by BubblePuff

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Trixie accidentally turns Derpy into a foal. Hilarity ensues.

While working on her magic, a series of events causes Trixie to turn Derpy into a foal. How will Derpy's husband, Doctor Whooves, and her daughter Dinky deal with this new development?

*Alt U because I want to use the cannon where Derpy and Doctor Whooves are married.*

*Art by Beavernator*

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Starlight walked down the halls of Twilight’s castle towards the library. Trixie had come over to continue getting help from Starlight for practicing true magic. Starlight had gone to get a tray of tea, and while she was gone she had Trixie practice the transformation spell. More accurately, turning an apple into an orange.

“It’s been a couple of months since Trixie’s last training session.” Starlight thought to herself. “Maybe she has improved by now.” Starlight opened the door to the library and instantly say a pile of tea cups. “Or maybe not.

Starlight set tray down on the table. “Trixie what happened?”

Trixie looked at Starlight, frustration clearly written on her face. “It’s no use! I tried and I tried, but no matter how much I concentrate the only object that I could change one thing into another was a tea cup!”

Starlight looked at the tea cup pile and then noticed something. “Trixie, I only left you with the one apple. Where did all of these other tea cups come from?” Starlight could notice the beads of panic sweat forming on Trixie’s forehead. Trixie’s eyes darted over to many vacant book shelves.

Starlight faced hoofed. “What? They were just Daring Do Novels. Twilight can always buy more.” Trixie said.

Starlight went over grabbed a book of spells from the opposite shelf. “Here, the spell is better explained on page 49.” Starlight placed the book in front of Trixie. “Just give it another try while I clean up all of these tea cups.”

“Fine. Then I will prove that I, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!, am just as good if not better than Twilight herself!” As Trixie was gloating, she opened the book unaware that the pages were stuck together. She looked down and began reading the spell.

Meanwhile, there was a knock at the front door. Twilight opened it to find the local mail mare, Derpy Hooves. “Hello Derpy! What’s in the mail today?”

“Hello Twilight!” Derpy said with a big smile. “I have a delivery for Starlight. Is she in right now?”

“Yeah, she’s in the library with Trixie. You can come in and give it to her.” Said Twilight. Derpy flew inside and made her way to the library. She opened the door and greeted Starlight.

“Hello Starlight! Special delivery!”

Starlight took the package from Derpy. “Thank you Derpy.” She unwrapped it to find a collection of spices. “Ooh, spices from Sunburst. How sweet of him!”

As all of this was going on, Trixie was concentrating on the spell. After reading it over, she used all of her might to cast the spell. Unfortunately, her magic beam missed the replacement apple and struck Derpy. There was a blinding flash of light which caused Starlight to drop her spice box, spilling them all over the floor.

“What was that?!” Starlight screamed in a panicked tone. She looked over at Trixie whose face blushed bright red.

“Um, I may have put too much power into that spell, heh heh.”

Starlight turned to Derpy. “Derpy, are you al-” Starlight stopped when all she saw was Derpy’s mail mare uniform and mail bag on the floor.

“AHH! I’VE VAPORIZED DERPY!” Trixie screamed. Suddenly, there was movement from under Derpy’s uniform. Starlight lifted it up to reveal Derpy as a little foal. The now foal Derpy looked up at both Starlight and Trixie and smiled.

“I’m Derpy Hooves! More muffins?”

“Well, at least she isn’t dead.” Trixie said with a nervous smile.

Twilight came rushing into the to the room. “What’s going on in here?!” She looked around at the mess, then saw Derpy as a foal. “Explanation. Now.”

“I was teaching Trixie a simple transformation spell.” Starlight explained. “Derpy came in to give me a package, and then Trixie accidentally zapped her with the spell and now Derpy is foal!” Derpy simply sat on the floor and sucked on her hoof.

“Let me see that spell book.” Twilight marched over and looked at the book. “Wait a minute, this isn’t a transformation spell. It’s an age regression spell!”

Starlight went over to see for herself. “Trixie, you read the wrong spell!”

“I am so sorry! I didn’t mean for any of this to happen! I’ll make everything better, I promise! I’ll start by cleaning up!” Trixie went over and began trying to scoop up the spilled spices.

“Trixie, there is no need to panic.” Twilight said reassuringly. “All I have to do is read the counter spell and Derpy will be-” At that moment, Trixie accidentally sniffed some of the spices, causing her to sneeze. This resulted in a magic blast shooting out from her horn and hitting the book, turning it into a tea cup.

“-Back to normal.” Twilight let out an exasperated sigh.

“Sorry.” Trixie said with an innocent smile. Derpy began climbing up her cape.

“What are going to do now?” Starlight asked.

Twilight rubbed her temples. “Okay, first we need to get a diaper on Derpy. Fortunately I still have a ton of foal supplies left over from Flurry Heart’s visit. Second, we contact Princess Celestia and see if the royal library has a copy of that spell book. Third, we inform Derpy’s family of what happened.”

Derpy had now climbed atop Trixie’s head, and was now wearing her hat. “I’ll get Derpy changed and taken back home.” Trixie said.

“I’ll come with you.” Starlight led Trixie out of the library.

Twilight sat down in a nearby chair with a flop. “It’s going to be one of those days.”

Doctor Whooves was in his lab working on a problem that had puzzled him for years. “Carrot dogs come in packages of eight, so why do the rolls come in packages of twelve?” As he wrote down the mathematical equation on a chalkboard, there was a knock at the front door.

“Now who could that be?” Doctor Whooves went upstairs to his house and opened the door. Standing before him were Starlight and Trixie. “Hello Starlight, Trixie. What what you two around here?”

Starlight and Trixie both made uneasy smiles. “Well Doctor, there has been an incident involving Derpy.” Starlight said.

“Oh goodness! Is she alright?” Doctor Whooves asked.

Trixie stepped forwards. “Derpy is just fine. But the thing is...well” Trixie lifted up her hat to reveal Derpy a foalified Derpy wearing a poofy diaper.

“Hewol Docta!” The little foal said. Doctor Whooves just looked wide-eyed at his now foal wife.

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It took Derpy booping Doctor Whooves on the nose to awaken him from his frozen state of shock. “By the sky trenches of Gallafrey! What happened to my wife?!”

Starlight and Trixie both looked at each other and gulped. They then faced Doctor Whooves. Starlight went first. “Well Doctor, I was teaching Trixie here a basic transformation spell. She was having some trouble so I had her read the spell from a book.”

Trixie took over. “I was concentrating on the spell when your, um, wife came in to give a package to Starlight. I maybe put a bit too much power into the spell because I missed my target and zapped Derpy. Oh, and I accidentally used an age regression spell instead of a transformation spell.”

“And then, as Trixie was trying to clean up the mess she made, she kind of turned the spell book into a tea cup. And it contained the counter spell to turn Derpy back to normal. And we don’t have another copy.” Starlight smiled and made a slight chuckle. She looked like a filly who had just gotten caught with her hoof in the cookie jar.

“Come inside. There are some test I need to run.” Doctor Whooves ushered everypony into his home. He led them all downstairs to his lab, which was filled with weird gadgets and for some reason a blue box. Doctor Whooves reached into his desk drawer and took out what appeared a screwdriver.

Trixie placed Derpy on the floor and Doctor Whooves waved the screwdriver around her. The tip had lit up with a blue light and it made a buzzing noise which fascinated Derpy and made her giggle.

Doctor Whooves scratched his chin as he looked over the screwdriver. “Well I’ll be. Derpy has regressed to less than a year old. Not only that, but her mind has regressed as well.”

“So, Derpy also thinks that she’s a foal?” Starlight asked.

“Correct. Though how she can talk is still beyond me.” Doctor Whooves looked over to find Derpy crawling on top of a lighting ball, her mane and tail becoming frizzy with static electricity.

“Again Doctor, I am so sorry.” Trixie said. “Twilight is contacting Princess Celestia right now to find out if there is another copy of the book in the royal library. Starlight and I also brought over some foal supplies to help you out.”

“Thank you, I very much appreciate that.” Doctor Whooves said with a smile. “I also have some things left over from when Dinky was born. Speaking of which, she should be home from school any minute now. I have no idea how she will handle this.”

No sooner had Doctor Whooves finished talking, the front door upstairs could be heard opening and closing. “Daddy, I’m home!”

“Be right there,muffin!” Doctor Whooves called up. He looked towards Starlight and Trixie. “What should we do?”

“How about we just show her Derpy and explained what happened?” Trixie. “It would be kind of insulting to treat Dinky like she’s stupid.”

“I agree.” Starlight chimed in. “The sooner she knows, the better.”

“You’re right. Dinky is a smart filly. I know she can handle this.” Doctor Whooves picked up Derpy, who had somehow placed a metal helmet with lights all over it on her head, and placed her on his back. The three then made their way upstairs.

Dinky was in the kitchen, making herself a snack of toast and honey. Doctor Whooves spoke to her from the doorway. “So Dinky, how was your day?”

Dinky took a bite of her toast and swallowed. “It was good. We had a test, and I got an A+. Also, Kettle Corn is now speaking in haikus which is silly. How was your day?”

“About that. There is something going on with your mother.” Doctor Whooves entered the kitchen with Starlight and Trixie.

“Is something wrong?” Dinky asked with a worried face.

“No, not at all. The truth is-” Doctor Whooves then reached behind his back and grabbed Derpy, holding her out in front of Dinky. “-Your mother has been turned into a foal.”

Derpy waved her tiny hooves at Dinky. “Hewlo! I’m Derpy!”

Dinky’s toast fell to the floor, as did her jaw.

Trixie leaned over to Starlight. “I think she’s taking it well.”

“ a foal?!” Dinky said. Everypony then sniffed and began to gag as a foul odor filled the room.

