• Published 6th Oct 2017
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Muffins - BubblePuff

Trixie accidentally turns Derpy into a foal. Hilarity ensues.

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Doctor Whooves was awoken from his slumber by the crying of his wife turned foal. He rubbed his eyes and slowly got out of bed, dragging his hooves down the hallway to Derpy’s room. “Oh, how I miss the silence.” He muttered under his breath.

Doctor Whooves entered Derpy’s room. He peered into her crib to see that she kicked off her blanket and spat out her pacifier. Derpy wildly waved around her chubby little hooves and bawled non-stop. Doctor Whooves could see that Derpy’s diaper was stained yellow. “Ahh, did somepony have an accident?” Doctor Whooves said with a calming coo.

“Uh huh.” Derpy said in between sobs. “I made wetty.”

“Well then, let’s get you changed.” Doctor Whooves took Derpy out of her crib. He then laid out a changing mat on the floor and placed Derpy on it. Doctor Whooves removed and threw away Derpy’s wet diaper, then wiped her clean, powdered her bottom, and strapped her into a fresh diaper.

“There, all clean! Now it’s time to go back to bed.” Doctor Whooves said. But Derpy just frowned.

“I not sweepy!”

Doctor Whooves slightly smiled as he tried to reason with her. “Now, now. All foals need a good night’s rest.”

Derpy just bounced up and down on her diaper. “Wanna pway! Wanna pway!”

At that moment, Dinky came into the room. “Dad what’s going on?”

Doctor Whooves smiled at his daughter. “Nothing Dinky. Just trying to get your mother to go back to sleep.”

Derpy saw Dinky and smiled. “Wanna pway Dwinky?”

“Mo, I mean Derpy. It’s late and I have school tomorrow.” Dinky could not believe what she had just said. She suddenly had a newfound respect for her parents.

“No! Wanna pway!” Derpy’s lips began to quiver. She was on the verge of a full blown temper tantrum.

“Derpy just calm down.” Doctor Whooves pleaded. Derpy shut her eyes tight. The temper tantrum threat was now at defcon 2.

Dinky suddenly had an idea. It was a long shot, but there were no options left. “Hey Derpy, would you like to hear a lullaby?”

Derpy opened her eyes. “Wullwaby?”

Dinky walked over and cradled Derpy. “Uh huh. It’s the same one that you sang to me, when you were the adult.” Dinky then began to sing.

Derpy had drifted off to sleep during the lullaby. “It worked dad. I got mom back to-” Dinky looked over to see that her father had also fallen asleep. Dinky gently placed Derpy back in her crib. She also placed a blanket over her father. “And I’m supposed to be the child in this family.” Dinky thought to herself as she went back to bed.

The following morning at breakfast, Doctor Whooves gave Derpy a bottle of formula while Dinky had some oatmeal. “So what are you going to do with mom today, dad?” Dinky asked.

“Well, I thought I would check in with Princess Twilight to see if she has found another copy of that spell book that can turn your mother back to normal. I also need to stop by the post office and inform them that she’ll be unavailable for work for the time being.”

Derpy finished her bottle, and Doctor Whooves picked her up to be burped. He placed Derpy over his shoulder and gently patted her on the back. Derpy then let out a belch so loud that it shook the house, rattled the windows, and scared off every animal within a ten mile radius.

Both Doctor Whooves and Dinky stared in bewilderment at Derpy, who simply covered her mouth giggled. “Well, at least she still has a good appetite.” Doctor Whooves said.

After dropping Dinky off at school, Doctor Whooves set out for Twilight’s castle. Derpy hung from his chest in a foal sling. Saddle bags on the sides contained emergency diapers and bottles of foal formula. Doctor Whooves also brought along Derpy’s favorite toy Sweetie, just in case. Doctor Whooves arrived at the castle and knocked at the door. They creaked open and he was greeted by Spike.

“Hello Doctor Whooves! Hello Derpy!” Spike tickled Derpy under her chin, making the foal laugh.

“Greetings Spike. Is Twilight in at the moment?” Doctor Whooves asked.

“Yep! In fact, she’s been expecting you. Follow me.” Spike led Doctor Whooves into the castle. He followed the little dragon to the library where Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie were waiting.

