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three of us is one!!


Alternative Kindness, husband and father, has to learn how to forgive in his last moments of live, and possible return to home.

Inspired by "princess greatest mistake" and "shattered immortal"

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This needs a lot of spelling and grammer fixing

Yep, I need an editor for my two stories, it's not my mother tongue :v

Alternative Kindness have to learn to forgive Has to learn Has to or Alternative Kindness will have to learn to forgive

Inspired by "princess greatest mistake" and "shattered immortal"

Where can I read those stories?

I'm not sure want him to forgive them. If he does i want to be doen the OLD FASHION WAY.....BY EEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRNNNNNNIIIIINNNNGGGGGG IT!!

The Princesses Greatest Mistake
Is by Rey22red and the other i cant remember the author :(

Yeup, It will not make it easy :pinkiecrazy:

Ok you really need a editor for one every one seems to be male since you keep using him his for female characters

shit, forgive, when I use a translator it does not identify when is he or she, in Spanish, as it enters the context, unless I specify it, thx, I will review more the final work

Ahhh yeah i will admit my head went to hmm this writer likely is like me with other languages (or in other words tend to use translationers because i suck woth other languages) you may want to get some one to give it a run through for things

we've been looking for an editor since my brother's story, we publish these stories here and in another forum (one in Spanish), and in our language we're doing pretty well, but translate it ....... it's a pain, beside we want not to write the same story twice, that's why we use the translator.

Oh my, the spelling errors are what makes this the hardest to read, ignoring pacing problems, characterization and pacing.

Overall, it has an interesting premise that actually plays with the idea of an alternate universe instead of just using the tag as an excuse for a little variation on the story compared to the show.

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