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Liv Moore is a medical examiner.  She's also a zombie, so it's a good thing she works at the coroner's office.  It's almost convenient how brains just come to her.

Just like how a girl with purple hair comes across Liv's table one day.  But eating her brain is not convenient at all.  It's a call to save two worlds from a magical apocalypse at great risk to life and limb.

Good thing Liv has plenty of both.

A crossover with iZombie

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This was great. Thanks for making my day better.

I saw a couple of the episodes of the Show at one point, although I didn't quite get into it. Perhaps I will later :P

As a huge fan of ' iZombie ' I vote for a freaking sequel. I never saw a crossover between these two. :pinkiehappy:

Ravi needs to see them 'Pony Up'! His reaction would be just priceless. I wouldn't put if past him that he would try to use magic then to cure Liz or just trying to find it out in general how magic works. Ravi vs. Magic, the unforgiving battle. ^^

"had Scrambled egghead" I see what you did there

pft, what a crossover.

Will read later.


Fact that it was an iZombie crossover was outta left field and I loved it.

I agree this needs a sequel, after all there are 6 days a week without a New IZombie Episode.

Yeah. I still have so many questions! :twilightblush:

What will happen with Twilight's body? She is an actual Alicorn Princess from an alternative dimension of magical talking Ponies and her corpse is on ice in the moment in a necropy room in Seattle. Sunset and the girls have no possibility to claim her body like that as minors.

What will happen with the human mane 5 and Sunset? Will they befriend her when they know about her being a real zombie with proof and more importantly her... special eating habits? I mean I'm not sure how they would react when Liv simply said to them: 'I could possibly Pony Up like you, behave like your friend and solve the case, because I ate your dead friends' brain earlier.' Best ice breaker ever for gaining others' trust and friendship. I tell ya.

How would Ravi react to this if he can't deny anymore the "non scientific explainable" existence of magic? How will Liv react now that she knows magic is real and no more fantasy?

Most importantly. What will Equestria do now? Their Princess of Friendship got just killed in a car accident in the human world. Her parents, Spike, Shining Armor, Cadence, her friends, Princess Celestia, Luna (Maybe even Starlight, depending if this story takes place before or after season five finale.) How will they take such news? Is Equestria now doomed without her? Is Liv now the literal "Undead human princess of friendship" (I would laugh my ass off if that would be the case btw. OMG! Liv in Equestria!)? Will they try to retrieve Twilight's body?

So many questions...

I mean, at first glance you assume crack-fic, but this was actually a really fun crossover. Interesting story.

Definitely a good read, and i agree with most, if not a sequel please write more of this.

Haven’t seen an iZombie story yet, good work! I’m sooo excited for season 4 to start! Should be spring 2018


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