Derpy recognized Starlight and Trixie. “Hewo Stawwite! Hewo Twixie!” The tiny foal smiled and waved her hooves. Starlight and Trixie both daww’d at Derpy. Twilight However, had a tired look on her face.

“Princess Twilight, were you able to find another copy of that spell book?” Doctor Whooves asked.

Twilight let out a sigh. “Doctor Whooves, I’m sorry to say this but I’ve contacted Princess Celestia and she can’t find a copy of the book in the royal library. She has sent out a search for it across Equestria, but who knows if it will ever be found.”

“So my wife is stuck as foal then?” Doctor Whooves lowered his ears and sounded dejected.

“Again, we are so sorry!” Starlight said. “Trixie and I are more than willing to make this up to you and Dinky anyway we can.”

“The great and powerful Trixie shall even put on a personal performance for you!”

Doctor Whooves looked up and smiled. “Thank you. You are all so kind. Perhaps you could come with me to the post office? I need to explain why Derpy won’t be in for work, and I don’t think they’ll take my word alone.”

Twilight smiled. “Sure, we’d be happy to.” All four ponies then held their noses as a foul stench filled the room.

“Right after we get Derpy changed, of course.” Doctor Whooves looked down at Derpy, who put her hooves to her mouth as she giggled.

After getting Derpy changed, Doctor Whooves and Twilight walked down to the post office. They entered to find a mailmare with a copper coat and green mane working behind the counter. “Hello Princess Twilight, Doctor Whooves.” The mailmare then noticed Derpy in the foal sling. “Oh, what an adorable little foal! Why,she looks just like Derpy!”

Doctor Whooves rubbed the back of his head. “Well actually...this is Derpy.”

The mailmare leaned in for a closer look. Derpy smiled and waved at her. “Hewo! I’m Derpy!”

The mailmare blinked a few times, then looked over at Twilight. “Um, is this a joke?”

Twilight let out a sigh. “No, it’s not a joke. That really is Derpy. I can explain everything.” Twilight went on to tell the mailmare everything that had happened. “And that is why Derpy is a foal.”

“Are you sure this isn’t revenge for that time Derpy accidentally dropped various objects on you, including a piano?” The mailmare asked with a skeptical look.

Twilight was naturally taken by surprise. “What?! No! I forgave Derpy for that long ago. She felt so bad about it that she even gave me a muffin basket.”

“It’s true. She made every flavor of muffin you can think of.” Doctor Whooves confirmed.

“Alright, I’ll see to it that Derpy is given an extended leave of absence until this spell is reversed. It’s a shame really. Derpy is one of our best mailmares. She always works long hours and never complains.”

Doctor Whooves looked down at Derpy. “Yes, she is definitely the toughest woman that I have ever met in all of my travels. She could subdue an entire army of Ice Warriors just with her smile.”

Both Twilight and the mailmare stared at Doctor Whooves, trying to figure out what he was talking about. “Oookaayyy, so thank for understanding. We hope to get Derpy back to normal in no time!” Said Twilight.

Twilight and Doctor Whooves left the post office, with Doctor Whooves thanking Twilight for her help. After Twilight went back to the castle, Derpy spoke up.


Doctor Whooves thought for a moment. “Well, you have been on good behavior all morning. I’d say that warrants a muffin!”

Derpy Smiled and clapped her little hooves. “Yay! Muffin!”

Doctor Whooves walked into Sugarcube Corner. He approached the counter and requested one lemon muffin surprise. The mare working the counter turned around and revealed herself to be Pinkie Pie.

“Hello Doctor Whooves! Oh my gosh, is that Derpy? She is so cute! Let me guess, she got turned into a foal? That seems to be happening a lot recently. I would like to be a foal again, my mane was all frizzy! Hey, I have a great idea! After Derpy is done with her muffin, why don’t we let her play with Pumpkin and Pound! The last time they had a play date it was with Flurry Heart, and they’re still a bit upset that she broke one of their toys. Wadda ya say?”

Never in all of Doctor Whoove’s travels had he encountered a being that could talk so fast. “Um, sure. That sounds like fun. I do need to get some more foal supplies anyway.”

“Great! Here’s your lemon muffin surprise!”

