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Following the Canterlot Wedding, Chrysalis' hive has been spread across the lands of Equestria, with nearly half of them unaccounted for. The survivors, along with their defeated queen, return home.

When the Hive Council hears of Chrysalis' attack on Canterlot, they decide to remove her from power, exiling her and her hive. Now, her changelings must find a way to survive on their own.

This is one changeling's search for a new home.


Cover art is a scaled down version of "The Unsung End", created by the talented Huussii (used without permission).

Rated Teen for possible language/themes that'll pop up, and just to be safe.

Fair warning, this is the first story I've written in a long time. There's bound to be mistakes, so don't be afraid to point them out (though, I'd ask that you try to at least be constructive).

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short, but i'd like to see where this goes :)

A nice reward for a days hard work.

I'm liking it! A true slice of life! I'm dreading that tragedy tag, though... :fluttershyouch:


Thanks! And I wouldn't worry about it too much. I was debating adding it (still a little iffy), but I think it fits what I have planned.

Wait, there it is! It's back! Mane gasped as he realized his connection was back! He could hear the buzzing again!

Hello? Hello? Is there anyling out there that can hear me? He projected his thoughts to anyone who could hear, but received no answer. Frustrated, he began to pace the room. Hello?! Please, can someling answer me?! This is AD-D8-E6 of Hive Green, Infiltrator caste! Damn it all, why won't any--

Mane, distracted by his thoughts, tripped over the noise machine. It rolled to its side, pushing in a button that ejected the current tablet onto the flood beside it. As Mane hit the floor, he realized that the buzzing had stopped entirely. No, no! I was so close! He laid there on the floor for a minute or so, brooding. He rolled over to his back before glaring over at the tablet on the floor next to him. ...it wasn't ever really there, huh?

Ouch. That distinctly made me feel like he was someone stranded on an island, all alone, and goes absolutely bonkers at any sign of not being alone, only to discover that he just imagined it.

I wonder how they will discover him being a changeling

Huh, how does he plan to feed himself now, though? Didn't he rely on being helpful and the gratitude he got in return for it? Now that he'll be living alone he won't get that nearly as much.

while had has met

um what?

Ch. 08 - Building


Whoops. Thanks for catching that.

6275318 your welcome I do that a lot just feels right.

Three of the stallions -- Phillip, Allen, and Torx -- were nearly identical triplets

Ooohh, I get it. At first I was like, "what strange names for ponies," and then it dawned on me.

Mane knew better than to believe it all, but he'd be lying if he said it didn't make him shiver in his chitin. He was positive that the other Queens were attempting peace talks with the Princesses, likely telling her that the attackers were 'just a bunch of rebel 'lings'. As much as he hated thinking of the punishment his hive would get, it was better than ruining the lives of all the other hives.

Huh. Well that's awfully...rational of him.

well Whitemane is certainly coming along nicely in life that's for sure.

"storage" right.... well that's going to be interesting later im sure.

Ooo, plot! I wonder if he's in trouble...

Also that changeling name idea is pretty cool! So is each changeling of a given hive a different shade of their hive's color?


Essentially, yea. It also gives me a pretty easy source for names if I need one, since I'm not particularly good at coming up with pony names.

but didn't really knows the names of

really know the names

interesting take on changling, honestly the different color thing to me makes perfect sense if only cus its easy to tell whos who. I was wondering if any ling would show up nice to know he's not alone(pending) anymore.

She's very obviously pissed off at what happened

understatement of the millennium.

What the hell just happened? Just spooked or did something threaten him?...

Either way we're at his reveal!

one word: BUSTED! well this can go 1 of 3 or so ways i'm hoping for the good one.

this is an awesome story i am going to keep reading and see where this goes

yep i am liking where this story is going

i can't wait for the next chapter you really are doing a good job

awesome first don't blame me if you looked

I ran into two weeks ago.

ran into you

awesome chapter first don't blame me if you looked

A quick end, seems odd. But I do look forward to seeing what happens next.

quick but it gets the point across.

The story starts off like many do but changes into a story that can distinguish itself from the others in a good way.
I really like that it that it was so easy going for home, except for the one or two little incidents.
The ending came a bit sudden, I was cursing my app for not going to the next page, but it's a really good way to end the story.

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6311953 question the queen is the mother of all workers in the hive?

I'm kinda sad this is the end and there's no Epilogue, but it is a hopeful end.

It was fun to come back and read this story again and it's still amazing as it was when I first read it

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