Derpy Frowned. “Sowy. I made boom boom.”

“All will be explained, Dinky.” said Doctor Whooves. “But first, let’s get your mother changed.”

After Derpy had been changed, Doctor Whooves, Starlight, and Trixie sat down with Dinky on the couch and explained to her everything that had happened.

“How long is mom going to be stuck like this?” Dinky asked.

Starlight sighed. “Twilight is trying to find another copy of the spell book. It might take hours, days, or even weeks.”

Dinky turned to her father. “Dad, isn’t there anything you can do?”

“I’m sorry Dinky. My specialty is science, not magic. If I could change your mother back I would.” Doctor Whooves placed a reassuring hoof on Dinky’s back.

Trixie spoke up. “Until then, we’ve brought plenty of supplies! Foal diapers(the extra thick absorbent kind), foal powder, rash cream, formula, bottles, and pacifier for when Derpy gets upset.”

“We also have your old crib, foal sling, and high chair in the attic from when you were a foal Dinky. We can set it up in the guest room. Which is good because we can finally get some use out it.”

Dinky looked down at her mother, who was rolling around on the carpet. “Well, this is pretty weird. Especially when you consider where live. It feels like somepony is being turned into a foal every few weeks.”

They all froze, a feeling of being watched coming over them. But it quickly passed.

Dinky got down off of the couch and approached her mother. Derpy laid on her back, all four of her little hooves waving in the air. Dinky helped her mother to sit up on her padded rump. “So, I guess I’m your big sister now. Dad said that your mind has regressed, so you probably don’t remember my name. I’m Dinky.”

Derpy sat up. She looked at Dinky and smiled. “Dwinky!” This made Dinky giggle. She had to admit, her mother was super cute as a foal.

A gurgling sound could be heard from Derpy’s tummy. “Me hwungy!”

“I suppose it is time for supper.” Doctor Whooves turned to Starlight and Trixie. “Would you care to stay for dinner?”

Starlight was about to respectfully decline, but Trixie beat her to the punch before Starlight could get a single word out. “We’d be delighted Doctor!”

“Splendid!” As they all headed for the dining room, Starlight gave Trixie a look.

“You just can’t turn down a free meal, can you?”

“What? The Doctor asked us to stay. We are guests in his home after all.” Trixie replied with a sly smile.

Dinner with the Whooves family was interesting to say the least. While Derpy sat in her high chair and chugged a bottle of formula, everypony else was dining on the main course: fish sticks and custard.

While Doctor Whooves and Dinky happily ate the meal, Starlight and Trixie looked at the concoction with bewilderment. “You have this dish often?” Trixie asked.

“Yep! It’s daddy’s specialty!” Dinky dunked another fish stick into her bowl of custard and took a bite.

Derpy finished her bottle and made a tiny burp. Doctor Whooves went and picked Derpy up, placing her over his shoulder and gently patting her back. Derpy let out a belch that echoed throughout the entire house.

“Reminds me of our first date!” Doctor Whooves said with a laugh. He tickled Derpy’s chubby little foal tummy and her giggle. Derpy then let out a big yawn.

“It looks like a certain foals bedtime. Would you two mind helping me and Dinky set up her crib?”

“We’d love to!” Trixie was about to leave the table when Starlight stopped her.

“But Trixie, you haven’t finished your fish sticks and custard. You wouldn’t want to be rude to our guest now would you?” Starlight said with a smirk. Trixie huffed and sat back down to finish her meal.

Starlight and Doctor Whooves set up the crib in the guest room while Dinky sat and cradled Derpy in the corner. Doctor Whooves then lifted up Derpy and placed her in the crib, covering her with Dinky’s old purple with muffin pattern foal blanket. He placed a pacifier in her mouth and even gave Derpy her old yellow plush that she named Sweetie. “Sweet dreams my little muffin.” Doctor Whooves said as her kissed her goodnight.

“Goodnight mommy.” Dinky whispered. The three left room and gently closed the door. Doctor Whooves and Dinky thanked Starlight and Trixie for all of their help.

“We’ll inform you as soon as Twilight has found the reversal spell.” Starlight informed Doctor Whooves.

“Thank you. And don’t worry about us. I’ve raised a foal before. The stories I could tell you about Dinky could fill a book.” This made Dinky blush a bright red.

As they left, Trixie glared at Starlight. “I can’t believe you made me finish that stuff.”

“What? The Doctor asked us to stay, and we were guests in his home after all.” Starlight said with a laugh.


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Doctor Whooves was awoken from his slumber by the crying of his wife turned foal. He rubbed his eyes and slowly got out of bed, dragging his hooves down the hallway to Derpy’s room. “Oh, how I miss the silence.” He muttered under his breath.

Doctor Whooves entered Derpy’s room. He peered into her crib to see that she kicked off her blanket and spat out her pacifier. Derpy wildly waved around her chubby little hooves and bawled non-stop. Doctor Whooves could see that Derpy’s diaper was stained yellow. “Ahh, did somepony have an accident?” Doctor Whooves said with a calming coo.

“Uh huh.” Derpy said in between sobs. “I made wetty.”

“Well then, let’s get you changed.” Doctor Whooves took Derpy out of her crib. He then laid out a changing mat on the floor and placed Derpy on it. Doctor Whooves removed and threw away Derpy’s wet diaper, then wiped her clean, powdered her bottom, and strapped her into a fresh diaper.

“There, all clean! Now it’s time to go back to bed.” Doctor Whooves said. But Derpy just frowned.

“I not sweepy!”

Doctor Whooves slightly smiled as he tried to reason with her. “Now, now. All foals need a good night’s rest.”

Derpy just bounced up and down on her diaper. “Wanna pway! Wanna pway!”

At that moment, Dinky came into the room. “Dad what’s going on?”

Doctor Whooves smiled at his daughter. “Nothing Dinky. Just trying to get your mother to go back to sleep.”

Derpy saw Dinky and smiled. “Wanna pway Dwinky?”

“Mo, I mean Derpy. It’s late and I have school tomorrow.” Dinky could not believe what she had just said. She suddenly had a newfound respect for her parents.

“No! Wanna pway!” Derpy’s lips began to quiver. She was on the verge of a full blown temper tantrum.

“Derpy just calm down.” Doctor Whooves pleaded. Derpy shut her eyes tight. The temper tantrum threat was now at defcon 2.

Dinky suddenly had an idea. It was a long shot, but there were no options left. “Hey Derpy, would you like to hear a lullaby?”

Derpy opened her eyes. “Wullwaby?”

Dinky walked over and cradled Derpy. “Uh huh. It’s the same one that you sang to me, when you were the adult.” Dinky then began to sing.

Derpy had drifted off to sleep during the lullaby. “It worked dad. I got mom back to-” Dinky looked over to see that her father had also fallen asleep. Dinky gently placed Derpy back in her crib. She also placed a blanket over her father. “And I’m supposed to be the child in this family.” Dinky thought to herself as she went back to bed.

The following morning at breakfast, Doctor Whooves gave Derpy a bottle of formula while Dinky had some oatmeal. “So what are you going to do with mom today, dad?” Dinky asked.

“Well, I thought I would check in with Princess Twilight to see if she has found another copy of that spell book that can turn your mother back to normal. I also need to stop by the post office and inform them that she’ll be unavailable for work for the time being.”

Derpy finished her bottle, and Doctor Whooves picked her up to be burped. He placed Derpy over his shoulder and gently patted her on the back. Derpy then let out a belch so loud that it shook the house, rattled the windows, and scared off every animal within a ten mile radius.

Both Doctor Whooves and Dinky stared in bewilderment at Derpy, who simply covered her mouth giggled. “Well, at least she still has a good appetite.” Doctor Whooves said.

After dropping Dinky off at school, Doctor Whooves set out for Twilight’s castle. Derpy hung from his chest in a foal sling. Saddle bags on the sides contained emergency diapers and bottles of foal formula. Doctor Whooves also brought along Derpy’s favorite toy Sweetie, just in case. Doctor Whooves arrived at the castle and knocked at the door. They creaked open and he was greeted by Spike.

“Hello Doctor Whooves! Hello Derpy!” Spike tickled Derpy under her chin, making the foal laugh.

“Greetings Spike. Is Twilight in at the moment?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“Yep! In fact, she’s been expecting you. Follow me.” Spike led Doctor Whooves into the castle. He followed the little dragon to the library where Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie were waiting.

Derpy recognized Starlight and Trixie. “Hewo Stawwite! Hewo Twixie!” The tiny foal smiled and waved her hooves. Starlight and Trixie both daww’d at Derpy. Twilight However, had a tired look on her face.

“Princess Twilight, were you able to find another copy of that spell book?” Doctor Whooves asked.

Twilight let out a sigh. “Doctor Whooves, I’m sorry to say this but I’ve contacted Princess Celestia and she can’t find a copy of the book in the royal library. She has sent out a search for it across Equestria, but who knows if it will ever be found.”

“So my wife is stuck as foal then?” Doctor Whooves lowered his ears and sounded dejected.

“Again, we are so sorry!” Starlight said. “Trixie and I are more than willing to make this up to you and Dinky anyway we can.”

“The great and powerful Trixie shall even put on a personal performance for you!”

Doctor Whooves looked up and smiled. “Thank you. You are all so kind. Perhaps you could come with me to the post office? I need to explain why Derpy won’t be in for work, and I don’t think they’ll take my word alone.”

Twilight smiled. “Sure, we’d be happy to.” All four ponies then held their noses as a foul stench filled the room.

“Right after we get Derpy changed, of course.” Doctor Whooves looked down at Derpy, who put her hooves to her mouth as she giggled.

