• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Land of Equines - Daddy Joe

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

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The Mare on the Route

The Mare on the Route
August 4th, 2013

In the middle of the late afternoon while feeding Owlysius, I heard the front door to the library creak open. Owlysius noticed, too, and turned his head to look out the window.

"Who's that?" I asked Owlysius, taking a look out the window myself. I managed to catch a glimpse of Rainbow Dash and Rarity walking inside before the door closed.

"Are you in here, Caleb?" Twilight called from downstairs.

"I'm up here," I replied, heading down the stairs. "Man, where and how far did you guys go? I've been here all by myself for about four days."

"Following Spike all the way to where the dragons migrated," Twilight sighed. "Of course, they had to migrate all the way across Equestria."

"And it was the long way, might I add." Rarity said.

"The long way? Did the dragons end up at where all that lava is at?" I asked Twilight.

"They did. But instead of going across the sea, the migration pattern went all the way up to the arctic and took a big loop-de-loop back south until they reached the volcanic region." Twilight explained.

"Why though? That's an odd choice for a migration." I said.

"I don't really have an explanation. Dragons aren't studied that much." Twilight replied.

"But aside from that, check out this awesome egg I got." Spike took over, presenting me a relatively large egg with yellow and orange color patterns.

"Dang. I like the colors on it. Where'd you get it? Better yet, what's inside the egg?" I said.

"It's the egg of a Phoenix." Spike replied

"Phoenix, Phoenix... I think I've heard of those before. So, if I'm correct, the parents just let you take their egg?" I asked

"Spike actually managed to snag this one without the parents noticing, but it was more of an act of courtesy." Twilight said.

"Courtesy for what? He could've put it back in the nest." I said.

"There's more to it, Caleb. We also got chased down by a group of jerky dragons." Rainbow brought up.

"Yeah. Garble and his goons. They tried to pressure me into smashing it, but I told them off." Spike said.

"They did?" I asked.

Spike nodded his head.

"That's messed up. At least you managed to stand up for yourself." I said.

"Thanks, Caleb. Looks like we have a new pet to look after, Twilight." Spike said, gently caressing the shell.

"Owlysius will surly be surprised." Twilight remarked.

"No doubt about that." Spike said.

"Well, sounds like you guys had a crazy adventure again." I said.

Twilight giggled. "It's never really a dull moment around here in Equestria."

The sound of Owlysius' wings flapping brought everyone's attention to the stairs, where he flew down from.

"Owlysius!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Hoo." Owlysius landed on Twilight back and nuzzled her mane.

"Aww. You sure did miss me, didn't you?" Twilight asked.


After Twilight and her pet had their happy reunion, Twilight mentioned one little thing that brought to my attention. It was a big one. I mean, this hit me real hard because it's close to home. Literally.

"I also wanted to mention another thing, Caleb." Twilight began.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well, while all three of us were venturing through the volcanic region behind Spike, we found one of those automobiles, except it was stripped of the metal body and everything." Twilight said.

"Yeah. And it was more smaller and weirdly curved." Rainbow added.

"I also collected a golden plus lying next to it. Does this mean anything to you?" Rarity asked, levitating the object to my hand.

"It's the logo for the manufacturer," I replied, placing it on the table and remaining silent for a few seconds. "Did you, like, see anything else that looked out of the ordinary?"

"Not really.... Well, there was also a couple of buildings further out in the distance." Twilight hesitated.

"Were they structurally sound?" I asked.

"They did look a little damaged." Twilight replied.

"Huh. Either way, it sounds like the portal is still active and dropping stuff from Earth into this world." I said, turning towards the bookshelf and shuffling through.

"We really wanted to check them out, but we had to keep a close eye on Spike." Rainbow said.

"I know what you mean. Say, Twilight, where's the map of Equestria at?" I asked.

"It's the next shelf below you." Twilight replied.

I grabbed the rolled up map off the correct shelf. "Oh. Man, who moved that?"

I then opened it and placed it flat on the table, prompting everyone in the room to gather around. I traced my finger eastward until it landed on the volcanic region.

"By your best estimation, where was all the Earth stuff at?" I asked.

"It was all in that section of open space. It's not far from where the dragons are staying. I'm guessing that you want to head over there?" Twilight said.

"I do. I know there's a risk, but I just need to check if there's anyone stranded out there. If I could survive being sucked into a vortex, then I bet anyone else can. Guys, I could not actually be the only human in Equestria after all." I said.

"I fully understand what you mean, Caleb. If that's what you want to do, then you go and do it. I'll give you a pointer on how to get to the volcanic region quicker." Twilight said.

"Thank you, Twilight." I said.

"Ah, now I feel all guilty that we didn't check for anyone." Rainbow said.

"Don't sweat it," I chuckled. "So, what were you saying about getting there quicker, Twi?"

"Instead of taking the loop-de-loop near the arctic, you can drive up to Manehattan and take the ferry across the sea. It would be near impossible for your Land Rover to traverse the uneven mountain and terrain with all that ice." Twilight said.

