• Published 6th Oct 2017
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Muffins - BubblePuff

Trixie accidentally turns Derpy into a foal. Hilarity ensues.

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I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong

It took Derpy booping Doctor Whooves on the nose to awaken him from his frozen state of shock. “By the sky trenches of Gallafrey! What happened to my wife?!”

Starlight and Trixie both looked at each other and gulped. They then faced Doctor Whooves. Starlight went first. “Well Doctor, I was teaching Trixie here a basic transformation spell. She was having some trouble so I had her read the spell from a book.”

Trixie took over. “I was concentrating on the spell when your, um, wife came in to give a package to Starlight. I maybe put a bit too much power into the spell because I missed my target and zapped Derpy. Oh, and I accidentally used an age regression spell instead of a transformation spell.”

“And then, as Trixie was trying to clean up the mess she made, she kind of turned the spell book into a tea cup. And it contained the counter spell to turn Derpy back to normal. And we don’t have another copy.” Starlight smiled and made a slight chuckle. She looked like a filly who had just gotten caught with her hoof in the cookie jar.

“Come inside. There are some test I need to run.” Doctor Whooves ushered everypony into his home. He led them all downstairs to his lab, which was filled with weird gadgets and for some reason a blue box. Doctor Whooves reached into his desk drawer and took out what appeared a screwdriver.

Trixie placed Derpy on the floor and Doctor Whooves waved the screwdriver around her. The tip had lit up with a blue light and it made a buzzing noise which fascinated Derpy and made her giggle.

Doctor Whooves scratched his chin as he looked over the screwdriver. “Well I’ll be. Derpy has regressed to less than a year old. Not only that, but her mind has regressed as well.”

“So, Derpy also thinks that she’s a foal?” Starlight asked.

“Correct. Though how she can talk is still beyond me.” Doctor Whooves looked over to find Derpy crawling on top of a lighting ball, her mane and tail becoming frizzy with static electricity.

“Again Doctor, I am so sorry.” Trixie said. “Twilight is contacting Princess Celestia right now to find out if there is another copy of the book in the royal library. Starlight and I also brought over some foal supplies to help you out.”

“Thank you, I very much appreciate that.” Doctor Whooves said with a smile. “I also have some things left over from when Dinky was born. Speaking of which, she should be home from school any minute now. I have no idea how she will handle this.”

No sooner had Doctor Whooves finished talking, the front door upstairs could be heard opening and closing. “Daddy, I’m home!”

“Be right there,muffin!” Doctor Whooves called up. He looked towards Starlight and Trixie. “What should we do?”

“How about we just show her Derpy and explained what happened?” Trixie. “It would be kind of insulting to treat Dinky like she’s stupid.”

“I agree.” Starlight chimed in. “The sooner she knows, the better.”

“You’re right. Dinky is a smart filly. I know she can handle this.” Doctor Whooves picked up Derpy, who had somehow placed a metal helmet with lights all over it on her head, and placed her on his back. The three then made their way upstairs.

Dinky was in the kitchen, making herself a snack of toast and honey. Doctor Whooves spoke to her from the doorway. “So Dinky, how was your day?”

Dinky took a bite of her toast and swallowed. “It was good. We had a test, and I got an A+. Also, Kettle Corn is now speaking in haikus which is silly. How was your day?”

“About that. There is something going on with your mother.” Doctor Whooves entered the kitchen with Starlight and Trixie.

“Is something wrong?” Dinky asked with a worried face.

“No, not at all. The truth is-” Doctor Whooves then reached behind his back and grabbed Derpy, holding her out in front of Dinky. “-Your mother has been turned into a foal.”

Derpy waved her tiny hooves at Dinky. “Hewlo! I’m Derpy!”

Dinky’s toast fell to the floor, as did her jaw.

Trixie leaned over to Starlight. “I think she’s taking it well.”

“Mom...is a foal?!” Dinky said. Everypony then sniffed and began to gag as a foul odor filled the room.

Derpy Frowned. “Sowy. I made boom boom.”

“All will be explained, Dinky.” said Doctor Whooves. “But first, let’s get your mother changed.”

After Derpy had been changed, Doctor Whooves, Starlight, and Trixie sat down with Dinky on the couch and explained to her everything that had happened.

