• Published 5th May 2017
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Between Sunburst and Lulamoon - Shadeol

When Starlight's two closest friends want to become more than that, she isn't sure what to do.

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As it turned out, finding somepony was a lot harder than just teleporting off to somewhere else.

Luckily for Starlight, Cadance had enlisted the help of a few of her guards to help find her friends. She was hesitant to make the guards waste their time because of her, but Cadance dismissed her concerns. Following the downfall of Sombra's reign, crime in the Crystal Empire was practically nonexistent, so the Crystal Guard mostly served as a helpful force that assisted any citizen who required it. Also, according to the Princess, this situation fell under 'the jurisdiction of love', of which she vehemently proclaimed was her domain.

Starlight eventually accepted their help, which left her again in Sunburst's room. She had spent the past hour thinking of what to say. She was tempted to fall into the checklist habit of her mentor, but Cadance had convinced her that this was something you could never fully prepare for. The heart was not logical and you could never anticipate what it wanted. It just simply did what it did.

That didn't leave her feeling any better.

A sudden knocking came from the door. "Come in!"

She heard some mumbling on the other side of the door before a set of hooves trotted away. After a brief moment, the door opened up to reveal the subjects of Starlight's thoughts. Worry began to creep back into her mind, but she did her best to steel herself.

As Trixie and Sunburst entered the room, Starlight's horn shimmered and the door closed behind them. The two stood around awkwardly before her horn shimmered again, floating two pillows down beside her. She tapped them with her hooves. "Let's talk."

She realized immediately afterwards that she could have chosen literally anything else to say that wouldn't have sounded half as bad, but a dozen other things were currently clouding her thoughts. Luckily, they seemed to take her cue and moved to their own pillows.

After seating themselves, their mouths opened at the same time. "Trixie is--" "Star, I'm--"

"Wait," she interrupted them both. She shuffled in her pillow-seat. "Before anypony says anything else, I need to get something out of the way. The sooner I ask this, the better." She paused and took in a deep breath to steel herself. "Sunburst... Trixie...

"Do you two love me?"

The orange and blue unicorns looked at her with slightly-gaping mouths. Sunburst's glasses seemed to shift slightly downward and Trixie's tilted hat threatened to slide off of her head. After a few moments, they seemed to fully grasp what she was asking them before turning to each other in silent surprise. Starlight shuffled nervously as the two seemed to stare each other down. Were this any other situation, she would've tried betting on which one she thought would blink first.

...probably Trixie.

They turned their heads back to her, almost eerily in sync as they slowly nodded.

She let out a sigh of relief, somewhat glad that at least that question was answered and out of the way. "I kinda figured. That's part of why I suddenly teleported away, and then why I asked the guards to help find and bring you two here, and... yeah."

She heard Sunburst shuffle around on his pillow. "So... what do we do then?"

"That's the thing," Starlight groaned. "I talked to Cadance and even spent the better part of an hour sitting here and trying to figure out what the best thing to do would be." She let out a tired sigh and looked up at both of them. "You're my best friends, and... I think I'm starting to realize that I might even love you both back, but it's not fair to either of you for me to sit here and try to decide which one of you I like more." She looked back down to the floor, scuffing it with one of her forehooves. "That might have been something past-Starlight would have done, but I've come to treasure the few friendships I've made. I don't want to lose either of you."

"You said you talked to the Princess?" Trixie asked, with Starlight nodding in reply. "What did she have to say?"

"Well, other than suggesting we sit down and talk it out, she--" Starlight paused, remembering the other thing Cadance had suggested to her. Her face began to heat up in embarrassment at such a suggestion, but... she had started to realize that it might have been the perfect solution to her problem. She wouldn't have to choose...


Starlight shook her head. "She, uhm... suggested a herd." At their looks of surprise, she looked back down and hastily continued. "But, I told her how you two don't even know each other, and it would be awkward to be in that kind of relationship where the feeling wasn't mutual between everypony, and... yeah." She didn't even want to see their faces after suggesting something like that. "I think it's safe to say that won't work--"

"Well now, hold on for just a moment," Trixie interrupted. "Why would it not?"

"Uh... because... you two don't love each other?" Starlight clarified.

"Not immediately, no, but we've only just met," Trixie interjected. "Tr-- I did not immediately love you either, but when we became friends and started to spend more time with another, I began to realize my feelings for you. I began to see you more and more as a beautiful unicorn with an amazing talent for magic that could rival Twilight herself. A pony who could empathize with my awful past, yet who was also working to better herself. Similarly, talking with Sunburst over tea this afternoon made me realize similar things."

Starlight raised a hoof questioningly. "Uh, I don't think he's ever tried to take over a town like a dictator before."

"Not exactly that, no," Trixie replied, "but he still holds past regrets. He wishes that he didn't abandon you. He believes that if he waited for you to get your cutie mark, you might have gone to Celestia's school with him instead of lording over all of those ponies."

Starlight turned to Sunburst. "Wait, you do? Why didn't you tell me?"

Sunburst looked at her, confused. "I... did? After we finished eating, Trixie asked me how I knew you, so I told her all about it. Don't you remember?"

Starlight thought back to their lunch before remembering that she had been completely tuning out their conversation. "I... might have been distracted."

"That explains the silence," Trixie added. "Anyhow, my point is that I began to see similar things in him that I saw in you. You're both very talented magicians - even if you don't like to admit it - who have done things you regret, but are trying to patch up. That conversation made me realize how you two became friends once again, and it made me want to become his friend as well." She looked over to Sunburst to address him. "I had hoped that I would find as great of a friend in you as I did with Starlight."

"Wow, Trixie..." Starlight said. "That's--"

"Plus," Trixie interrupted her, her eyes quickly scanning over Sunburst. "I can see what you see in him. Aside from the confidence issues, he is a very smart and handsome stallion."

Starlight's words froze in her mouth while a blushing Sunburst looked away. "I, uh... you're an intelligent and pretty mare yourself, Trixie," he sputtered.

"Wait, so..." Starlight started. "Would you two... want to try something like that?"

Trixie shrugged. "I can't say that I see him the same way I see you, but I would not mind trying to change that." Sunburst opened his mouth to add something, but closed it before nodding in agreement.

Starlight's eyes glistened with tears as she jumped forward, latching onto her friends. "I don't deserve you two."

Outside their door, a pink alicorn giddily trotted away while giggling to herself. "Girl, you've still got it."

Author's Note:

And they all lived happily ever after.


Anyway, I hope those of you looking for a conclusion got what you hoped for. Sorry if it seemed a little short. If all goes well, I've been considering doing a sequel that would focus more on these three becoming closer. Maybe more Slice of Lifey or something.

But anyways, thanks for reading!

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I'd love it if this got a sequel.
Normally I don't ship Starlight and Trixie, but since this is a three-way relationship, I'm making an exception for this one.

I'm glad you concluded this. It's nice when the shipping calculations solve for values other than two.

Outside their door, a pink alicorn giddily trotted away while giggling to herself. "Girl, you've still got it."

Mi Amore Cadenza, Love Extrodinaire.

The three of them in a herd together

Heh, I haven't even read this fic, but I was sure of such conclusion. lol

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