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I'm Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, and hate the conspiracies and idiocies that people bash, lie, and mock about me even more (It's sickening) So I'm here to stand up for my rights, preferences, and my Pride!


The Teen Titans HSM counter-parts attend Canterlot High as part of an exchange, and each of them has a different view and approach to life which the Equestria Girls try to share in and understand, only to find out not only do some view life differently, but life may not all be as simple as they think... Not for everyone anyway.

This especially comes in handy when a new evil threatens to takeover the world and the students must try and work together to prevent worldwide disaster.

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I kinda have a hard time getting what the point is here with Garfield.
He is just a jerk. He reacts with anger towards everything nice anyone may actually do for him and I don't get why Sunset and her friends should even bother helping him. Just because they are the good guys doesn't mean they have to be nice to everyone, especially if the other person obviously does not care for anyone or have one nice bone in its entire body.
And for what is worth, this story just feels like it misses any conflict.
Okay, we have these four people on the plane and two bimbos working for them, but nothing seems to be at stake currently.
Instead all the focus is put on a jerk I doubt anyone really likes.

Remember when Pony Pinkie Pie met Cranky Doodle...? (A FRIEND INDEED) He wasn't very nice to her at the start, and yet she didn't give up.

Or how about when Twilight tried to reconcile with Moondancer? (AMENDING FENCES)

It's also the way I see the ponies and their counterparts, they don't give up no matter how many times you tell them you're not interested.

Also, as Twilight's Friendship agent of the Human World, Sunset needs to understand and learn more about friendship and how some people are not like others. It's HER JOB to help people learn more about friendship and maybe give it a chance regardless of facts.

Okay, we have these four people on the plane

It's a Zeppelin...

but nothing seems to be at stake currently.

No offense, but... the way those people are acting, don't you think that means IT'S COMING? (You have to let the fic continue instead of judging too early) but keep in mind... this whole fic is a dream.

Instead all the focus is put on a jerk I doubt anyone really likes.

That's pretty much the main reason I made this whole fic, to bash the girls and make Beast Boy (His human counterpart) bash the other Titans (Their counterparts) I know it seems crazy, but it's my preference

Here, while I work on this fic and finish it... read this one This is non-dream Teen Titans X-over fic, but was also made to make the ponies fail and bash the Titans...


I would not really consider the episode with Cranky a good one. Personally I am part of the fandom who thinks that Pinkie was extremely annoying in that episode. Even if she was well meaning, she could have given Cranky his time first instead of seeing a new face and immediately going after him. And if you compare Cranky to Garfield, there is also a difference.
Cranky was not aggressive and rude to anyone really. In Pinkie's case it was if anything primarily because Pinkie was not respectful of any personal space.
Garfield is just aggressive to anyone for no initial reason it seems. Sure, there was the thing with his destroyed vegan hot dog, but that isn't necessary a reason to let things escalate as he does. And I really don't see where he gets off about calling Sunset and her friends pathetic, if they are the one who have saved the world a couple of times now and obviously have happier lives than he does.
With him being as much in the shitter as he is, because he seems dedicated not to get welfare checks.

As for the zeppelin and the "villains", two things.

Two, I get that they are supposed to be the bad guys, but they haven't done anything so far aside of sitting in their blimp and kidnapping Flash and Celestia. Considering how far you are in the story, it should be time at this point to elaborate on their actual schemes.
And if they are random people believing in magic, I don't understand how they supposedly would know anything may go on in that school, as supposedly the entire world ignores the fact that in Canterlot City magic is flowing aever since purple smart and her dog were looking for what looked like a prom crown.

As for the story, if the only point is to make the girls later on sad for Garfield... why should they?
The character is so unlikable at this point, I can't see how they shall feel bad for him if he kicks it. And if he does kick it and they are sad, I don't know if that is really a victory. First, as you said it is just a meaningless dream. second, if they are sad for him despite everythign he said and did, it just shows how they are still better people than Beastboy ever was.


Serves ya right, little boy! Perhaps next time you'll think twice before you cross swords with ME!

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