily.

“Bahaa!” Derpy squealed with excitement.

“Great!” Said Rolling Thunder. “Well, we’d better let you go. The next time we see Derpy she’ll be an adult I suppose.”

“We can only hope.” Doctor Whooves said. Derpy and Thunderstruck hugged each other, and the two families waved goodbye. Doctor Whooves, Dinky, and Derpy then made their way towards Twilight’s castle.

After arriving, Doctor Whooves knocked on the massive doors of the castle. Spike answered right away. “Glad you made it! Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie are waiting for you in the library.” Spike said.

“Thank you Spike. Nice wings by the way.” Doctor Whooves and Dinky pushed Derpy’s stroller into the castle and up to the library. Twilight and Starlight were standing around waiting while Trixie drew a circle on the floor. Twilight turned to Doctor Whooves and smiled. “So, how was Derpy’s final day as a foal?” She asked.

“Oh, it was simply marvelous!” Doctor Whooves exclaimed. “We went to park where Derpy played with the Cake twins. Derpy also made a new friend named Thunderstruck who has the most lovely parents, Rolling Thunder and Lightning Storm. They took us all out for ice cream and then we all spent the rest of the day at the carnival.”

“Mommy won me this!” Dinky then showed off her massive teddy bear.

“Derpy won that? But how?” Starlight asked.

Doctor Whooves quickly changed the subject. “Let’s talk about that later. So, is the spell ready?”

Trixie finished drawing the circle. “As ready as we’re going to be. Just place Derpy in the center of the circle.”

Doctor Whooves placed Derpy in the circle and then backed away. Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie all touched their horns together. They lit up and shot out a beam of magic at the circle. A wall of rainbow colored light rose up from the circle and surrounded Derpy. This lasted for several seconds until there was a bright flash. When the light died down, an adult Derpy sat in the middle of the circle.

“Um, what’s going on?” Derpy asked, very confused.

Doctor Whooves and Dinky both ran up and gave Derpy a big hug. Doctor Whooves then explained everything that had happened, including what Derpy did as a foal. Derpy laughed at most of the antics she had been up to.

“So, the Cake twins and I flooded Sugar Cube Corner, Spoiled Rich got nailed by my dirty diaper, and I went on an adventure through town? Is there anything else that happened?”

“You did help out Shining Armor and Cadence with raising Flurry Heart by pointing out when she was being bad.” Twilight said.

“Wow.” Derpy said with amazement. “What else happened?”

Both Starlight and Trixie instantly remembered the night they foal sat, and the sonic-Derp-boom. “Nope.” They both answered in unison.

“Well then I better get home. I’m sure that being a foal was fun, but I’m glad to be an adult again. Besides, I have to plan for when Thunderstruck comes over.” Derpy Then nuzzled Doctor Whooves and Dinky, and the entire family headed home.

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this was a good story and I'm glad to have read it

Very nice ending!

Love the end

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