• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Land of Equines - Daddy Joe

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

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Return of The Timberwolves

Return of The Timberwolves
March 9th, 2014

Ever since I got back into patrolling the Everfree on my scheduled nights, I've been taking Bridgette out for car rides on my downtime-slash-search days to help increase our bond, which is a lot stronger than her first day in Ponyville. And yes, she loves sticking her head out the window and having the wind blow in her face.

But aside from that, I recently used my power of determination and concluded that Bridgette must've been a hunting dog back on Earth. So, I'm also using her heightened sense of smell to my advantage. With her nose, I've found a plethora of interesting and miscellaneous items. For example, Bridgette came across a pile of rocks in the middle of the forest about two weeks ago. She stopped with her right paw lifted and pronated while she sniffed out the bag of bits buried underneath with a valuable take; only forty-six bits contained. With my job, I'm pretty much rolling in the bits, so I decided to just give it to Twilight. Besides finding treasures, Bridgette put her sniffing to some good use today. Kinda wish she didn't.

Around mid-afternoon, Bridgette and I were riding around near the south side of the Dovere territories. Bridgette squinted her eyes and her floppy ears flapped as she stuck her head out the window, occasionally sitting down in the passenger seat before returning to her previous activity. The forest was beginning to restore its flourishing and lively green colors, but not fully there yet. Well, that is until the annual rainstorm that Cloudsdale is planning on for tomorrow night. That'll surely help the forest, but its gonna suck for me because I have to patrol that night.

Continuing northward down the path, I turned my head to the left when I noticed something off outside the passenger side. When I looked, there was a wide opening as numerous trees had been knocked over, which I knew wasn't there a few days ago. I then shut off the Defender's engine and showed Bridgette her leash.

"Don't run off again. No run. Stay by me." I said before opening the door.

Bridgette jumped out and immediately started sniffing the path, getting my attention. Underneath my feet were paw prints that were slightly bigger than my own feet.

"Oh, shoot! Timberwolves." I said, fairly surprised.

It has been a while since I encountered a Timberwolf, but the real game changer now is that the Timberwolves are a mile away from Ponyville. That may sound far away, but it's not good. I legitimately have no idea why there so close all of a sudden because they didn't even get this close within all my previous absent days and all.

My attention was once again brought over to Bridgette, who was still sniffing the paw indentations. I clicked my tongue to get her attention and she look up at me.

"Bridgette, go sniff. Find." I commanded, pointing towards the opening.

Bridgette trotted ahead and into the forest, maintaining distance between herself and I while she put her nose to work. We both hopped over the fallen trees in our path for short ways until we both noticed the prominent claw marks etched onto the bark of trees. Bridgette's tail wagged as she vigorously sniffed the claw marks and the air while I squinted in disgust. There was a faint scent of rotten eggs in the air, definitely a sign of Timberwolves passing through.

"Ugh, great. This is gonna be worse than bringing Discord back." I thought to myself.

After getting an idea of where the Timberwolves ended up, Bridgette and I went back to the Defender and drove further north into Dovere to retrieve the pony mannequins. Shortly after, I went back to the ravaged area and placed them around the perimeter I came up with, based on my estimations on where the Timberwolves might turn up tomorrow night. I seriously hope they stick around there long enough and not decide to head further down south. I'll just have to see how it goes.

Oh yeah, one more thing to clarify. Twilight and the girls used the Elements of Harmony to bring Discord out of his petrified state, like, five days ago. The only real reason is because Princess Celestia believed that Discord could be reformed and be able to use his chaotic magic for good. When I first heard of the news, I thought it couldn't be done, but Fluttershy managed to get some sense into him and he's pretty much good guy now, not a bad guy.... I still don't trust him, though. He is the Spirit of Chaos and I just know he'll go back to his chaotic ways, not implying Discord hasn't given that up personality-wise. He still uses his magic, but in a casual manner. That's what I've seen, at least.

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