• Published 6th Oct 2017
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Muffins - BubblePuff

Trixie accidentally turns Derpy into a foal. Hilarity ensues.

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Doctor Whooves walked with his daughter Dinky and pushed a stroller containing his foalified wife Derpy down the streets of Ponyville. “Dad, why are we going to Twilight’s castle?” Dinky asked. “She’s told us that a copy of the spell that transformed mom still hasn’t been found.”

Doctor Whooves looked down at his daughter with a smile. “Well Dinky, your mother has been invited over for a very special playdate. Shining Armor and Cadence are in town, and they would like Derpy to play with Flurry Heart herself!”

Dinky stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide with shock. “Flurry Heart? The same foal that nearly destroyed the Crystal Empire?”

“The very same, yes.”

“Isn’t she kind of a spoiled brat?”

“Now Dinky, that isn’t very nice.” Doctor Whooves said. “Flurry Heart is just a foal with an overabundance of magic. She just needs to be around more foals her age, and Derpy is perfect for the job.”

Dinky rolled her eyes. “This is going to be a disaster.”

The three arrived at the castle and Doctor Whooves knocked at the door. It opened and they were greeted by Twilight. “Doctor Whooves! Dinky! I am so glad you could make it!” She then leaned down and tickled Derpy. Derpy laughed and waved around her chubby little hooves. “And how is our regressed little mail mare doing?”

“Oh, Derpy has been wonderful.” Doctor Whooves replied. “She reminds of Dinky when she was a foal. Mostly just sleeping and pooping.”

“Dad!” Dinky’s face became bright red with embarrassment.

“Well come on in. The others have been waiting for you.” Twilight led Doctor Whooves, Dinky and Derpy inside the castle. Shining Armor and Cadance were already waiting in the main throne room where a playpen had been set up.

Twilight introduced them all. “Shining, Cadance, this is Doctor Whooves and his daughter Dinky.” Twilight then pointed to Derpy. “And this is Derpy. She’s the pony I told you about.”

“Ah yes, the one who was accidentally regressed into a foal.” Shining said.

“Well I think she is adorable!” Cadance then picked up Derpy and nuzzled her.

“Pwetty!” Derpy said to Cadance. This made everypony daww.

“You are just too cute!” Cadance booped Derpy on the nose.

“And this is our pride and joy, Flurry Heart!” Shining stepped aside to reveal Flurry Heart in the playpen playing with her toy snail Whammy.

“My, isn’t she cute!” Said Doctor Whooves. “I’m sure that she and Derpy will be the best of friends!” Doctor Whooves placed Derpy in the playpen with Flurry Heart.

“Why don’t we have some tea while the foals play?” Twilight asked. “And Dinky, Spike just some new comics that he would like to share with you.”

Dinky walked off to Spike’s room while Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadance, and Doctor Whooves all sat at the friendship table for tea. Derpy and Flurry Heart stared at each other for a moment before Derpy broke the silence.

“Hi! I’m Derpy!”

Flurry Heart crawled closer to Derpy. “I’m Fwurry Heawt! Dis is Whammy. He’s my favowit toy!”

Derpy held up Sweetie. “Dis is Sweetie. She taste wike yuck.”

“So wat do u wanna do fow fun?” Flurry Heart asked.

“I dunno.” Derpy replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Wat do u do fow fun?”

“I do whateva I want!” Flurry Heart said gleefully as she threw her hooves up in the air. “I a pwincess, so I neva get in twouble!”

“How?” Derpy asked.

“Just watch.” Flurry Heart then flew over to where all of the grown-ups were having tea. Flurry Heart grabbed the tray of tea with her magic and flung it across the room.

“Flurry Heart!” Cadance shouted. “That was very naughty of you!”

Flurry Heart sat her padded rump on the floor and gave everypony a pouty face.

All of the grown-ups Dawwed. “Oh, I can’t stay mad at you!” Said Cadance. She picked up Flurry Heart and carried her back over to the playpen. “It was probably one of your magic surges, so don’t worry about it. Now stay in the playpen and play nice with Derpy.” Cadance placed Flurry Heart back in the playpen. Flurry Heart then gave Derpy a look of cockiness.

“See? Woks evawy time.”

Derpy didn’t know what to make of what she just saw. “Um, okay.”

After checking to make sure that the grown-ups were not paying attention, Flurry Heart opened the playpen and crawled out. “Come on, wets have some fun!”

Derpy was a little hesitant. But then she thought back to how much fun she had with the Cake twins, so she decided to along. “Coming!”

The first stop was the kitchen. “Wat R we doing hwere?” Derpy asked.

“Wooking for sweets, of couwse!” Flurry Heart replied. Flurry Heart then used her magic to open up the fridge. “U fwy in and see wat u can find.”

Derpy flew up to the open fridge. “ I see chocowate miwk and a baba of wed stuff.”

“Dat must be fwuit juice!” Flurry Heart said with excitement. “I want dat juice! U can have da miwk.”