"Where does the ferry go to? A village all the way across on the other island?" I asked.

"It's a small village near the Guto River. The only place inhabited by ponies on the island as a matter of fact." Twilight replied.

"Okay, good. And then should I follow the path all the way past Griffonstone?" I asked.

"It'll take you right to where you need to go." Twilight said.

"Oh, and one more thing. Is there a lot of lava in the open space?" I asked.

"Not at all. The magma is all isolated near the volcano further south, so you'll be fine." Twilight assured.


After our little meeting, I grabbed my bag of bits and stored them in my pocket and hopped in the Defender. I pretty much had all of the necessities I needed for my trip in the back; food, water, and etcetera. Its not a lifetime journey, but it's useful. I'll also be sure give to whoever I find stranded out there. If I find anyone. Twilight and the others then walked up to the driver door as I adjusted the center mirror.

"Well, I hope you find what you're looking for, Caleb." Twilight said.

"I kinda do, too. Hey, if I do find someone out there, will you guys help me explain what the heck is going on, or even just where they are at?" I said.

"Of course we will. Right guys?" Twilight said.

"Absolutely." Rarity said.

"I'll make sure to go more easy on them. You know what I mean, Caleb." Rainbow smirked.

"Yeah, I remember my second day in Equestria. I know how you are, Rainbow Dash," I said, starting up the vehicles engine. "In that case, I'll see you guys either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

"Take care of yourself out there." Twilight farewelled, giving a warm smile afterwards.

I simply gave a single nod before driving away from the library.

"And if you see Garble and his dimwitted assistants, be sure to sock them into next week!" Rainbow faintly shouted over the engine.

"Rainbow Dash! Please!" Rarity faintly scolded.

"Scratch that! Make it into next month!"

I had been driving across Equestria for quite sometime since I left Ponyville. I was predicting myself to take an hour at most to arrive in Manehattan, but the route is proving to be a little bit difficult. At first, I tried taking a shortcut through a forest because I felt wary about driving on the train tracks, but there was no chance because of how dense it was.

The main reason is not only because of an oncoming train, but the tracks go straight through a mountain, so it's a dark tunnel. If the train's coming, then I gotta back my butt out as quick as I can without crashing. But when I thought about the rail system more, the track I was so worried about was actually a one-way. And so, I just quickly blazed through the tunnel and back out into the light of day.

With a total time of around an hour and twenty minutes, I was starting to approach the main bridge that connects Manehattan with the mainland. I noticed right away that the bridge was relatively similar to the Brooklyn Bridge back on Earth, but the real kicker is that the support cables are attached to these giant horseshoes that tower over the bridge. Frankly, design-wise, that's pretty awesome.

I gawked at for a little bit before quickly driving over the bridge, cutting from the train tracks and getting onto the streets of Manehattan. From that point on, the driving was slow paced. All the taxi carriages had no idea what the hell I was in, so I decided to just coincide with them and kept up with their pace, which was between 25 or 35 kilometers an hour.

Eventually, I actually got lost in the city, and this is easily exponentially smaller compared to Manhattan in New York. But with my luck, I spotted a vendor along the sidewalk in the distance. There was a lot of taxis parked along the side, so I just had to flick on my blinker and parked behind them all. As I began my walk, I stared up at the impressive skyscrapers that stood at least at a couple hundred feet and had similar architecture to Manhattan's, except some had some unique equine related pieces added on. I mean, this is Equestria, so their a lot or pony stuff to go around. Speaking of Manhattan, it's just a bustling. I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb as I walked along with the crowd of ponies, but they gave me my room. A lot of ponies stopped to look at me, seeming to be fascinated to see The Human in a big city. A few ponies actually asked me to be in picture with them, which I gladly accepted. But really, I just wanted to get to the volcanic regions as quickly as possible, so I wasted no more time to reach the vendor.

"How are ya?" the vendor greeted in a New York-esque accent.

"Doing great. It's my first time in Manehattan, actually." I replied.

"Realeh? Well, yous come to teh right place. I gotcha a map tat'll direct ya to wherevah yah need tuh go," the vendor said, giving me an entire map of Manehattan.

"Thanks, bud." I thanked.

"Where are yous goin' anywaeh?" the vendor asked.

"I'm looking for the ferry port." I replied, unraveling the map.

"Oh. Teh ferreh's right around teh next block. Yah can't miss et." the vendor informed.

I examined the map and located the "You are here" spot. Sure enough, I was not far from the ferry port, so I kinda felt dumb at that moment.

"Oops. I think I drove past that a while ago. I remember going past the sea, but I didn't see the port." I admitted, rubbing my eyelids. Seriously, I didn't see i

"Ha! Ah, tat's just funny right der! Hey, I wish yous teh bes' of luck, Caleb." the vendor said.

