• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Land of Equines - Daddy Joe

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

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Human Containment

Human Containment
August 5th, 2014

There I was, sitting criss-crossed atop a tiny rock island above my homeworld; planet Earth. One would assume that I would be shocked to be still alive in outer-space or even ecstatic to see my home once again, but that wasn't the case. In fact, I didn't mentally feel anything. I didn't feel happy nor did I feel sad, but just at a state of tranquility. It was quite the contrast to my current mentality. Before I awoke from my bizarrely foretelling dream, I grasped the edge of the island, poked my head over and looked down at the terrestrial land masses. It appeared I was above Europe, but vague to say which country I was specifically over because of an obstruction. The portal that sent me to Equestria had blanketed a small portion just north of the continent, appearing similar to a hurricane but with a distinctive, light blue center.

Although my eyes were closed, I saw a white flash and the jingly sound before opening my eyes. The yellow glow of my eyes slightly lit the grass that I was sleeping on. My instinctual anger kicked in and I stood up, staring down one of the streets of Ponyville. It was in the middle of the night and all the lights inside the houses were off. I would presume it was pitch black, but my strangely enhanced eyesight helped me see a lot more clearer in the dark. With my neck lowered, I barely turned my head as I inspected the area for any ponies, only using my eyes as they drifted from left to right. If I could see my expression at that moment, it would probably be the definition of the term 'evil eyes.' With no sight of anypony, I started to walk down the street and see where it would take me.

From the amount of time I wandered aimlessly in the Badlands, which was most of the day, my hunger and thirst never seemed to drastically increase. I don't know wether it was the adrenaline or on-going rage, but I've been able to keep going without the feeling of being depleted of energy. Going that long in a dry desert without gaining an inkling of thirst is rather inhuman, now that I think about it.

Ponyville was dead. Out of anger and bloodlust, I broke into a few homes just to see if I could find and simply kill somepony, but the one's I intruded were unoccupied. Eventually, it soon became evident to me that nopony was even here and the mood was really set in. The grass shuffled as I walked over it and occasional lonely gusts of wind would blow throughout the village. Sometimes when I stopped to stand still and listen for ponies, I could hear the wooden structures creaking or even the insects chirping away. The vacancy made me wonder if Twilight had also left Ponyville. I then leaped and climbed up onto the roof of one of the houses and looked over at Twilight's castle.

As if she was expecting me, Twilight stood in the middle of the path that led up to the front doors. Like a hawk eyeing its prey, I watched her turn around to walk inside the Friendship Castle, but she stopped and looked directly at me before closing the door. She knew I was looking at her from a distance, so she looked right back, but I'm not sure of what her intention was.

I jumped off the 20 foot height and landed on my feet without injury. I now started cutting in between the houses in order to get on that long stretch. While my mind did broil with rage against my closest friend, I felt no hurry in hunting her down, so I just walked until I abruptly stopped once I was halfway to the castle. I noticed the slightest thing out of place. There were hundreds of hoofprints scattered on the dirt path. There actually used to be that many hoofprints from all the tourists, but very few ponies walk up to the castle so frequent. Again, I scanned the area without turning my head before proceeding further up the castle.

When I placed my right foot on the first step, I caught a glance of the Defender dangling off the right side of the front porch. As soon as I saw the vehicle, it plummeted to the ground and a thick pressure wrapped around right ankle. This pressure turned out to be a rope ensnaring my leg. Before I could reach down to tear off the rope, the weight of Defender on the other side hoisted my entire body up by at least ten feet. It was so quick that my body didn't even hit the ground. Now vulnerable, my body dangling by my right leg, groups of royal guards emerged from the castle, the darkness, and from around the castle.

"We got him, we got him!" one of the guards called out.

Furious, I let out growls mixed in with screams as I relentlessly tried to reach out and grab the guards. I turned my attention to the rope again and began to cut it with my razor sharp claws, and it was working.

"Grab him arms! Don't let him get loose!" the commanding guard ordered.

Tweleve pegasi guards, six on each arms, started prying my arms outwards to cease my attempt to free myself, but my arms overpowered their efforts and flung them off for a short distance. I managed to get a grip on of the guards left back leg and my fingers wrapped around the appendage hard. I had to be exerting hundreds of pounds in grip strength because that guard was in serious pain, but his savior would turn out to be none other than an Alicorn.

Princess Celestia got full control over my body, unhooking my fingers and restraining my arms with her golden magical aura. Alongside Celestia flew her sister, Princess Luna, and Twilight. All three were right in front of my face as I dangled upside down. Letting out a guttural sigh, my facial muscles relaxed and I gave them a bug-eyed stare.

"My goodness. What has become of him?" Luna asked Twilight, in a state of disbelief.

Twilight was unable to respond. She looked horrified to see one of her best friends in such a terrifyingly negative state. Her gaze was straight, wide and her lips were slightly parted.

"Sorry," Twilight said as the question registered. "I still just can't believe it."

"As can I. Did you have an answer for my sister?" Celestia said.

"The only thing I know for sure is that Caleb is under some type of involuntary control. Nobody spontaneously sprouts claws and develops glowing eyes, let alone act out on such violence tendencies." Twilight replied.

"That I agree with. Does he still understand what we're saying?" Celestia said.

Although I couldn't speak any words, I let out a raspy snarl that caused the princesses to flinch.

"Most likely." Twilight replied.

Princess Celestia then hovered a bit closer to me. I tried to reach out my arms in order to gouge her eyeballs, but she held me firm. I'm surprised she got so close to my face because she was getting a close inspection. Celestia seemed to be puzzled as her eyes ran up and down my body before moving away.

"What is it, Celestia?" Luna asked.

"I think I have a possible solution to Caleb's current state, but I need to a little bit of time to make sure wether it would work properly or not. For the time being, we must keep Caleb secured." Celestia replied.

"Where at?" Twilight asked.

"The Canterlot Dungeon." Celestia said.

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