Derpy gave the bottle of red stuff to Flurry Heart, and she took the chocolate milk. Derpy drank the chocolate milk slowly, savoring the sweet flavor. Flurry Heart chugged down the bottle of red stuff as soon as she got her hooves on it. What Flurry Heart and Derpy didn’t know was that the red stuff was hot sauce.

Flurry Heart’s face grew bright red and smoke came out of her ears. She took off screaming, flying all around the kitchen like an out of control rocket. Flurry Heart crashed in the sink and turned faucet, chugging the water as it came pouring out.

All of the grown-ups soon came rushing into the kitchen. “What is going on here?!” Twilight asked in a panic.

Derpy gave Doctor Whooves a smile. “Now Derpy, you know that you’re not supposed to wander off. But you do look very cute with that milk mustache.” He said with grin.

Shining picked up Flurry Heart from the sink. “Flurry Heart, what is with you today?” Flurry Heart made the pouty face again. “Oh, you’re still as adorable as ever!”

There was soon a loud hissing noise. All of the water that Flurry Heart had drank went right through her, and her diaper was completely soaked. Cadance let out a sigh. “Let's get you changed.”

After Flurry Heart was changed and Derpy was cleaned up, the two were put back in the playpen. Twilight put a magic shield around it. “There, that should stop you from getting out.”

Derpy faced Flurry Heart. “Dat was fun!”

“Dat was not fun!” Flurry Heart said, giving Derpy a nasty look. “Dat juice tasted awful, and I soaked my diapee!”

“We couwd find anothew fun thing to do.” Derpy suggested.

Flurry Heart then had an idea. She grabbed whammy and teleported both herself and Derpy out of the playpen. “Fowow me, I know somthin weawy fun!” Derpy followed along, but she had a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Derpy followed Flurry Heart to the open doorway of Spike’s room. Spike and Dinky were both too busy reading comics to notice them. “R we gonna pway with Spike and Dwinky?” Derpy asked.

Flurry Heart shook her head. “Nope. U see dose?” Flurry Heart pointed to a nearby stack of comics. “We gonna wip dem!”

Derpy was shocked. “Wat! Why?!”

“Because it fun, Dat’s why!” Flurry Heart then used her magic to float over a comic from the stack. Just as she was about to rip it, Derpy snatched the comic away.

“U can’t wip dis! It belongs to Spike! Ur just being a meanie!”

“Of couwse I can! I a pwincess! I can whateva I want!” Flurry Heart tried to take take the comic back from Derpy, but Derpy would not let go. “Now u gonna get it! Pwepare to see why he called whammy!” Flurry Heart raised whammy high over Derpy’s head. Just then, Spike and Dinky interfered.

“Flurry Heart! Were you about to hit Derpy?” Spike asked.

Flurry Heart gave a look of innocence while Dinky scooped up Derpy. All of the commotion caused the grown-ups to rush to Spike’s room. “What is going on?” Cadance asked.

“Flurry Heart was about to hit Derpy with whammy!” Spike said.

Shining and Cadance both looked at Flurry Heart. “Is this true?” Shining asked. Flurry Heart once again gave the pouty look. Shining and Cadance were about to fall for it yet again when Derpy began speaking to Doctor Whooves in foal babble.

“Excuse me, but Derpy has informed me that Flurry Heart came here to rip apart Spike’s comics.” Doctor Whooves said. “And she stopped her, Flurry Heart tried to hit her. Derpy also says that Flurry Heart thinks that she can get away with whatever she wants, and that she uses her pouty to avoid getting into trouble.”

“You understood all of that?” Cadance asked.

“Of course I did. I do speak foal.”

Twilight was surprised. “You can understand foals? Why have you never told us about this before?”

“You never asked.” Doctor Whooves explained.

Shining and Cadance both gave Flurry Heart looks of disappointment. Flurry Heart tried to make a cute face, but it didn’t work.

“Flurry Heart, we have been far too lenient with you.” Shining said.

“Your father is right.” Cadance then scooped up Flurry Heart. “You must learn that just because you’re a princess, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Bad actions have consequences.” Cadance then pulled down Flurry Heart’s diaper and spanked her bottom several times. Flurry Heart cried, but her parents just ignored it.

“You are also grounded for one month.” Said Shining. “That means no going to the park,no playing with other foals, staying in your room, and especially no dessert. Got it?” Flurry Heart sniffled and nodded her head.

Shining and Cadance soon headed out to return to the Crystal Empire. “Again, I am so sorry for all of the trouble Flurry Heart has caused.” Cadance told Twilight.

Twilight simply smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Now that you and Shining have laid down some ground rules and have learned not to be fooled by Flurry Heart, I think everything will be just fine.”

After Shining and Cadance left, Twilight approached Doctor Whooves. “Thank you Doctor. Without your ability to understand Derpy, Flurry Heart would’ve continued to be a troublemaker.”

Doctor Whooves just waved her off. “Derpy is the real hero here, for reporting what we were all missing. And for that, I think she deserves a reward.” Doctor Whooves leaned down to Derpy’s level. “How about we stop by Sugarcube Corner for some muffins?”

“Muffins!” Derpy said happily.