After getting Derpy changed, Doctor Whooves and Twilight walked down to the post office. They entered to find a mailmare with a copper coat and green mane working behind the counter. “Hello Princess Twilight, Doctor Whooves.” The mailmare then noticed Derpy in the foal sling. “Oh, what an adorable little foal! Why,she looks just like Derpy!”

Doctor Whooves rubbed the back of his head. “Well actually...this is Derpy.”

The mailmare leaned in for a closer look. Derpy smiled and waved at her. “Hewo! I’m Derpy!”

The mailmare blinked a few times, then looked over at Twilight. “Um, is this a joke?”

Twilight let out a sigh. “No, it’s not a joke. That really is Derpy. I can explain everything.” Twilight went on to tell the mailmare everything that had happened. “And that is why Derpy is a foal.”

“Are you sure this isn’t revenge for that time Derpy accidentally dropped various objects on you, including a piano?” The mailmare asked with a skeptical look.

Twilight was naturally taken by surprise. “What?! No! I forgave Derpy for that long ago. She felt so bad about it that she even gave me a muffin basket.”

“It’s true. She made every flavor of muffin you can think of.” Doctor Whooves confirmed.

“Alright, I’ll see to it that Derpy is given an extended leave of absence until this spell is reversed. It’s a shame really. Derpy is one of our best mailmares. She always works long hours and never complains.”

Doctor Whooves looked down at Derpy. “Yes, she is definitely the toughest woman that I have ever met in all of my travels. She could subdue an entire army of Ice Warriors just with her smile.”

Both Twilight and the mailmare stared at Doctor Whooves, trying to figure out what he was talking about. “Oookaayyy, so thank for understanding. We hope to get Derpy back to normal in no time!” Said Twilight.

Twilight and Doctor Whooves left the post office, with Doctor Whooves thanking Twilight for her help. After Twilight went back to the castle, Derpy spoke up.


Doctor Whooves thought for a moment. “Well, you have been on good behavior all morning. I’d say that warrants a muffin!”

Derpy Smiled and clapped her little hooves. “Yay! Muffin!”

Doctor Whooves walked into Sugarcube Corner. He approached the counter and requested one lemon muffin surprise. The mare working the counter turned around and revealed herself to be Pinkie Pie.

“Hello Doctor Whooves! Oh my gosh, is that Derpy? She is so cute! Let me guess, she got turned into a foal? That seems to be happening a lot recently. I would like to be a foal again, my mane was all frizzy! Hey, I have a great idea! After Derpy is done with her muffin, why don’t we let her play with Pumpkin and Pound! The last time they had a play date it was with Flurry Heart, and they’re still a bit upset that she broke one of their toys. Wadda ya say?”

Never in all of Doctor Whoove’s travels had he encountered a being that could talk so fast. “Um, sure. That sounds like fun. I do need to get some more foal supplies anyway.”

“Great! Here’s your lemon muffin surprise!”

Doctor Whooves paid for the muffin and then took a seat at a nearby table. He set the saddle bags on the floor and held Derpy in his lap as he sat down. Doctor Whooves broke the muffin up into tiny bits so that Derpy could easily swallow them.

Once Derpy was finished, Pinkie hopped over. “So, is Derpy ready for her playdate?”

Doctor Whooves placed Derpy on Pinkie’s back. “Oh yes. Her foal food, toys and diapers are in the saddle bags. I shall be back in an hour.” Doctor Whooves then kissed Derpy on the forehead. “Have a fun time!”

Pinkie grabbed the saddle bags and headed upstairs. Pound and Pumpkin were in their room playing with their toys. Pinkie placed Derpy down in front of them. “Hey you two, I brought you a playmate! Say hello to Derpy!”

Derpy gave the Cake twins a smile. “Hewo! I’m Derpy!”

“Hi! I’m Pound!”

“And I’m Pumpkin!”

Pinkie d’awwed at their foal babble. She then placed Derpy’s toys next to her. “You three play nice!”

“Watta ya doin?” Derpy asked.

“We pwayin ponies an dwagons!” Pound grabbed a plush frog. “Dis my nooble steed!”

Pumpkin grabbed a plush duck. “An dis mine!”

Derpy reached over and grabbed Sweetie. “Dis is Sweetie. She taste wike yuck!”

Pumpkin then gave Pound and Derpy foam swords. “Now we off ta sway da dwagon!” The three foals then rode their plushies around the room, stopping at the bottom of the crib.

“Wat unda dare?” Derpy asked.

“Dat da dwagon’s wair.” Pumpkin said. “We must go in on hoof.” Pumpkin, Pound, and Derpy dismounted their plushies and crawled under the crib. Soon they came across a dragon plushie.

Pound raised his foam sword in the air. “Charge!” The three then attack the dragon, whacking it with their swords until it fell over.

“Hooray! It dead!” Derpy cheered. Pound and Pumpkin also cheered.

“So wat do we pway now?” Pumpkin asked.

“I know!” Derpy crawled over to the saddle bag with her stuff in it and took out a bottle. “Bubbas!”

“Bubbas?” Both pound and Pumpkin asked simultaneously.

“Tay fun! Watch!” Derpy dipped the bubble wand into the bottle, then took it out and blew through it. Dozens of bubbles floated through the air. Pound and Pumpkin looked on with awe.

Derpy blew more bubbles. Pound and Pumpkin popped them as they floated by. “Dis is fun! Can U make big bubbas?” Pumpkin asked.

Derpy thought for a moment. “I tink so. I just need wots of wata an soap.”

Pound raised his hooves. “I know where ta get wots of soap an wata!” Pound then flew over to the door and opened it. He led Derpy and Pumpkin out of the nursery and down the hall to the bathroom. “Da tub makes tons of wata!”

“Gweat idea!” Pumpkin used her magic to turn the handle and begin filling up the tub. Derpy then flew over and dumped in the entire bottle of bubble solution. Derpy waited until the tub was filled to the brim. She then dipped in her bubble wand and began to blow.

The bubble that Derpy blew was massive in size. It was so massive that it sucked up Derpy, Pound, and Pumpkin. The three foals giggled as they floated in the giant bubble, unaware that the bathroom was filling up with water and bubbles.

Doctor Whooves later returned to Sugarcube Corner after shopping for more foal supplies. “Hello Pinkie! Was everything alright with Derpy while I was gone?”

Pinkie Pie hopped over to Doctor Whooves. “Yes indeedy! She and the Cake twins have been playing quietly together ever since you left!”

Just then, a tidal wave of water and bubbles came rushing down the stairs into Sugarcube Corner, completely soaking Doctor Whooves and Pinkie. Derpy, Pound, and Pumpkin then floated down inside of the giant bubble. It popped, with Pound and Pumpkin landing on Pinkie and Derpy landing on Doctor Whoove’s face. She giggled and booped him on the nose.

Doctor Whooves simply smiled and laughed. “Oh, Derpy!”


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Doctor Whooves sat with Derpy on the floor. The two of them were playing while waiting for Dinky to get home from school. They rolled a red ball with a yellow star between them.

“Derpy, can you say ball?” Doctor Whooves asked.

Derpy examined the ball, then looked at Doctor Whooves with a smile. “Ba-Ba!”

Doctor Whooves could not help but snicker. “Close enough. Though I must say, since being regressed into a foal you’ve become more vocal than you usually are.”

The door opened and Dinky arrived home. “Mom! Dad! I’m home!”

Derpy crawled over to Dinky and hugged her leg. “Dwinky!”

Dinky smiled and patted Derpy on the head as Doctor Whooves came over and nuzzled her. “Hello Dinky, how was your day?”

Dinky bit her lower lip. “Well, I failed my history test.”

Doctor Whoove’s eyes went wide with shock. “What?! How?”

“Miss Cheerilee didn’t believe me when I wrote down that the Windigos were actually an alien race that were trying to terraform the planet and used negative emotions as fuel.”

“But you were there. I brought you with me last Hearths Warming.”

“She didn’t believe me. Miss Cheerilee said I didn’t take the assignment seriously and treated the whole thing like a big joke.”

“Well then, you and I are going to have a parent - teacher with Miss Cheerilee tonight. We’ll show her that you were correct on that test!”

Dinky looked down at her mother. “But what about mom? If we’re going to do what I think you’re planning to do, then she should stay home. It wouldn’t be safe for foals.”

Doctor Whooves tapped his chin. “Oh yes. Quite right, quite right.” He thought for a moment, then his face lit up. “She’ll stay here with a foal sitter! And I know just the two mares who are perfect for the job!”

A couple of hours later there was a knock at the front door. Dinky opened it to find Starlight and Trixie.

“The great and powerful Trixie and her assistant Starlight are here to foal sit!” Trixie announced. Starlight let out a sigh and flattened her ears, giving Trixie a clear look of irritation.

“For the last time, I am NOT your assistant!”

“Fine, co-star or whatever” Trixie said as she rolled her eyes and waved her hoof.

Dinky escorted them inside. She led Trixie and Starlight to the living room where Derpy was in her playpen shaking a rattle. She looked up at the two mares and made a big smile.

“Stawight! Twixie!”

Starlight trotted over and rubbed her cheeks. “Hello Derpy! You get cuter every time I see you!”

Doctor Whooves emerged from his workshop. “Ah, Trixie and Starlight! I am so glad that you two could foal sit tonight.”

“Anything we can do to help Doctor!” Trixie replied.

“Dinky and I should be back later tonight. Make sure that Derpy eats her dinner and gets a bath. Oh, and her pegasus magic is starting to kick in so she might have bursts of flight.”

“Doctor, we know how to handle a foal.” Starlight said reassuringly.

“Just be warned. Derpy was quite the champion flyer when she was a filly.” Doctor Whooves then felt a tugging on his tail. He looked down to see Dinky.

