• Published 6th Oct 2017
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Muffins - BubblePuff

Trixie accidentally turns Derpy into a foal. Hilarity ensues.

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Back to school

Doctor Whooves sat in a chair reading a newspaper while Derpy sat on the floor, sucking on a pacifier and playing with blocks when Dinky came home from school. “Hello Dinky, how was school?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“Oh, it was good.” Dinky hung up her school bag on a coat rack. She then walked slowly towards her father. “Um dad, can I ask a favor of you?” Dinky asked. while rubbing the back of her head.

Doctor Whooves put down his newspaper. “Of course my little muffin. What is it?”

“Can I bring mom to school with me tomorrow?”

“Your mother? Why do you want to take her to school?” Doctor Whooves asked with a puzzled look.

“Well actually, it’s Miss Cheerilee’s idea. She wants to teach the class on how to properly care for a foal, and believes that a real one would be much better than a doll.”

Doctor Whooves thought for a moment. “Miss Cheerilee does have a good point, but why Derpy? Why not one of the Cake twins?”

Dinky was quick to answer. “Because Pound and Pumpkin both have a medical check up tomorrow and won’t be available. Also, Miss Cheerilee said you owe her after she was attacked by both Windigos and the great intelligence during our parent-teacher conference.”

“She did have to go through a lot. Alright, you may take Derpy to school tomorrow. I will come with you to drop off some supplies for the class. Just remember to be extra careful. Derpy is not only a foal, but also your mother.”

“Thanks dad!” Dinky said with a smile. She hugged him and then knelt down next to Derpy. “Guess what mom? You’re coming with me to school tomorrow!”

Derpy removed her pacifier. “Yay! Skoow!” Derpy smiled and bounced up and down on her diaper.

The next morning Doctor Whooves walked with Dinky to school. He pushed Derpy in a stroller and carried a saddle bag full of foal supplies that Miss Cheerilee’s class would need for the day.

Miss Cheerilee greeted them all at the school’s front door. She instantly began gushing over Derpy. “Oh, aren’t you the cutest thing ever! Yes you are!” Miss Cheerilee tickled Derpy’s belly, making the foal laugh and kick her back legs.

Miss Cheerilee then looked at Doctor Whooves. “Doctor, thank you so much for allowing your, um, wife to be apart of todays lesson.”

Doctor Whooves just smiled and waved her off. “It’s no problem at all. Derpy has proven to be a very behaved little filly. I’m sure your class will have a wonderful time learning with her.” Doctor Whooves then gave Miss Cheerilee the saddle bag full of supplies.

“Well, Dinky has been talking non-stop about taking care of her mother. I just know that she and Derpy will be my two biggest helpers today!”

Dinky smiled blushed with embarrassment. “I, um, should get to my desk.”

The school bell rang and all of Miss Cheerilee’s students entered the building. Doctor Whooves bent down and kissed Derpy. “Have a fun day my dear! I’ll back to pick up you and Dinky after school.” Miss Cheerilee then rolled Derpy inside. She placed Derpy on her desk and addressed the class.

“Okay class, today we are going to learn a very important life lesson: How to take care of a foal. And instead of dolls or bags of flour, you are going to be looking after a real foal! So let me introduce our special guest, Derpy!” Miss Cheerilee pointed to Derpy, who simply sucked on her own hoof. All of the students Dawwed and cooed at the adorable sight.

Pipsqueak raised his hoof. “Um, isn’t Derpy the local mail mare? And an adult?”

“Well yes, but due to a recent accident Derpy has been turned into a foal for the time being” Miss Cheerilee explained.

The front of Derpy’s diaper then turned yellow. “Uh oh!” Derpy said.

Miss Cheerilee beamed with delight. “This is the perfect opportunity to practice our first lesson, changing a diaper! Who would like to volunteer?”

To the surprise of most of the class, Silver Spoon shot up her hoof first. “I would!”

“Very well Silver Spoon. Please come to the front of the class.” Silver Spoon left her desk and approached Miss Cheerilee, who was laying out a changing mat on the floor. Miss Cheerilee then placed Derpy on the mat and gave Silver Spoon the changing supplies.

“Alright Silver Spoon, first you-” Miss Cheerilee was about to explain what to do when suddenly Silver Spoon sprang into action. In a matter of seconds, Silver Spoon removed the dirty diaper, wiped down Derpy’s bottom, sprinkled her with foal powder, and strapped her in a fresh diaper. Silver Spoon then booped Derpy on the nose, making her squeal with delight.

“Silver, that was amazing!” Miss Cheerilee said enthusiastically. “How did you know to change a diaper so quick and properly?”

Silver Spoon cleaned her hooves with a wet nap then turned to Miss Cheerilee. “I learned how to do while looking after my newborn cousin Sterling Silver. It's become second nature to me at this point.”

“I am still very impressed! Good job! You may return to seat.” Silver Spoon returned to her desk and Miss Cheerilee turned back to the class.

“Now that you all have seen how to change a diaper, we will next focus on feeding.” Miss Cheerilee took out a foal bottle filled with formula. “Who would like to volunteer next?”

Everypony raised their hooves. “Rumble, how about you?” Miss Cheerilee said as she pointed to the colt.

Rumble got up from his desk and walked to the front of the class. Miss Cheerilee had him sit down, then gave Derpy to him hold. “Now cradle her very gently, being sure to support her head.” Miss Cheerilee instructed.