“How long is mom going to be stuck like this?” Dinky asked.

Starlight sighed. “Twilight is trying to find another copy of the spell book. It might take hours, days, or even weeks.”

Dinky turned to her father. “Dad, isn’t there anything you can do?”

“I’m sorry Dinky. My specialty is science, not magic. If I could change your mother back I would.” Doctor Whooves placed a reassuring hoof on Dinky’s back.

Trixie spoke up. “Until then, we’ve brought plenty of supplies! Foal diapers(the extra thick absorbent kind), foal powder, rash cream, formula, bottles, and pacifier for when Derpy gets upset.”

“We also have your old crib, foal sling, and high chair in the attic from when you were a foal Dinky. We can set it up in the guest room. Which is good because we can finally get some use out it.”

Dinky looked down at her mother, who was rolling around on the carpet. “Well, this is pretty weird. Especially when you consider where live. It feels like somepony is being turned into a foal every few weeks.”

They all froze, a feeling of being watched coming over them. But it quickly passed.

Dinky got down off of the couch and approached her mother. Derpy laid on her back, all four of her little hooves waving in the air. Dinky helped her mother to sit up on her padded rump. “So, I guess I’m your big sister now. Dad said that your mind has regressed, so you probably don’t remember my name. I’m Dinky.”

Derpy sat up. She looked at Dinky and smiled. “Dwinky!” This made Dinky giggle. She had to admit, her mother was super cute as a foal.

A gurgling sound could be heard from Derpy’s tummy. “Me hwungy!”

“I suppose it is time for supper.” Doctor Whooves turned to Starlight and Trixie. “Would you care to stay for dinner?”

Starlight was about to respectfully decline, but Trixie beat her to the punch before Starlight could get a single word out. “We’d be delighted Doctor!”

“Splendid!” As they all headed for the dining room, Starlight gave Trixie a look.

“You just can’t turn down a free meal, can you?”

“What? The Doctor asked us to stay. We are guests in his home after all.” Trixie replied with a sly smile.

Dinner with the Whooves family was interesting to say the least. While Derpy sat in her high chair and chugged a bottle of formula, everypony else was dining on the main course: fish sticks and custard.

While Doctor Whooves and Dinky happily ate the meal, Starlight and Trixie looked at the concoction with bewilderment. “You have this dish often?” Trixie asked.

“Yep! It’s daddy’s specialty!” Dinky dunked another fish stick into her bowl of custard and took a bite.

Derpy finished her bottle and made a tiny burp. Doctor Whooves went and picked Derpy up, placing her over his shoulder and gently patting her back. Derpy let out a belch that echoed throughout the entire house.

“Reminds me of our first date!” Doctor Whooves said with a laugh. He tickled Derpy’s chubby little foal tummy and her giggle. Derpy then let out a big yawn.

“It looks like a certain foals bedtime. Would you two mind helping me and Dinky set up her crib?”

“We’d love to!” Trixie was about to leave the table when Starlight stopped her.

“But Trixie, you haven’t finished your fish sticks and custard. You wouldn’t want to be rude to our guest now would you?” Starlight said with a smirk. Trixie huffed and sat back down to finish her meal.

Starlight and Doctor Whooves set up the crib in the guest room while Dinky sat and cradled Derpy in the corner. Doctor Whooves then lifted up Derpy and placed her in the crib, covering her with Dinky’s old purple with muffin pattern foal blanket. He placed a pacifier in her mouth and even gave Derpy her old yellow plush that she named Sweetie. “Sweet dreams my little muffin.” Doctor Whooves said as her kissed her goodnight.

“Goodnight mommy.” Dinky whispered. The three left room and gently closed the door. Doctor Whooves and Dinky thanked Starlight and Trixie for all of their help.

“We’ll inform you as soon as Twilight has found the reversal spell.” Starlight informed Doctor Whooves.

“Thank you. And don’t worry about us. I’ve raised a foal before. The stories I could tell you about Dinky could fill a book.” This made Dinky blush a bright red.

As they left, Trixie glared at Starlight. “I can’t believe you made me finish that stuff.”

“What? The Doctor asked us to stay, and we were guests in his home after all.” Starlight said with a laugh.

Author's Note:

Dedicated to all the Whovians out there!