“Come on Dad, we’re going to be late!”

Doctor Whooves bent down and kissed Derpy on the cheek. “Have a good time!” He and Dinky then headed for the workshop.

“Doctor, shouldn’t you and Dinky be leaving through the front door?” Trixie asked with a puzzled look on her face.

Doctor Whooves and Dinky simply smiled. “We have a much quicker way to reach Miss Cheerilee’s house. Alonsee!” Dinky and and Doctor Whooves entered the workshop and shut the door behind them. Starlight and Trixie then heard a weird noise that sounded like WURR, WURR, WURR.

The simply shook it off and focused their attention on Derpy. “What would you like to do first Derpy?” Starlight asked after she got down to the foal’s level.

Derpy waved her tiny hooves in the air. “Pway!”

Starlight giggled. “Alright, how about a tea party?”

“Te pawty! Yay!” Derpy shouted. Starlight used her magic to bring out the tea party set and set it up. Derpy crawled up to the table and was about to grab a tea cup when Trixie stopped her.

“Wait! A tea party isn’t complete without proper attire. Fortunately, the great and powerful Trixie has the perfect garment for you!” Trixie then dressed up Derpy in miniature versions of her cape and hat.

Starlight looked at Trixie with a raised eyebrow. “And how long have you been working on that?”

“Hey, Rarity isn’t the only pony with fashion sense!” Trixie said with a smirk.

Derpy loved the outfit. She immediately began to pour tea for herself and her favorite toy Sweetie. It wasn’t long before a rumble could be heard coming from Derpy’s tummy.

“It sounds like a certain little filly is hungry!” Starlight said as she reached over and tickled Derpy’s belly, making her laugh and squeal. Starlight then picked her up with her magic and placed Derpy in her high chair for dinner.

Trixie went to cupboard and pulled out several jars of foal food. “Lets see, strained carrots, strained peas, strained...brown stuff.”

“Let’s try the peas.” Starlight took the jar and opened it. She scoop out a tiny bit with a rubber spoon and offered it to Derpy. “Okay Derpy, open wide!”

Derpy shook her head. “No! Taste wike yuk!”

“Come on! It’s good for you!” Starlight pleaded.

“No!” Derpy then pressed her lips firmly shut.

Trixie took the spoon from Starlight. “Here, let Trixie show you how Trixie’s mom got her to eat as a foal.” Trixie the placed one hoof over Derpy’s nose. After a few seconds, Derpy opened her mouth to breath. That’s when Trixie shoved the spoon into her mouth.

“You see? Simple as that.” Trixie said proudly. Derpy then spat out the strained peas, which hit Trixie right in the face.

Starlight feel to the floor laughing. Derpy pointed at Trixie and giggled.

After finally getting Derpy to eat a jar of strained peaches, and Trixie washed off her face, the two of them decided to give Derpy her bath. Starlight booped Derpy on the nose as she brought her into the bathroom. “You’re just a little stink bug, aren’t you?” Derpy replied with a giggle.

The tub was filled and Derpy was put in the water. “Bubbas?” She asked.

Starlight looked around the bathroom. “I’m sorry Derpy, but I think you’re all out of bubble bath.”

Derpy became angry and smacked the water with both of her front hooves. “Want bubbas!”

Both Starlight and Trixie dug through the cupboards and medicine cabinet, but couldn’t find any bubble bath. Derpy was on the brink of a full temper tantrum.

Trixie then had an idea. “Derpy, if Trixie gives you a piece of candy, will you calm down?”

Derpy’s face instantly lit up with a big smile. “Candy!”

Trixie grabbed a bag of candy from under her cape. She took out a piece and stuck it in Derpy’s mouth. Derpy suck nommed on it happily.

“Um, Trixie. What kind of candy is that?” Starlight asked.

“Just something Trixie picked up at the market earlier today.” Trixie looked at the lable and read it aloud. “Chocolate covered coffee beans.”

Both Starlight and Trixie’s eyes went wide with shock and terror. They both slowly turned their heads to witness when the flight spurts of a pegasus foal were mixed with caffeine and sugar.

Water sloshed all over the place from the tub as Derpy began shaking like paint mixer. The tiny filly then took off with such force that the bathtub exploded. A blur of yellow and grey raced through the house.

Starlight and Trixie both raced to catch Derpy. Trixie ran and Starlight tried teleporting, but neither of them were fast enough for the little foal. Starlight then noticed the open window.

Both she and Trixie dashed over to try and close it, but they were too late. The yellow and grey blur flew right out the window and straight up into the air. Derpy flew higher and higher, her speed increasing as she ascended. Eventually Derpy broke the sound barrier, and the night sky was lit up with a bright yellow ring. A sonic-”Derp”-boom. Windows as far as The Crystal Empire were shattered. The light could be seen over Yakyakistan. Abysinnia even felt small tremors.

Starlight and Trixie raced outside and looked up in awe at the sonic-Derp-boom. For a moment everything was quiet. That silence was broken by Trixie’s shouting.

“By Celestia! She exploded!”

Starlight tapped Trixie on the shoulder. “No wait, look!” Starlight pointed up in the night sky. A small object could be seen gently gliding down towards the two mares. Derpy glided down in a spiral, a big smile upon her face. When Derpy was close enough to the ground, Starlight caught her. Derpy let out a big yawn then fell asleep. Starlight and Trixie both smiled at sleeping filly. She was just too adorable. It was only after walking back into the house and seeing the destruction everywhere that they realized they had a lot of cleaning and fixing to do.

“I’ll put Derpy in her crib. YOU start cleaning.” Starlight ordered.

“Why must Trixie be the one who cleans first?”

“Because you’re the one who had the bright idea to give candy to a foal.” Starlight said with a stare that rivaled Fluttershy’s.

Trixie gulped. “Trixie shall fetch the broom.”

After cleaning up the mess (And repairing the bathtub) Starlight and Trixie heard the WURR, WURR, WURR sound coming from the workshop again. Doctor Whooves and Dinky emerged a few moments later.

“I’m so glad that we could show Miss Cheerilee that I was telling the truth on my history report.” Dinky said.

Doctor Whooves nodded in agreement. “Yes, it’s just unfortunate that we were attacked by the great intelligence and his killer snowmen.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask, what is a snowMAN? I know what a snowPONY is, but what's with the man part?”

Doctor Whooves shifted his eyes before smiling nervously and patting his daughter on the head. “I’ll tell you later.” The two then approached Starlight and Trixie. “So, how was foal sitting?” Doctor Whooves asked.

Starlight and Trixie both looked to each other, and then towards Doctor Whooves and Dinky. “Everything went...Fine!” Starlight said with strained smile.

“Oh yes, Derpy was an absolute joy to look after! No problems at all!” Trixie said as she laughed nervously.

Doctor Whooves and Dinky checked in on Derpy. She was sound asleep in her crib. Doctor Whooves and Dinky both D’awwed at the sight.

“Well, it looks like the two of you did a wonderful job! Can I count on you to foal sit again should the need arise?” Doctor Whooves asked.

Trixie was about to object when Starlight shoved a hoof in her mouth. “We would be delighted to!”

Starlight and Trixie said goodbye and left. As they walked back to Twilight’s palace, Trixie turned to Starlight. “Why would you agree to foal sit again? Tonight was a nightmare!”

“Because foal sitting Derpy is a quadrillion times easier than watching Flurry Heart for five minutes.” Starlight said said flatly.

Trixie thought for a moment and tapped her chin. “Yeah, you’re right about that.”


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Doctor Whooves walked with his daughter Dinky and pushed a stroller containing his foalified wife Derpy down the streets of Ponyville. “Dad, why are we going to Twilight’s castle?” Dinky asked. “She’s told us that a copy of the spell that transformed mom still hasn’t been found.”

Doctor Whooves looked down at his daughter with a smile. “Well Dinky, your mother has been invited over for a very special playdate. Shining Armor and Cadence are in town, and they would like Derpy to play with Flurry Heart herself!”

Dinky stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide with shock. “Flurry Heart? The same foal that nearly destroyed the Crystal Empire?”

“The very same, yes.”

“Isn’t she kind of a spoiled brat?”

“Now Dinky, that isn’t very nice.” Doctor Whooves said. “Flurry Heart is just a foal with an overabundance of magic. She just needs to be around more foals her age, and Derpy is perfect for the job.”

Dinky rolled her eyes. “This is going to be a disaster.”

The three arrived at the castle and Doctor Whooves knocked at the door. It opened and they were greeted by Twilight. “Doctor Whooves! Dinky! I am so glad you could make it!” She then leaned down and tickled Derpy. Derpy laughed and waved around her chubby little hooves. “And how is our regressed little mail mare doing?”

“Oh, Derpy has been wonderful.” Doctor Whooves replied. “She reminds of Dinky when she was a foal. Mostly just sleeping and pooping.”

“Dad!” Dinky’s face became bright red with embarrassment.

“Well come on in. The others have been waiting for you.” Twilight led Doctor Whooves, Dinky and Derpy inside the castle. Shining Armor and Cadance were already waiting in the main throne room where a playpen had been set up.

Twilight introduced them all. “Shining, Cadance, this is Doctor Whooves and his daughter Dinky.” Twilight then pointed to Derpy. “And this is Derpy. She’s the pony I told you about.”

“Ah yes, the one who was accidentally regressed into a foal.” Shining said.

“Well I think she is adorable!” Cadance then picked up Derpy and nuzzled her.

“Pwetty!” Derpy said to Cadance. This made everypony daww.

“You are just too cute!” Cadance booped Derpy on the nose.

“And this is our pride and joy, Flurry Heart!” Shining stepped aside to reveal Flurry Heart in the playpen playing with her toy snail Whammy.

