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"My mom thinks I'm a really cool guy."

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Isn't this such a fun place?

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Allow me to shed some light on myself:

What is your name?
The name's Caleb. (not self-insert in LoE, just took the extremely easy route in giving the protagonist a name.)

How old are you?
I'm nineteen years old at the moment.

Where are you from?
I live in a freezer known as Wisconsin. Winter's aren't really fun up here.

What got you into the brony fandom?
Life kinda led me to it. Read my blog to find out more.

What got you into writing?
I actually started off by just doing it as past time. I would go on Google Docs and just write different stories down, including in relation in MLP:FiM. When I found FiMFiction, I saw an opportunity to put my work out there for the MLP fanfiction community. When I started getting feedback and knew that people liked my stories, it encouraged me to expand on my writing skills, just for the sake of the reader. Believe me, my writing was terrible when I first started out.

What is you preferred genre?
I like HiE fics, but really love a good dark fic, or something that's gritty, but also makes sure to give the reader a well-told story at the same time.

Okay. What genre do you dislike?
Going back to dark fics, if there's a story in the genre that describes a lot of messed up images and subjects without meaning or just for the sake of being explicit, I will not continue to read it. Oh, and Foalcon is not cool, too, since it's borderline pedophilia.

Who is you favorite pony?
Incase you somehow missed, Tempest Shadow is my favorite. Despite being cute at times, I just like her character as a whole and the way she was depicted. Pretty badass. Suck's that she'll probably never appear in the FiM series, but who knows. Otherwise, close behind Tempest would be Twilight Sparkle because she's such a likable character and a really down to earth unicorn.


MSG Productions · 1:45am Feb 7th, 2019

MSG Productions is a youtube channel created by a friend I used to hang out with in high school before graduating in 2018. The basis of this channel's content is a series following the story of a questionable anti-hero named Speeds McCool and other various skits. Incase you were wondering, the genre is comedy, but there's also some dark humor thrown into the mix. I myself mostly worked as the camera man for the Speeds

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Thanks for the follow. :heart:

2439272 No prob. I'm really liking the story so far.

Thanks for the fave, and (although it's a little late) welcome to FimFic! :twilightsmile:


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