• Published 6th Oct 2017
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Muffins - BubblePuff

Trixie accidentally turns Derpy into a foal. Hilarity ensues.

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Derpy's day out

It was a bright and sunny day in Ponyville. Dinky was away at school, and Doctor Whooves was playing patty cake with his wife - turned foal - Derpy. “Patty cake, patty cake, bakers pan. Bake me some muffins as fast you can!” Derpy raised her hooves in the air upon completing the rhyme. “Muffins!” She cheered.

Doctor Whooves smiled. He rubbed Derpy’s mane which made her giggle. “You are so adorable like this Derpy. Though I do miss the more ‘grown up’ Things that we used to do.” Derpy just sat there with a confused look on her face.

Doctor Whooves looked for anything to break the awkwardness when he heard a knock at the door. “Oh thank Celestia.” He thought to himself. Doctor Whooves went to the door and opened it to find the local mail mare.

“Good afternoon Doctor Whooves.” The mail mare said with a smile. “How are things today?”

“Everything is going splendidly.” Doctor Whooves replied. “I was just playing with Derpy. I know that everypony down at the post office must really miss her.”

The mail mare let out a sigh. “It’s true, we do miss Derpy. She wasn’t perfect, but she always brightened up our days and worked hard no matter what. We’re all still waiting for a cure to be found so that she can come back.”

“Trust me, you’re not the only ones.” Said Doctor Whooves. As he and the mail mare were talking, Derpy crawled over and took notice of the mail mare’s uniform. She didn’t know why but it seemed very familiar to her. She had to know more. While Doctor Whooves and the mail mare were distracted with their conversation, Derpy flew over and crawled into the mail mare’s mail bag.

“Well I’ve probably taken up enough of your time.” The mail mare said. “Besides, the mail doesn’t deliver itself.”

“Unless of course you have a dragon that can send letters with magical flames.” Doctor Whooves joked. He waved goodbye to the mail mare who continued on her rounds. After a few steps down the street, she had to stop to readjust her mail bag.

“I swear the mail is getting heavier and heavier every day” The mail mare said to herself, unaware of her little passenger.

Doctor Whooves meanwhile walked back into his living room. “So what game do you want to play next Derpy?” He asked. To his horror, Derpy was nowhere in sight. “Derpy where are you?!” Doctor Whooves said in a panic. He dashed around the entire house, looking through every nook and cranny. But Derpy was gone. “DERPY!!!” Doctor Whooves cried out.

Derpy bounced up and down in the mail bag as the mail mare trotted down the street. This made Derpy giggle with joy. The mail mare stopped when she thought she heard the giggling, but then she just shrugged it off.

As the mail mare went past the market, Derpy peeked her head out of the mail bag. She was fascinated by all of the vendors and big ponies shopping. Derpy flew out of the mail bag, landing on her diapered bottom with a slight bounce. She then crawled over to the first stand she saw which was selling pears.

“Come get your pears! They’re nature’s candy!” Grandpa Pear called out to all the shopping ponies. He stopped when he suddenly felt something bump against his leg. Grandpa Pear looked down to see a gray pegasus foal with a yellow mane and tail smiling up at him. “Why, hello there little one! What’s your name?”

“Derpy!” Derpy replied as she bounced up and down on her diaper.

“Well aren’t you just the cutest little thing! Here, have some pear butter. My treat!” Grandpa Pear gave Derpy and open jar of pear butter. Derpy sniffed the strange substance at first, then she scooped some up with her hoof and licked it. Derpy loved it and instantly began shoveling the pear butter into her mouth.

“I guess that means you like it.” Grandpa Pear said with a chuckle. He then went help a customer. After Derpy had finished the pear butter, she spotted a pony with a cart selling balloons. Mesmerized, she crawled after the cart.

Doctor Whooves came running through the market in a state of panic. “Has anypony seen a lone pegasus foal?!” He cried out. Doctor Whooves stopped at Grandpa Pear’s stand. “Excuse me sir, have you seen a pegasus foal with gray hair and a yellow mane?”

“Why indeed I have!” Grandpa Pear answered. “She’s right here having some pear bu-” Grandpa Pear looked down expecting to find Derpy, but was shocked when all he found was an empty jar of pear butter. “I don’t get it. She was right here a second ago.” Doctor Whooves continued to search through the market.

The owner of the balloon cart had stopped and had just sold a couple of balloons when he saw Derpy crawling up to him. He knelt down to her level. “Hello little filly. Where are your mommy and daddy?”

Derpy pointed up to the balloons. “Bawoon!”

The stallion could not help but smile. “Of course you can have a balloon! Which color would you like?”

Derpy looked at the rainbow of colors that were available until she settled on yellow because it reminded her of Sweetie. “Yewwow!”

“Excellent choice!” The stallion took a yellow balloon and tied it around Derpy’s waist. “Now, let’s see if we can find your mom and dad okay?” The stallion turned and began calling out to the crowd if anypony had lost a foal. While he wasn’t looking, the balloon lifted Derpy into the air. She smiled as she floated off.

Doctor Whooves heard the stallion asking if anypony had lost a foal and immediately raced over to his location. “Excuse me, did you say you found a lost foal?”

“Yes I have. She’s right over here.” The stallion turned and pointed to Derpy, only to find that she was gone.

“Oh no, not again!” Doctor Whooves yelled. He called out into the crowd. “DERPY!!!”

Derpy floated happily through the skies over Ponyville as she dangled from her yellow balloon. There was a sudden gurgling in her tummy as the pear butter went right through her, causing Derpy to mess her diaper. A second later she floated into a cloud and bumped into Rainbow Dash who was taking a nap.

Derpy booped Rainbow on the nose to wake her up. “Huh? Wha?” Rainbow said as she was awoken from her deep slumber. “Derpy? What are you doing up here?” Rainbow then took a whiff of Derpy and held her nose. “And what is that smell?!”

Derpy poked her diaper. “Made Stwinky.”

“No kidding.” Rainbow said. “We’d better get you back to Doctor Whooves. But first, let’s get you into a clean diaper.” Rainbow peeled off the dirty diaper and chucked it over the side of the cloud.

On the ground, Spoiled Rich was just leaving the spa. “It took an all day session, but I finally feel clean of that dirty little foals diaper.” She thought to herself. Spoiled then noticed a shadow cast over her that was getting bigger. “What in the hay?” Spoiled looked up to see a another dirty diaper heading right for her. A split second later there was a loud plop, followed by Spoiled screaming.

Rainbow flew over to Sugarcube Corner, where Pinkie Pie helped her clean up Derpy and get her into a fresh diaper. Upon leaving, Rainbow bumped right into Doctor Whooves. “Derpy!” The yelled with excitement. He instantly grabbed Derpy and brought her in for a hug. “My sweet muffin, I thought I’d lost you forever!” Doctor Whooves then looked at Rainbow. “Thank you so much for finding her, Rainbow Dash!”

“Hey just doing my job of being awesome.” Rainbow said with a brash smile. “Still, you should keep a closer eye on Derpy. I found her tied to a balloon while taking a na...busting some clouds. Heh heh.” She laughed nervously.

Derpy then yawned and fell asleep in Doctor Whooves’s front legs. “I should be getting her home. It appears she's had a big Derpy day.”