"Yes. Please forgive my obliviousness," I laughed. "See you around."

I continued my drive around the next block before I spotted the ferry port. I drove the Defender up the loading ramp with a few other carriages and parked it. I then walked up onto the top deck alongside 7 other ponies who were also waiting for the ferry to start it's venture across the Celestial Sea. There was a twenty minute, but it went by quick.

7:48 PM

The ferry reached the opposite port near the end of the Guto River after its twenty-six minute venture. A short walk from the port was the settlement Twilight spoke of. Not many ponies were outside since it was getting dark out and the sun was beginning to set in the west.

Once everyone exited off the loading ramp, I drove off and got onto a path that leads across the Guto River and into a tiny wooded area. Along the path were four ponies heading in the direction of the settlement while a single pony wearing a brown, hooded cloak and carrying a saddlebag headed in the direction I was going. That looked a little sketchy to me, so I drove past quickly.

A very short ways down the path was tavern, or a bar of some sort. I couldn't spot a sign for the building, but I could be going blind and didn't see it. I slowed down and examined the building.

"I wonder if they have any cider. May not be as good as Sweet Apple Acres, but I could go for some." I thought to myself.

I diverted my course and turned right, parking in front of the tavern. Before I went inside, I switched the interior light on and unraveled the map of Equestria.

"Okay, so I'm here... So I just continue forward and I need to turn once I get all the way down there..." I said to myself as I looked over on my route.

My attention to the map was broken for a moment when I noticed the cloaked pony walking into the front entrance of the tavern. I went back to the map for a minute before I exited the vehicle and walked inside the tavern as well. My eyes looked around the cloaked pony, who was inspecting a scenic picture on the wall. I, on the other hand, stood at the bar area.

"Good evening, Caleb." the bartender said.

"Hi. I bet it's safe to say that you have apple cider. Am I right?" I asked, smugly.

"We have it right in this barrel keg. How much you want?" the bartender asked.

"Just a pint will do." I replied.

"Okay then. That'll be four bits." the bartender requested.

I then received my drink and took a big swig of it. Like I said before, I think no other can beat Sweet Apple Acres, but it was still good. Must've had some alcohol in it because the cider felt warm as it went down my throat, so I didn't drink too much. The cloaked pony walked up to the bar, standing a few feet away from me.

"Whatcha' want?" the bartender asked.

The mysterious pony used her right foreleg to unveil the hood around her head before responding.

"Hot water will do fine." she replied with a low voice.

I slightly turned my head and looked down upon her. Right off the bat, I noticed her rose colored mane was pulled up into a thick mohawk fashion. Her coat was dark orchid and she had opal eyes, and she seemed to be a bit taller than the average mare, at least from my perspective. We both looked forward before I broke the ice with her.

"Are you from around here?" I asked the mare.

"No. I'm just passing through here." the mare replied, still looking forward.

"Hey, so am I. I'm Caleb, by the way." I introduced.

"Mm." the mare hummed.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"My name?" the mare asked, turning her face towards me. "Cherry Pie. My name's Cherry Pie."

My response was delayed when I got a better look at her face. She had an old yet visible scar present on her right set of eyelids, but I also saw that her horn was broken in half, giving it a jagged, edged appearance.

"Nice to meet you. So, what happened to your horn?" I jumped to.

Cherry Pie's face formed a scowl.

"Nothing. Either way, it's really none of your business to ask me about." Cherry snapped.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let's just forget I said that." I apologized. That seemed to bring Cherry back to her normal mood.

"Good." Cherry said, taking a sip of her water.

"Sooo... where are you heading off to?" I hesitated.

"Anywhere. I'm actually looking for something." Cherry replied.

"So am I. Well, actually somebody." I said.

"Are you?" Cherry asked, skeptically.

"Yes. I came from another world through a universal portal. And, I'm heading for the volcanic regions because I believe the portal is still creating worm holes and dropping stuff from my world into this world." I explained.

"Where does the 'somebody' part come in?" Cherry asked.

"My main reason for this trip is to find any other humans, which is the name of my species, that may be isolated out there." I replied.

"You're going through all this trouble just because of a ray of hope that another one of your kind is out there?" Cherry asked.

"Yes, of course." I said.

"Okay..." Cherry replied, seeming a bit confused for some reason. "What kind of stuff do you think is being dumped?"

"Probably all kinds of stuff. Automobile's is one of them, which is one of the advanced technologies that Equestria doesn't have. That's what I have parked outside." I said.

"Advanced technology? Is there a lot?" Cherry asked.

"Maybe. The chance is probably high, though. Why?" I said.

"I would like to tag along with you. I think this technology might help me find what I'm looking for." Cherry said.

"That's fine. I'd like to have a companion with me." I said.

"Thank you. But don't consider me a true friend of yours. Let's consider this a mutual partnership; I find something and you find something." I said.

"Whatever you want. We can get going now, if you'd like." I offered.

"The sooner, the better." Cherry said.

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