“My, isn’t she cute!” Said Doctor Whooves. “I’m sure that she and Derpy will be the best of friends!” Doctor Whooves placed Derpy in the playpen with Flurry Heart.

“Why don’t we have some tea while the foals play?” Twilight asked. “And Dinky, Spike just some new comics that he would like to share with you.”

Dinky walked off to Spike’s room while Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadance, and Doctor Whooves all sat at the friendship table for tea. Derpy and Flurry Heart stared at each other for a moment before Derpy broke the silence.

“Hi! I’m Derpy!”

Flurry Heart crawled closer to Derpy. “I’m Fwurry Heawt! Dis is Whammy. He’s my favowit toy!”

Derpy held up Sweetie. “Dis is Sweetie. She taste wike yuck.”

“So wat do u wanna do fow fun?” Flurry Heart asked.

“I dunno.” Derpy replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Wat do u do fow fun?”

“I do whateva I want!” Flurry Heart said gleefully as she threw her hooves up in the air. “I a pwincess, so I neva get in twouble!”

“How?” Derpy asked.

“Just watch.” Flurry Heart then flew over to where all of the grown-ups were having tea. Flurry Heart grabbed the tray of tea with her magic and flung it across the room.

“Flurry Heart!” Cadance shouted. “That was very naughty of you!”

Flurry Heart sat her padded rump on the floor and gave everypony a pouty face.

All of the grown-ups Dawwed. “Oh, I can’t stay mad at you!” Said Cadance. She picked up Flurry Heart and carried her back over to the playpen. “It was probably one of your magic surges, so don’t worry about it. Now stay in the playpen and play nice with Derpy.” Cadance placed Flurry Heart back in the playpen. Flurry Heart then gave Derpy a look of cockiness.

“See? Woks evawy time.”

Derpy didn’t know what to make of what she just saw. “Um, okay.”

After checking to make sure that the grown-ups were not paying attention, Flurry Heart opened the playpen and crawled out. “Come on, wets have some fun!”

Derpy was a little hesitant. But then she thought back to how much fun she had with the Cake twins, so she decided to along. “Coming!”

The first stop was the kitchen. “Wat R we doing hwere?” Derpy asked.

“Wooking for sweets, of couwse!” Flurry Heart replied. Flurry Heart then used her magic to open up the fridge. “U fwy in and see wat u can find.”

Derpy flew up to the open fridge. “ I see chocowate miwk and a baba of wed stuff.”

“Dat must be fwuit juice!” Flurry Heart said with excitement. “I want dat juice! U can have da miwk.”

Derpy gave the bottle of red stuff to Flurry Heart, and she took the chocolate milk. Derpy drank the chocolate milk slowly, savoring the sweet flavor. Flurry Heart chugged down the bottle of red stuff as soon as she got her hooves on it. What Flurry Heart and Derpy didn’t know was that the red stuff was hot sauce.

Flurry Heart’s face grew bright red and smoke came out of her ears. She took off screaming, flying all around the kitchen like an out of control rocket. Flurry Heart crashed in the sink and turned faucet, chugging the water as it came pouring out.

All of the grown-ups soon came rushing into the kitchen. “What is going on here?!” Twilight asked in a panic.

Derpy gave Doctor Whooves a smile. “Now Derpy, you know that you’re not supposed to wander off. But you do look very cute with that milk mustache.” He said with grin.

Shining picked up Flurry Heart from the sink. “Flurry Heart, what is with you today?” Flurry Heart made the pouty face again. “Oh, you’re still as adorable as ever!”

There was soon a loud hissing noise. All of the water that Flurry Heart had drank went right through her, and her diaper was completely soaked. Cadance let out a sigh. “Let's get you changed.”

After Flurry Heart was changed and Derpy was cleaned up, the two were put back in the playpen. Twilight put a magic shield around it. “There, that should stop you from getting out.”

Derpy faced Flurry Heart. “Dat was fun!”

“Dat was not fun!” Flurry Heart said, giving Derpy a nasty look. “Dat juice tasted awful, and I soaked my diapee!”

“We couwd find anothew fun thing to do.” Derpy suggested.

Flurry Heart then had an idea. She grabbed whammy and teleported both herself and Derpy out of the playpen. “Fowow me, I know somthin weawy fun!” Derpy followed along, but she had a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Derpy followed Flurry Heart to the open doorway of Spike’s room. Spike and Dinky were both too busy reading comics to notice them. “R we gonna pway with Spike and Dwinky?” Derpy asked.

Flurry Heart shook her head. “Nope. U see dose?” Flurry Heart pointed to a nearby stack of comics. “We gonna wip dem!”

Derpy was shocked. “Wat! Why?!”

“Because it fun, Dat’s why!” Flurry Heart then used her magic to float over a comic from the stack. Just as she was about to rip it, Derpy snatched the comic away.

“U can’t wip dis! It belongs to Spike! Ur just being a meanie!”

“Of couwse I can! I a pwincess! I can whateva I want!” Flurry Heart tried to take take the comic back from Derpy, but Derpy would not let go. “Now u gonna get it! Pwepare to see why he called whammy!” Flurry Heart raised whammy high over Derpy’s head. Just then, Spike and Dinky interfered.

“Flurry Heart! Were you about to hit Derpy?” Spike asked.

Flurry Heart gave a look of innocence while Dinky scooped up Derpy. All of the commotion caused the grown-ups to rush to Spike’s room. “What is going on?” Cadance asked.

“Flurry Heart was about to hit Derpy with whammy!” Spike said.

Shining and Cadance both looked at Flurry Heart. “Is this true?” Shining asked. Flurry Heart once again gave the pouty look. Shining and Cadance were about to fall for it yet again when Derpy began speaking to Doctor Whooves in foal babble.

“Excuse me, but Derpy has informed me that Flurry Heart came here to rip apart Spike’s comics.” Doctor Whooves said. “And she stopped her, Flurry Heart tried to hit her. Derpy also says that Flurry Heart thinks that she can get away with whatever she wants, and that she uses her pouty to avoid getting into trouble.”

“You understood all of that?” Cadance asked.

“Of course I did. I do speak foal.”

Twilight was surprised. “You can understand foals? Why have you never told us about this before?”

“You never asked.” Doctor Whooves explained.

Shining and Cadance both gave Flurry Heart looks of disappointment. Flurry Heart tried to make a cute face, but it didn’t work.

“Flurry Heart, we have been far too lenient with you.” Shining said.

“Your father is right.” Cadance then scooped up Flurry Heart. “You must learn that just because you’re a princess, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Bad actions have consequences.” Cadance then pulled down Flurry Heart’s diaper and spanked her bottom several times. Flurry Heart cried, but her parents just ignored it.

“You are also grounded for one month.” Said Shining. “That means no going to the park,no playing with other foals, staying in your room, and especially no dessert. Got it?” Flurry Heart sniffled and nodded her head.

Shining and Cadance soon headed out to return to the Crystal Empire. “Again, I am so sorry for all of the trouble Flurry Heart has caused.” Cadance told Twilight.

Twilight simply smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Now that you and Shining have laid down some ground rules and have learned not to be fooled by Flurry Heart, I think everything will be just fine.”

After Shining and Cadance left, Twilight approached Doctor Whooves. “Thank you Doctor. Without your ability to understand Derpy, Flurry Heart would’ve continued to be a troublemaker.”

Doctor Whooves just waved her off. “Derpy is the real hero here, for reporting what we were all missing. And for that, I think she deserves a reward.” Doctor Whooves leaned down to Derpy’s level. “How about we stop by Sugarcube Corner for some muffins?”

“Muffins!” Derpy said happily.

Back to school

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Doctor Whooves sat in a chair reading a newspaper while Derpy sat on the floor, sucking on a pacifier and playing with blocks when Dinky came home from school. “Hello Dinky, how was school?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“Oh, it was good.” Dinky hung up her school bag on a coat rack. She then walked slowly towards her father. “Um dad, can I ask a favor of you?” Dinky asked. while rubbing the back of her head.

Doctor Whooves put down his newspaper. “Of course my little muffin. What is it?”

“Can I bring mom to school with me tomorrow?”

“Your mother? Why do you want to take her to school?” Doctor Whooves asked with a puzzled look.

“Well actually, it’s Miss Cheerilee’s idea. She wants to teach the class on how to properly care for a foal, and believes that a real one would be much better than a doll.”

Doctor Whooves thought for a moment. “Miss Cheerilee does have a good point, but why Derpy? Why not one of the Cake twins?”

Dinky was quick to answer. “Because Pound and Pumpkin both have a medical check up tomorrow and won’t be available. Also, Miss Cheerilee said you owe her after she was attacked by both Windigos and the great intelligence during our parent-teacher conference.”

“She did have to go through a lot. Alright, you may take Derpy to school tomorrow. I will come with you to drop off some supplies for the class. Just remember to be extra careful. Derpy is not only a foal, but also your mother.”

“Thanks dad!” Dinky said with a smile. She hugged him and then knelt down next to Derpy. “Guess what mom? You’re coming with me to school tomorrow!”

Derpy removed her pacifier. “Yay! Skoow!” Derpy smiled and bounced up and down on her diaper.

The next morning Doctor Whooves walked with Dinky to school. He pushed Derpy in a stroller and carried a saddle bag full of foal supplies that Miss Cheerilee’s class would need for the day.

Miss Cheerilee greeted them all at the school’s front door. She instantly began gushing over Derpy. “Oh, aren’t you the cutest thing ever! Yes you are!” Miss Cheerilee tickled Derpy’s belly, making the foal laugh and kick her back legs.

Miss Cheerilee then looked at Doctor Whooves. “Doctor, thank you so much for allowing your, um, wife to be apart of todays lesson.”

