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After the invasion of Canterlot and the subsequent Royal Wedding, Applejack returns home to recount another crazy tale to her family about Equestria's most recent opponents.

This time, Granny has a tale of her own.

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Cute. 'S good. Rate it good/10.

Nice. I like it.

It was seet and all however I would've liked this alternate reality to be more explored. Having a changeling as a mother isn't really a common thing in Equestria. How come Granny's never been telling this story to any of her grandkids? Was she ashamed about it? Why did the changeling left in the first place? Why did Appleseed met this girl? What changeling genes has been passed down to the next generation?

Otherwise, no big grammar faults or anything.

Well this is new, I really love it! :pinkiehappy:

Should make a another chapter to this or story. Say Apple Jack seeing Twilight and the Princesses help in finding changlings that want to escape the Queen's rule.

I like this headcanon in that it explains why Granny Smith's accepting of family regardless of what they are.

Uh, Apple Bloom was a flower filly in the wedding...

7058987 I actually forgot about that. :rainbowlaugh:

Guess it needs an AU tag.

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