Doctor Whooves paid for the muffin and then took a seat at a nearby table. He set the saddle bags on the floor and held Derpy in his lap as he sat down. Doctor Whooves broke the muffin up into tiny bits so that Derpy could easily swallow them.

Once Derpy was finished, Pinkie hopped over. “So, is Derpy ready for her playdate?”

Doctor Whooves placed Derpy on Pinkie’s back. “Oh yes. Her foal food, toys and diapers are in the saddle bags. I shall be back in an hour.” Doctor Whooves then kissed Derpy on the forehead. “Have a fun time!”

Pinkie grabbed the saddle bags and headed upstairs. Pound and Pumpkin were in their room playing with their toys. Pinkie placed Derpy down in front of them. “Hey you two, I brought you a playmate! Say hello to Derpy!”

Derpy gave the Cake twins a smile. “Hewo! I’m Derpy!”

“Hi! I’m Pound!”

“And I’m Pumpkin!”

Pinkie d’awwed at their foal babble. She then placed Derpy’s toys next to her. “You three play nice!”

“Watta ya doin?” Derpy asked.

“We pwayin ponies an dwagons!” Pound grabbed a plush frog. “Dis my nooble steed!”

Pumpkin grabbed a plush duck. “An dis mine!”

Derpy reached over and grabbed Sweetie. “Dis is Sweetie. She taste wike yuck!”

Pumpkin then gave Pound and Derpy foam swords. “Now we off ta sway da dwagon!” The three foals then rode their plushies around the room, stopping at the bottom of the crib.

“Wat unda dare?” Derpy asked.

“Dat da dwagon’s wair.” Pumpkin said. “We must go in on hoof.” Pumpkin, Pound, and Derpy dismounted their plushies and crawled under the crib. Soon they came across a dragon plushie.

Pound raised his foam sword in the air. “Charge!” The three then attack the dragon, whacking it with their swords until it fell over.

“Hooray! It dead!” Derpy cheered. Pound and Pumpkin also cheered.

“So wat do we pway now?” Pumpkin asked.

“I know!” Derpy crawled over to the saddle bag with her stuff in it and took out a bottle. “Bubbas!”

“Bubbas?” Both pound and Pumpkin asked simultaneously.

“Tay fun! Watch!” Derpy dipped the bubble wand into the bottle, then took it out and blew through it. Dozens of bubbles floated through the air. Pound and Pumpkin looked on with awe.

Derpy blew more bubbles. Pound and Pumpkin popped them as they floated by. “Dis is fun! Can U make big bubbas?” Pumpkin asked.

Derpy thought for a moment. “I tink so. I just need wots of wata an soap.”

Pound raised his hooves. “I know where ta get wots of soap an wata!” Pound then flew over to the door and opened it. He led Derpy and Pumpkin out of the nursery and down the hall to the bathroom. “Da tub makes tons of wata!”

“Gweat idea!” Pumpkin used her magic to turn the handle and begin filling up the tub. Derpy then flew over and dumped in the entire bottle of bubble solution. Derpy waited until the tub was filled to the brim. She then dipped in her bubble wand and began to blow.

The bubble that Derpy blew was massive in size. It was so massive that it sucked up Derpy, Pound, and Pumpkin. The three foals giggled as they floated in the giant bubble, unaware that the bathroom was filling up with water and bubbles.

Doctor Whooves later returned to Sugarcube Corner after shopping for more foal supplies. “Hello Pinkie! Was everything alright with Derpy while I was gone?”

Pinkie Pie hopped over to Doctor Whooves. “Yes indeedy! She and the Cake twins have been playing quietly together ever since you left!”

Just then, a tidal wave of water and bubbles came rushing down the stairs into Sugarcube Corner, completely soaking Doctor Whooves and Pinkie. Derpy, Pound, and Pumpkin then floated down inside of the giant bubble. It popped, with Pound and Pumpkin landing on Pinkie and Derpy landing on Doctor Whoove’s face. She giggled and booped him on the nose.

Doctor Whooves simply smiled and laughed. “Oh, Derpy!”

Author's Note:

If you're a fellow whovian, you'll get all of the references that I put in. If not, then I hope that you enjoyed the chapter anyway.