Doctor Whooves just smiled and waved her off. “It’s no problem at all. Derpy has proven to be a very behaved little filly. I’m sure your class will have a wonderful time learning with her.” Doctor Whooves then gave Miss Cheerilee the saddle bag full of supplies.

“Well, Dinky has been talking non-stop about taking care of her mother. I just know that she and Derpy will be my two biggest helpers today!”

Dinky smiled blushed with embarrassment. “I, um, should get to my desk.”

The school bell rang and all of Miss Cheerilee’s students entered the building. Doctor Whooves bent down and kissed Derpy. “Have a fun day my dear! I’ll back to pick up you and Dinky after school.” Miss Cheerilee then rolled Derpy inside. She placed Derpy on her desk and addressed the class.

“Okay class, today we are going to learn a very important life lesson: How to take care of a foal. And instead of dolls or bags of flour, you are going to be looking after a real foal! So let me introduce our special guest, Derpy!” Miss Cheerilee pointed to Derpy, who simply sucked on her own hoof. All of the students Dawwed and cooed at the adorable sight.

Pipsqueak raised his hoof. “Um, isn’t Derpy the local mail mare? And an adult?”

“Well yes, but due to a recent accident Derpy has been turned into a foal for the time being” Miss Cheerilee explained.

The front of Derpy’s diaper then turned yellow. “Uh oh!” Derpy said.

Miss Cheerilee beamed with delight. “This is the perfect opportunity to practice our first lesson, changing a diaper! Who would like to volunteer?”

To the surprise of most of the class, Silver Spoon shot up her hoof first. “I would!”

“Very well Silver Spoon. Please come to the front of the class.” Silver Spoon left her desk and approached Miss Cheerilee, who was laying out a changing mat on the floor. Miss Cheerilee then placed Derpy on the mat and gave Silver Spoon the changing supplies.

“Alright Silver Spoon, first you-” Miss Cheerilee was about to explain what to do when suddenly Silver Spoon sprang into action. In a matter of seconds, Silver Spoon removed the dirty diaper, wiped down Derpy’s bottom, sprinkled her with foal powder, and strapped her in a fresh diaper. Silver Spoon then booped Derpy on the nose, making her squeal with delight.

“Silver, that was amazing!” Miss Cheerilee said enthusiastically. “How did you know to change a diaper so quick and properly?”

Silver Spoon cleaned her hooves with a wet nap then turned to Miss Cheerilee. “I learned how to do while looking after my newborn cousin Sterling Silver. It's become second nature to me at this point.”

“I am still very impressed! Good job! You may return to seat.” Silver Spoon returned to her desk and Miss Cheerilee turned back to the class.

“Now that you all have seen how to change a diaper, we will next focus on feeding.” Miss Cheerilee took out a foal bottle filled with formula. “Who would like to volunteer next?”

Everypony raised their hooves. “Rumble, how about you?” Miss Cheerilee said as she pointed to the colt.

Rumble got up from his desk and walked to the front of the class. Miss Cheerilee had him sit down, then gave Derpy to him hold. “Now cradle her very gently, being sure to support her head.” Miss Cheerilee instructed.

Rumble cradled Derpy in his front legs, smiling at the adorable foal. Miss Cheerilee gave Rumble the bottle. “Now gently put the rubber nipple in her mouth and hold the bottle at an angle to prevent bubbles.” Rumble did as Miss Cheerilee instructed. Derpy grabbed the bottle and began sucking down the formula at a fast pace.

Once Derpy had finished the formula, Miss Cheerilee instructed Rumble to place her over his shoulder and gently pat her back to burp her. Rumble did so, and Derpy let out a loud belch that made the whole class break out laughing.

“Excellent job Rumble! You may return to your seat.” Rumble gave Derpy back to Miss Cheerilee and went back to his desk.

Diamond Tiara raised her hoof. “Is it ok for us to play with Derpy?”

“But of course!” Miss Cheerilee replied. “Play is very important for a foals development. Both mentally and socially. Just be sure to be very gentle with her.” Miss Cheerilee got out some toys and layed out a blanket. She placed Derpy on the blanket and all of the students sat in a circle around her.

Derpy had the time of her life. All of the students took turns playing with her. They did everything from rolling a ball back and forth to Derpy to playing peek-a-boo. Derpy personally crawled over and gave them all boops on the nose, which made everypony giggle.

Derpy then made a big yawn. “It looks like our special little guest needs a nap.” Said Miss Cheerilee. “Who here knows how to put down a foal for a nap?”

“I know what to do!” Dinky said. She proceeded to swaddle Derpy up in the blanket, and then rocked her back and forth in her front legs while singing Derpy’s lullaby until Derpy fell asleep.

Miss Cheerilee very carefully took Derpy from Dinky and placed her in the foal carrier to sleep. The bell for lunch then rang, and all of students headed outside.

“Be careful outside today class.” Miss Cheerilee said to them. “The weather team is doing their annual cyclone to bring water up to the weather factory, so there might be some strong winds headed our way.”

The students had lunch and played outside while Miss Cheerilee stayed in her classroom for lunch and to watch over Derpy. The bell rang again, and all the students came back inside. Derpy awoke from her nap with a big yawn.

The Classroom was suddenly filled with a foul odor. Everyone covered their noses. “Eww! Derpy made a stinky!” Featherweight shouted. Derpy sat up in her stroller and blushed.

“Alright everyone.” Miss Cheerilee announced. “It’s time to face one of the more natural, but icky, parts of raising a foal. Changing a diaper after the foal has gone number two.”

Miss Cheerilee once again layed out the changing mat and supplies. “Who would like to volunteer?”

Diamond Tiara raised her hoof. “I will!”

“Thank you Diamond. Please come to the front of the class.” Diamond Tiara left her desk and approached Derpy. Miss Cheerilee provided a clothespin for Diamond’s nose.

Diamond Tiara placed Derpy on the changing mat. After untapping the diaper, she almost barfed at what she saw. The dirty diaper was removed, and Diamond procceded to wipe down Derpy’s bottom. She then applied rash cream, foal powder, and strapped Derpy into a clean diaper.

“Well done Diamond!” Said Miss Cheerilee.

Diamond Tiara cleaned her hooves with wet naps. “Thank you.”

The front door then swung open, and Spoiled Rich entered the classroom. “Ugh, what is that awful stench?!”

Miss Cheerilee was caught by surprise. “Mrs. Rich, what are you doing here? I thought you had the day off?”

“My day at the spa was cut short when they let a Griffin into the building!” Spoiled Rich said with a wave of her hoof. “Letting such nasty creatures into such an establishment, I never-” Spoiled Rich stopped when she spotted Derpy.

“What is that thing doing here?” Spoiled Rich asked with disgust.

“I wanted to teach the students how to properly care for a foal.” Miss Cheerilee explained. “And what better way than to have a real foal to learn with.”

“Miss Cheerilee, I will not allow such dirty little things into this school.”

Diamond Tiara looked at her mother with a raised eyebrow. “Um, mom? I was foal.”

Spoiled Rich rolled her eyes. “Don’t remind me! All you did was cry, eat, and soil your diapers. Fortunately Randolph looked after you, but you were still a strain on my social life and left the whole mansion reeking of your dirty diapers. Not unlike that ugly little one right there.” Spoiled Rich pointed directly at Derpy, who was now about to cry.

At that very same moment, the local weather team began making their cyclone to bring water up to the weather factory. The wind instantly picked up top speed. A gust of this intense wind blew into Miss Cheerilee’s classroom through an open window. The gust of wind swirled around, eventually picking up Derpy’s dirty diaper and hurling it right at Spoiled Rich. The dirty diaper hit her square in the face with a loud splat.

Derpy Immediately smiled and pointed at Spoiled Rich. “Poopy head!”

Spoiled Rich ran out of the school in a flash, screaming all the way. The entire class, including Miss Cheerilee, all broke out in a roar of laughter.

At the end of the day, Doctor Whooves came by to pick up Derpy and Dinky. “So Miss Cheerilee, how were my two little muffins?”

“They were fantastic!” Miss Cheerilee replied. “Derpy was very well behaved, and all of the students loved taking care of her.”

“Yeah! In fact, some of them want to come over for a playdate with Derpy and I.” Dinky said. “Can they dad, please?”

Doctor Whooves smiled and rubbed Dinky’s head. “Of course. I don’t see why not.”

Both Derpy and Dinky threw up their hooves. “Yay!” They shouted in unison.

Derpy's day out

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It was a bright and sunny day in Ponyville. Dinky was away at school, and Doctor Whooves was playing patty cake with his wife - turned foal - Derpy. “Patty cake, patty cake, bakers pan. Bake me some muffins as fast you can!” Derpy raised her hooves in the air upon completing the rhyme. “Muffins!” She cheered.

Doctor Whooves smiled. He rubbed Derpy’s mane which made her giggle. “You are so adorable like this Derpy. Though I do miss the more ‘grown up’ Things that we used to do.” Derpy just sat there with a confused look on her face.

Doctor Whooves looked for anything to break the awkwardness when he heard a knock at the door. “Oh thank Celestia.” He thought to himself. Doctor Whooves went to the door and opened it to find the local mail mare.

“Good afternoon Doctor Whooves.” The mail mare said with a smile. “How are things today?”

“Everything is going splendidly.” Doctor Whooves replied. “I was just playing with Derpy. I know that everypony down at the post office must really miss her.”

The mail mare let out a sigh. “It’s true, we do miss Derpy. She wasn’t perfect, but she always brightened up our days and worked hard no matter what. We’re all still waiting for a cure to be found so that she can come back.”