Rumble cradled Derpy in his front legs, smiling at the adorable foal. Miss Cheerilee gave Rumble the bottle. “Now gently put the rubber nipple in her mouth and hold the bottle at an angle to prevent bubbles.” Rumble did as Miss Cheerilee instructed. Derpy grabbed the bottle and began sucking down the formula at a fast pace.

Once Derpy had finished the formula, Miss Cheerilee instructed Rumble to place her over his shoulder and gently pat her back to burp her. Rumble did so, and Derpy let out a loud belch that made the whole class break out laughing.

“Excellent job Rumble! You may return to your seat.” Rumble gave Derpy back to Miss Cheerilee and went back to his desk.

Diamond Tiara raised her hoof. “Is it ok for us to play with Derpy?”

“But of course!” Miss Cheerilee replied. “Play is very important for a foals development. Both mentally and socially. Just be sure to be very gentle with her.” Miss Cheerilee got out some toys and layed out a blanket. She placed Derpy on the blanket and all of the students sat in a circle around her.

Derpy had the time of her life. All of the students took turns playing with her. They did everything from rolling a ball back and forth to Derpy to playing peek-a-boo. Derpy personally crawled over and gave them all boops on the nose, which made everypony giggle.

Derpy then made a big yawn. “It looks like our special little guest needs a nap.” Said Miss Cheerilee. “Who here knows how to put down a foal for a nap?”

“I know what to do!” Dinky said. She proceeded to swaddle Derpy up in the blanket, and then rocked her back and forth in her front legs while singing Derpy’s lullaby until Derpy fell asleep.

Miss Cheerilee very carefully took Derpy from Dinky and placed her in the foal carrier to sleep. The bell for lunch then rang, and all of students headed outside.

“Be careful outside today class.” Miss Cheerilee said to them. “The weather team is doing their annual cyclone to bring water up to the weather factory, so there might be some strong winds headed our way.”

The students had lunch and played outside while Miss Cheerilee stayed in her classroom for lunch and to watch over Derpy. The bell rang again, and all the students came back inside. Derpy awoke from her nap with a big yawn.

The Classroom was suddenly filled with a foul odor. Everyone covered their noses. “Eww! Derpy made a stinky!” Featherweight shouted. Derpy sat up in her stroller and blushed.

“Alright everyone.” Miss Cheerilee announced. “It’s time to face one of the more natural, but icky, parts of raising a foal. Changing a diaper after the foal has gone number two.”

Miss Cheerilee once again layed out the changing mat and supplies. “Who would like to volunteer?”

Diamond Tiara raised her hoof. “I will!”

“Thank you Diamond. Please come to the front of the class.” Diamond Tiara left her desk and approached Derpy. Miss Cheerilee provided a clothespin for Diamond’s nose.

Diamond Tiara placed Derpy on the changing mat. After untapping the diaper, she almost barfed at what she saw. The dirty diaper was removed, and Diamond procceded to wipe down Derpy’s bottom. She then applied rash cream, foal powder, and strapped Derpy into a clean diaper.

“Well done Diamond!” Said Miss Cheerilee.

Diamond Tiara cleaned her hooves with wet naps. “Thank you.”

The front door then swung open, and Spoiled Rich entered the classroom. “Ugh, what is that awful stench?!”

Miss Cheerilee was caught by surprise. “Mrs. Rich, what are you doing here? I thought you had the day off?”

“My day at the spa was cut short when they let a Griffin into the building!” Spoiled Rich said with a wave of her hoof. “Letting such nasty creatures into such an establishment, I never-” Spoiled Rich stopped when she spotted Derpy.

“What is that thing doing here?” Spoiled Rich asked with disgust.

“I wanted to teach the students how to properly care for a foal.” Miss Cheerilee explained. “And what better way than to have a real foal to learn with.”

“Miss Cheerilee, I will not allow such dirty little things into this school.”

Diamond Tiara looked at her mother with a raised eyebrow. “Um, mom? I was foal.”

Spoiled Rich rolled her eyes. “Don’t remind me! All you did was cry, eat, and soil your diapers. Fortunately Randolph looked after you, but you were still a strain on my social life and left the whole mansion reeking of your dirty diapers. Not unlike that ugly little one right there.” Spoiled Rich pointed directly at Derpy, who was now about to cry.

At that very same moment, the local weather team began making their cyclone to bring water up to the weather factory. The wind instantly picked up top speed. A gust of this intense wind blew into Miss Cheerilee’s classroom through an open window. The gust of wind swirled around, eventually picking up Derpy’s dirty diaper and hurling it right at Spoiled Rich. The dirty diaper hit her square in the face with a loud splat.

Derpy Immediately smiled and pointed at Spoiled Rich. “Poopy head!”

Spoiled Rich ran out of the school in a flash, screaming all the way. The entire class, including Miss Cheerilee, all broke out in a roar of laughter.

At the end of the day, Doctor Whooves came by to pick up Derpy and Dinky. “So Miss Cheerilee, how were my two little muffins?”

“They were fantastic!” Miss Cheerilee replied. “Derpy was very well behaved, and all of the students loved taking care of her.”

“Yeah! In fact, some of them want to come over for a playdate with Derpy and I.” Dinky said. “Can they dad, please?”

Doctor Whooves smiled and rubbed Dinky’s head. “Of course. I don’t see why not.”

Both Derpy and Dinky threw up their hooves. “Yay!” They shouted in unison.