• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Land of Equines - Daddy Joe

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

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December 5th, 2012

I took in a deep breath and lifted myself out of my seat. I then slowly walked over to the exit with my body hunched over slightly and stood beside the conductor.

“Well... end of the line.” I said.

“Good luck, sir.” the conductor said.

“Thanks.” I said while shaking his hoof.

The conductor then opened the door for me and I inched my way through the doorway again. Once I finally got out, I was met with multitudes of stocky stallion guards wearing gold armour and helmets. Their manes stuck out of the top of their helmets in sick looking mohawks. To my left and right were royal guards blocking to what I suppose were the media. They clamored for my attention as their camera flashes blinded me, but I just smiled and waved at them in response.

When I directed my eyesight forward, a stallion in purple armour walked up towards me. I inspected him further and noticed he had a cobalt mane with lighter highlights and a white coat.

“Wait, isn’t this what Twilight’s brother looks like?” I thought to myself.

“Caleb Barlow?” the stallion asked, breaking my train of thought.

“That’s me.” I said.

“Very good. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Captain Shining Armour and these are my colts.” Shining said while directing his hoof towards the guards.

“Oh, you’re Shining Armour! Your sister told me about you.” I exclaimed.

“You know, Twilight?” Shining asked.

“Yeah, she says hi.” I said.

“How’s she doin’?” Shining asked.

“She’s doing alright, kinda just livin' life at the moment.” I said.

“That’s good. I haven’t seen her in such a long time.” he admitted.

“I heard about that too, she really misses you.” I said.

“I know. I don’t really have much time on my hooves nowadays to visit.” he said.

“I see. You guys should write to each other soon, she’ll like that.” I suggested.

Shining Armour responded by smiling and giving a nod in agreement.

“Well, that’s enough reminiscing, we’re on a tight schedule.” Shining brought up while looking at the clock that read 10:33 AM

“And you are right about that!” I exclaimed.

“Follow me.” he instructed.

I followed Shining to the opposite side of the train station through the rows of royal guards, eventually arriving to a large carriage waiting specifically for me.

“Alright, just step into the carriage and they’ll take you to the castle.” Shining said.

“Showing up in luxury and style, i’m beginning to like this place.” I said.

“Glad to hear that. Have a nice day, Caleb.” Shining said.

“You too.” I said while entering the carriage.

The carriage then began to move quickly away from the train station and onto the streets of Canterlot. As the carriage progressed, I was quite flabbergasted to find out there was a city here. I thought it was just a castle up here, but no, a city as well.

I stared out the window and inspected the buildings. They had many different designs from an architectural perspective, but the colors were mostly white with purple or gold roofs and vegetation decor. For example, I saw a building that was an average rectangle shape at the base, but a spherical dome like roof, so it was quite interesting. The whole city was also decorated for the season ranging from christmas trees, wreaths on windows, garland strands on the edge of the roofs and a whole lot more. Canterlot is definitely more high end than Ponyville.

To back this claim up, most of the ponies I caught a glance of were all in this fancy clothing, similar to a style I was wearing. Mares would wear these ravishing dresses while stallions on the other hand would wear nice looking suits or tuxedos. If I were to show up here in casual clothing, i’m pretty sure I would’ve been outcasted here. I also saw a mare and a stallion who had their heads pointing upwards with their eyes closed as they walked. Typical rich snob.

“Yeah, keep your heads up, you might trip on your ego, Richie Rich.” I said to myself.

But anywho, it wasn’t long until we appeared to leave the city and entered a grassy area. I stuck my head out the window and saw a waterfall that poured into a river that created a waterfall off the mountain. To add on, the carriage was approaching a drawbridge that went over the river. The two stallion guards that were pulling the carriage came to a halt when we reached a giant purple double door. I sat there in silence for a moment until a guard came to the door and used his magical abilities to open the door.

“We’re here.” he stated.

“Already? Felt like five minutes.” I said.

“Your carriage pullers had to sprint all the way here.” the guard said.

“Oh, that explains why.” I said

“Alright, let’s go, you’ve got eight minutes left.” the guard said, hastily.

“Eight!? Crap, i’m gonna be late!” I exclaimed.

I stepped out of the carriage and ran alongside the guard to the doors. The guard knocked two times and the door and it immediately opened. We were now inside the castle. Firstly, the inside was beautiful and there was a red carpet that led into a ball room. The carpet was positioned on a flight of stairs that went both left and right at the top

“This way.” the guard said, pointing to the left

We ran together once again and took many twists and turns along the way. Believe me, the castle interior was like a maze to me. After climbing some flights of stairs, taking one more left and right, we stopped at two light purple doors that was guarded by two royal guards. Both had their spears crossed to block the door.

“This is the throne room. They should be inside waiting for you.” the guard said.

I took a deep breath and adjusted my tux one more time.

“Okay, i’m ready.” I told the guard

“Alright, colts. Let him in.” the guard ordered

Both guards pulled their spears towards them, making a *shing* sound and turned them vertically. The guards didn’t move their heads, but their eyeballs shifted in my direction, stared at me, and they nodded once to signify that I could go in.

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