“Trust me, you’re not the only ones.” Said Doctor Whooves. As he and the mail mare were talking, Derpy crawled over and took notice of the mail mare’s uniform. She didn’t know why but it seemed very familiar to her. She had to know more. While Doctor Whooves and the mail mare were distracted with their conversation, Derpy flew over and crawled into the mail mare’s mail bag.

“Well I’ve probably taken up enough of your time.” The mail mare said. “Besides, the mail doesn’t deliver itself.”

“Unless of course you have a dragon that can send letters with magical flames.” Doctor Whooves joked. He waved goodbye to the mail mare who continued on her rounds. After a few steps down the street, she had to stop to readjust her mail bag.

“I swear the mail is getting heavier and heavier every day” The mail mare said to herself, unaware of her little passenger.

Doctor Whooves meanwhile walked back into his living room. “So what game do you want to play next Derpy?” He asked. To his horror, Derpy was nowhere in sight. “Derpy where are you?!” Doctor Whooves said in a panic. He dashed around the entire house, looking through every nook and cranny. But Derpy was gone. “DERPY!!!” Doctor Whooves cried out.

Derpy bounced up and down in the mail bag as the mail mare trotted down the street. This made Derpy giggle with joy. The mail mare stopped when she thought she heard the giggling, but then she just shrugged it off.

As the mail mare went past the market, Derpy peeked her head out of the mail bag. She was fascinated by all of the vendors and big ponies shopping. Derpy flew out of the mail bag, landing on her diapered bottom with a slight bounce. She then crawled over to the first stand she saw which was selling pears.

“Come get your pears! They’re nature’s candy!” Grandpa Pear called out to all the shopping ponies. He stopped when he suddenly felt something bump against his leg. Grandpa Pear looked down to see a gray pegasus foal with a yellow mane and tail smiling up at him. “Why, hello there little one! What’s your name?”

“Derpy!” Derpy replied as she bounced up and down on her diaper.

“Well aren’t you just the cutest little thing! Here, have some pear butter. My treat!” Grandpa Pear gave Derpy and open jar of pear butter. Derpy sniffed the strange substance at first, then she scooped some up with her hoof and licked it. Derpy loved it and instantly began shoveling the pear butter into her mouth.

“I guess that means you like it.” Grandpa Pear said with a chuckle. He then went help a customer. After Derpy had finished the pear butter, she spotted a pony with a cart selling balloons. Mesmerized, she crawled after the cart.

Doctor Whooves came running through the market in a state of panic. “Has anypony seen a lone pegasus foal?!” He cried out. Doctor Whooves stopped at Grandpa Pear’s stand. “Excuse me sir, have you seen a pegasus foal with gray hair and a yellow mane?”

“Why indeed I have!” Grandpa Pear answered. “She’s right here having some pear bu-” Grandpa Pear looked down expecting to find Derpy, but was shocked when all he found was an empty jar of pear butter. “I don’t get it. She was right here a second ago.” Doctor Whooves continued to search through the market.

The owner of the balloon cart had stopped and had just sold a couple of balloons when he saw Derpy crawling up to him. He knelt down to her level. “Hello little filly. Where are your mommy and daddy?”

Derpy pointed up to the balloons. “Bawoon!”

The stallion could not help but smile. “Of course you can have a balloon! Which color would you like?”

Derpy looked at the rainbow of colors that were available until she settled on yellow because it reminded her of Sweetie. “Yewwow!”

“Excellent choice!” The stallion took a yellow balloon and tied it around Derpy’s waist. “Now, let’s see if we can find your mom and dad okay?” The stallion turned and began calling out to the crowd if anypony had lost a foal. While he wasn’t looking, the balloon lifted Derpy into the air. She smiled as she floated off.

Doctor Whooves heard the stallion asking if anypony had lost a foal and immediately raced over to his location. “Excuse me, did you say you found a lost foal?”

“Yes I have. She’s right over here.” The stallion turned and pointed to Derpy, only to find that she was gone.

“Oh no, not again!” Doctor Whooves yelled. He called out into the crowd. “DERPY!!!”

Derpy floated happily through the skies over Ponyville as she dangled from her yellow balloon. There was a sudden gurgling in her tummy as the pear butter went right through her, causing Derpy to mess her diaper. A second later she floated into a cloud and bumped into Rainbow Dash who was taking a nap.

Derpy booped Rainbow on the nose to wake her up. “Huh? Wha?” Rainbow said as she was awoken from her deep slumber. “Derpy? What are you doing up here?” Rainbow then took a whiff of Derpy and held her nose. “And what is that smell?!”

Derpy poked her diaper. “Made Stwinky.”

“No kidding.” Rainbow said. “We’d better get you back to Doctor Whooves. But first, let’s get you into a clean diaper.” Rainbow peeled off the dirty diaper and chucked it over the side of the cloud.

On the ground, Spoiled Rich was just leaving the spa. “It took an all day session, but I finally feel clean of that dirty little foals diaper.” She thought to herself. Spoiled then noticed a shadow cast over her that was getting bigger. “What in the hay?” Spoiled looked up to see a another dirty diaper heading right for her. A split second later there was a loud plop, followed by Spoiled screaming.

Rainbow flew over to Sugarcube Corner, where Pinkie Pie helped her clean up Derpy and get her into a fresh diaper. Upon leaving, Rainbow bumped right into Doctor Whooves. “Derpy!” The yelled with excitement. He instantly grabbed Derpy and brought her in for a hug. “My sweet muffin, I thought I’d lost you forever!” Doctor Whooves then looked at Rainbow. “Thank you so much for finding her, Rainbow Dash!”

“Hey just doing my job of being awesome.” Rainbow said with a brash smile. “Still, you should keep a closer eye on Derpy. I found her tied to a balloon while taking a na...busting some clouds. Heh heh.” She laughed nervously.

Derpy then yawned and fell asleep in Doctor Whooves’s front legs. “I should be getting her home. It appears she's had a big Derpy day.”

All grown up pt 1

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The entire Whooves family was seated at the dining room table for breakfast. Doctor Whooves was reading the newspaper and enjoying some tea and toast while Dinky had pancakes and Derpy suckled on a bottle of formula. Then,there was a sudden knock at the door. “I wonder who that could be this early in the morning?” Doctor Whooves asked. He got up and answered the door where he was greeted by Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie.

“Doctor Whooves, we’ve got wonderful news!” Twilight said excitedly. “We’ve found the spell that will turn Derpy back into an adult!”

“That’s great news! Where did you find it?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“In Las Pegasus of all places.” Starlight explained. “A magician had it in his personal collection.”

“The magician is my father, to be exact.” Said Trixie. “We don’t communicate much. But if we did you would have had Derpy back to normal much sooner. I am so sorry.”

Doctor Whooves smiled and waved it off. “Don’t worry about it. The important thing is that Derpy will finally be back to her old self.”

Twilight then bit her lower lip. “Well, that’s the thing Doctor Whooves. The spell requires the combined magic of three unicorns. One tiny slip up, and the results could be disastrous.”

Starlight nodded in agreement. “It’s true. Derpy could be turned into a tea cup.”

Trixie shot Starlight a nasty look. “Hey!”

“So, how long will it take the three of you to master the spell?” Asked Doctor Whooves.

“About a day.” Twilight replied. “The spell should be ready by tonight.”

Dinky then came into the front hall with Derpy riding on her back. “What’s going on?” She asked.

Doctor Whooves explained everything. “A spell has been found that will make Derpy a grown up again. But it’s going to take Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie a day to get it right.”

Dinky thought for a moment, then she had an idea. “I know! Why don’t we celebrate moms last day as a foal?”

Doctor Whooves tapped his chin. “Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Your mother works so hard as an adult. Being a foal must be like little vacation! And since she has been so well behaved, I think it’s only fitting that we celebrate her last day of foalhood.”

Derpy giggled and clapped her hooves. “It looks like mom agrees.” Dinky said.

“Alright then. Starlight, Trixie, and I will head back to the castle to work on the spell. You can bring Derpy over tonight after your fun little day.” Twilight said. She then waved goodbye as she left with Starlight and Trixie.

Doctor Whooves picked up Derpy and placed her on the floor in front of him. “Okay Derpy, today is your day. What would you like to do first?”

“Pwaygwound!” Derpy said.

“Then the playground it is!” Doctor Whooves strapped Derpy into her stroller and grabbed her foal bag. The whole family then set out to celebrate Derpy’s last day as a foal.

Their first stop was the playground located at the park. They arrived just in time to meet Mr. and Mrs. Cake. “Doctor Whooves! So glad to see you!” Said Mrs. Cake.

“What brings you around the park?” Mr. Cake asked.

“A cure has been found for Derpy, so Dinky thought up the brilliant idea to celebrate her last day as a foal.” Doctor Whooves said.

“Oh, isn’t that precious!” Mrs. Cake cooed. “We just put Pound and Pumpkin in the sandbox. Why doesn’t Derpy join them?”

“Great idea!” Doctor Whooves unstrapped Derpy from her stroller and placed her in the sandbox with Pound and Pumpkin. Dinky went off to play with Pipsqueak and her other school mates while the grown ups all watched.

Both Pound and Pumpkin smiled and gave Derpy a hug. “Wat awe u two pwayin?” Derpy asked.

“We pwayin take da castwe!” Pumpkin replied. “Pound is buiwdin a castwe, and he has to defend it against me. Want to join?”

“No fair! Dat two on one!” Pound protested.

Derpy looked around for another foal to join in their game. She spotted a pegasus foal with black hair, a black mane and tail with silver stripes, and silver eyes playing with a sand bucket in the corner of the sandbox. She crawled over to him.

“Hi! I’m Derpy!” She said.

“I’m Thunderstruck!” The foal replied.

“My fwiends and I awe pwayin a game! Do u want to pway with us?” Derpy asked.

