• Published 23rd May 2017
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Laid - kingfish

It's mating season for the dragons, and a certain Dragon Lord employs Anon's services to help her sate her desires.

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Calling insta-feature.

Make more of these

8184927 More oviposition stories or just more stories in general?:duck:

8185135 oviposition

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Pun intended or not?
I think so.

Very, very good sexy Ember story. We need a whole lot more of theses! Take my like!:yay:

*<>* so hot I blew my radiator and water pump 10/10 ...damnit now I need a tow ...FML

This, but with more bugs. Bugs need some love too.

8184083 Why does that have 8 Downvotes?

8189114 I assume it has something to do with them assuming (correctly) that I predicted it would get featured solely because of the subject material, that being fucking Ember raw and that I'm being a douche about it.

Where's the giggity version?

8189220 Not to sound cocky, but I was pretty sure myself that it would get featured. If only because it's the first oviposition fic (not including bug oviposition) that's not, you know... kinda bad.

What's kinkier in this version it seemed to me like a copy of the other version

8190370 Mostly the addition of the creampie eating. I wrote that in originally (because I find it super hot), but as I understand it most people aren't into that, especially in the context of straight relations.

8190751 does the addition of only one extra sexual act constitute a name of even kinkier version? I would think maybe add the cream pie eating,add some anal (I don't remember if they did that or not) and possibly a 3 way at the end with 2 other dragons (I'm saying random dragons because I know garble and his friend wouldn't have shared)

8190812 Well, I didn't want to lose views or anything because of it, but I was really attached to it and didn't want to get rid of it entirely. Maybe I should have, though.

8191515 nah man its your story you add what you want and screw other people, even me just because i dont see creampie eating kinkier than what was already in the other version doesnt mean you should take it out if you dont want to

I appreciate that you maintained Ember's personality, despite her condition. The orgasms for egg laying idea worked great, and as a bonus it gave a plausible reason for pushing past her cervix. The only part I didn't like was the lack of cleanup from anal to vaginal, though I understand why some authors may not want to show that.

In reference to anal cleanup, I know not of what you speak because it does not exist.



Rather than post most of the story twice, the second bit should pick up near the end and be labeled as a kinkier alternate ending.

This was epic I hope there's a sequel where he get her pregnant

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