“Sure!” Thunderstruck happily replied. He crawled with Derpy back over to Pound and Pumpkin. Derpy then introduced him.

“Dis is Thunderstruck. He can pway with us.”

Pound smiled. “Otay, u can be on my team Thunderstruck!”

Thunderstruck and Pound both barricaded themselves behind the walls of the sand castle while Derpy and Pumpkin prepared their attack. “Chawge!” Pumpkin shouted. She and Derpy both ran towards the sand castle. Pound and Thunderstruck then started to pelt them both with foam balls and plushies.

Derpy and Pumpkin would catch the objects and throw them back, inching their way forward at the same time. This continued for a while, until Derpy and Pumpkin breached the walls of the sand castle and tackled Pound and Thunderstruck. All four foals rolled around in the sand laughing.

Doctor Whooves, along with Mr. and Mrs. Cake, walked over to check up on them. Doctor Whooves pulled back Derpy’s diaper. “Looks like somepony has sand in their diaper.” Doctor Whooves said playfully. Derpy smiled and blushed. Mr. and Mrs. Cake did the same to Pound and Pumpkin.

“It appears that they all need a changing.” Said Mrs. Cake. Derpy, Pound, and Pumpkin were all changed out of their sand filled diapers and into fresh ones. Pound and Pumpkin then both let out big yawns.

Mr. Cake giggled. “I think these two are ready for a nap. We’d best be heading home.” The two were then strapped into their stroller and given pacifiers as they shut their eyes and fell asleep.

As Derpy and Doctor Whooves waved goodbye to the Cakes, they were approached by two pegasi. The first was a mare with white hair and a silver mane and tail. The other was a stallion who was monochrome black all over. The mare smiled and spoke to Doctor Whooves.

“Hello! I’m Lightning Storm, and this is my husband Rolling Thunder. We both could not help but notice how well our little Thunderstruck was getting along with your daughter.”

Doctor Whooves could not help but giggle. “Actually, she’s not my daughter. She’s my wife whom was turned into a foal following an accidental spell. A cure has been found, and so my actual daughter and I are celebrating Her last day as a foal.”

Lightning Storm and Rolling Thunder just stared at Doctor Whooves blankly.

“Oh dear, where are my manners? I’m Doctor Whooves, this is Derpy, and unicorn filly over there is my daughter Dinky.”

At first, Lighting Storm and Rolling Thunder didn’t know what to think. Then they looked down and saw Derpy and Thunderstruck smiling and bouncing a ball between the two of them. “Well, we’ve seen weirder things happen in this town.” Said Rolling Thunder.

“That is true.” Lightning Storm replied. She then turned to face Doctor Whooves. “Our son and your, um, wife are really getting along. Would you care to join us at the ice cream parlor?”

“Ice cweam!” Derpy shouted as she raised her hooves and bounced on her diaper.

“We would love to.” Doctor Whooves replied. Derpy and Thunderstruck were both strapped into their respective strollers. Doctor Whooves called over Dinky, and soon both families were off to the ice cream parlor.

After arriving at the ice cream parlor, both families were seated in a booth with Derpy and Thunderstruck being put in high chairs. “So, shall we order independently or get something for the whole table?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“How about the sundae deluxe?” Said Rolling Thunder. “It has ten different flavors, hot fudge, bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top.”

“I agree.” Lightning Storm said. “We are celebrating Derpy’s final day as a foal after all.”

“That sounds perfect!” Doctor Whooves placed the order for the sundae deluxe. It took four waiters to carry the thing to their table. They were given individual spoons and bowls to eat it with.

As everypony ate, Derpy and Thunderstruck began talking with one another. “I bet I can eat mowe ice cweam den u!” Thunderstruck said with a smile.

“Nuh uh!” Derpy replied. The two foals then began shoving ice cream into their mouths as fast as they could. A dozen scoops of ice cream later, Derpy was struck with massive brain freeze.

“WAAAAHHH!” Derpy wailed as she held her head.

“Oh no! Shhh! It’s okay Derpy! Just calm down!” Doctor Whooves Comforted Derpy. He gave her a glass of lukewarm water. “Drink this, it will help.” Derpy slowly drank the water, and her brain freeze went away.

“Yay! I win!” Thunderstruck cheered. A loud gurgle emitted from his tummy. “Ohh, to much ice cweam!” There was a loud fart, followed by a bulge in Thunderstruck’s diaper and a foul odor.

“It smells like somepony has a stinky diaper!” Lightning Storm cooed. She took Thunderstruck away to the restroom to be changed. When Lightning Storm came back, she placed Thunderstruck back in his high chair. Thunderstruck looked over at Derpy.

“I sowwy u got da bwain fweeze.” Thunderstruck said apologetically.

“Dat okay, I sowwy you got a tummy ache. Wets call it a tie!” Derpy replied.

“Agweed!” The two foals then broke out giggling.

All grown up pt 2

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“Well, now that we’ve filled up on ice cream what should we do next?” Asked Doctor Whooves.

“How about the carnival?” Lightning Storm suggested. “It just came to town. I’m sure these two would love it.”

“Cawnival!” Derpy and Thunderstruck both shouted in unison.

“The carnival it is then!” Doctor Whooves placed Derpy in her stroller and strapped her in securly. Everyone then headed for the carnival. There were rides, games, clowns, and various other performers. One booth in particular caught the attention of Dinky.

It was a booth that had a game of knock over the bottles. The grand prize was a massive stuffed teddy bear. “Dad, can you win that bear?” Dinky asked.

“Of course I can!” Doctor Whooves proudly said. He put down a bit and was given three balls. After doing a thousand mathematical calculations in his head, Doctor Whooves tossed the first ball and missed. He threw again, and missed.

“I dare say that this game is rigged! No pony could hit those bottles!” While Doctor Whooves was arguing with the pony who ran the game, Derpy had unbuckled herself from her stroller. She then flew up to the booth and grabbed the final ball. Derpy tossed it with both of her tiny front hooves. The ball soared through the air, hitting the bottles and knocking them all down with a loud clank.

Everypony stood in stunned silence. Derpy giggled and clapped her hooves. The owner of the booth gave Dinky the giant teddy bear. “No pony can hit the bottles, huh?” Dinky said with a smug look. She then kissed Derpy on the cheek. “Thanks for the teddy mom!”

Doctor Whooves looked at Derpy, then broke out laughing. “You always were a better shot my dear.”

The rest of the time at the carnival went by without a hitch. Everypony enjoyed the rides, games, and the shows. Thunderstruck’s parents even won him a stuffed penguin plushie.

Before they knew it, the day was coming to a close. Doctor Whooves looked up at the town clock and saw that it was getting late. “My, won’t you look at the time. We’d better head over to Twilight’s castle. I’m sure that the spell for Derpy is ready by now.”

“It was so much fun spending the day with you all.” Lightning Storm said. “Perhaps after Derpy is back to being an adult, you could foalsit Thunderstruck sometime?”

Dinky looked up at Doctor Whooves. “Can we daddy? Please?”

“Of course we can.” Doctor Whooves replied happily.

“Bahaa!” Derpy squealed with excitement.

“Great!” Said Rolling Thunder. “Well, we’d better let you go. The next time we see Derpy she’ll be an adult I suppose.”

“We can only hope.” Doctor Whooves said. Derpy and Thunderstruck hugged each other, and the two families waved goodbye. Doctor Whooves, Dinky, and Derpy then made their way towards Twilight’s castle.

After arriving, Doctor Whooves knocked on the massive doors of the castle. Spike answered right away. “Glad you made it! Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie are waiting for you in the library.” Spike said.

“Thank you Spike. Nice wings by the way.” Doctor Whooves and Dinky pushed Derpy’s stroller into the castle and up to the library. Twilight and Starlight were standing around waiting while Trixie drew a circle on the floor. Twilight turned to Doctor Whooves and smiled. “So, how was Derpy’s final day as a foal?” She asked.

“Oh, it was simply marvelous!” Doctor Whooves exclaimed. “We went to park where Derpy played with the Cake twins. Derpy also made a new friend named Thunderstruck who has the most lovely parents, Rolling Thunder and Lightning Storm. They took us all out for ice cream and then we all spent the rest of the day at the carnival.”

“Mommy won me this!” Dinky then showed off her massive teddy bear.

“Derpy won that? But how?” Starlight asked.

Doctor Whooves quickly changed the subject. “Let’s talk about that later. So, is the spell ready?”

Trixie finished drawing the circle. “As ready as we’re going to be. Just place Derpy in the center of the circle.”

Doctor Whooves placed Derpy in the circle and then backed away. Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie all touched their horns together. They lit up and shot out a beam of magic at the circle. A wall of rainbow colored light rose up from the circle and surrounded Derpy. This lasted for several seconds until there was a bright flash. When the light died down, an adult Derpy sat in the middle of the circle.

“Um, what’s going on?” Derpy asked, very confused.

Doctor Whooves and Dinky both ran up and gave Derpy a big hug. Doctor Whooves then explained everything that had happened, including what Derpy did as a foal. Derpy laughed at most of the antics she had been up to.

“So, the Cake twins and I flooded Sugar Cube Corner, Spoiled Rich got nailed by my dirty diaper, and I went on an adventure through town? Is there anything else that happened?”

“You did help out Shining Armor and Cadence with raising Flurry Heart by pointing out when she was being bad.” Twilight said.

“Wow.” Derpy said with amazement. “What else happened?”

Both Starlight and Trixie instantly remembered the night they foal sat, and the sonic-Derp-boom. “Nope.” They both answered in unison.

“Well then I better get home. I’m sure that being a foal was fun, but I’m glad to be an adult again. Besides, I have to plan for when Thunderstruck comes over.” Derpy Then nuzzled Doctor Whooves and Dinky, and the entire family headed home.