• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Land of Equines - Daddy Joe

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

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Overnight with the Apple's

Overnight With The Apples
November 6th-7th, 2012

“So how long have you guys been in business?” I asked.

“For sixty-six moons.” Applejack answered.

“Ever since Granny Smith first settled here.” Applebloom added.

“Granny Smith? Jeez, what's up with all the apple themed names?” I thought to myself. “That’s quite the time. I’m guessing your farm is mainly based on growing and selling different types of apples?" I asked.

“There's that, and we also grow other crops, such as carrots. But yeah, it's pretty much apple based.” Applejack explained.

“I have to admit, Sweet Apple Acres grows some decent apples.” I complimented.

“Oh, so you had some for yourself?” Applejack asked.

“Yeah, hope you don’t mind. I was pretty hungry.” I admitted while pulling an apple out of my pocket.

“Don’t worry about it. That one apple was just one of the thousands here.” Applejack said.

I continued to follow the Apples through a little entryway that led to the actual farm. The farm was complete with a barn, chicken coops, a pigsty (etc.) Pretty much what a stereotypical farm would have. Eventually, all four of us arrived at a farmhouse that looked rather inviting

“And here’s where you will be staying at.” Applejack said.

“I like it. Looks pretty cozy to me.” I said.

When we walked in, it smelled pretty good. Kind of like an apple-cinnamon scent. This lead me to believe something good was cooking. I also took notice of how much wood was used to build the barnhouse. The floors were wood, the walls, and the stairs that led to the second-floor. It definitely looked like a house that was built sixty-six years ago. However, I really loved the decor.

“Granny! We’ve got a guest.” Applejack announced.

“Oh, now who would that be?” replied an elderly southern woman's voice.

Just then, the source of the voice came around the corner. I’m guessing this is Granny Smith herself. She had a light green coat, her facial features definitely showed signs of old age in a pony; not that it's a problem, and she had a pie on the side of her flank rather than an apple. I’ve really gotta ask them what those tattoos are for sometime.

Granny paused for a second and squinted her eyes to get a better view of me.

“Hello there.” I greeted in a kind tone.

“Why hello there. What might you be?” Granny asked.

“I’m called a human, but you can call me by my name, which is Caleb.” I said.

“Well it's mighty fine to meet somepony like you. Never seen anything like you in all my days.” Granny said.

“You too.” I replied.

I’m quite surprised how Granny took in seeing me for the first time. She was calm, collective and polite. Unlike Applejack who almost broke my wrists. But I can still see why Applejack was so defensive, she was just trying to protect her family from a possible threat.

“Well, Caleb, welcome to our home. Judging by the scent, we arrived just in time for supper.” said Applejack.

“Oh, thank goodness! All I had to eat today was just one apple.” I said.

“One apple? This youngster needs to eat. He got to have his supper.” Granny said.

“You got that right, Granny Smith. Come on into the kitchen and we’ll get ya situated.” Applejack said.

“Lead the way.” I said.

I followed Applejack into the kitchen and the scent grew even stronger. It was definitely an apple pie or something like that.

“Applejack, would you mind getting the cobbler out of the oven?” Granny asked.

“You bet, Granny.” Applejack replied.

"Apple Cobbler for dinner? This family isn't as bad as I thought." I thought to myself.

“Big MacIntosh, can you set up the chairs in the dining room?” Granny asked again.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac replied.

“And Applebloom, be a good little filly and set up some silverware.” Granny instructed.

“Yes, Granny.” Applebloom replied, obediently.

All three of the ponies dispersed and went to do their assigned tasks.

“Heh, you’re like the matriarch of this family.” I remarked to Granny.

“Well you know what they say, ‘respect your elders.’ Granny said.

“That’s correct.” I said.

Applejack grabbed a heat protection cloth with her mouth and opened up the oven door. She then picked the baking pan up and placed it in the dining room. Me and Granny followed behind her into the room.

“Mmm-mm-mm, what do we have here?” I asked.

“What we have here is Apple Cobbler.” Applejack said.

“Sure looks and smells good.” I said, hungrily.

“You can thank Granny for this home-style cooking.” Applejack remarked.

“Thank you, Granny Smith.” I said.

“Your welcome, youngin’.” Granny replied.

“Seat for you.” Big Mac said, as he slid a chair towards me.

“Thanks, Mac.” I said.

“Eeeyup.” he replied.

After everyone got a chair, we sat down and began to get our servings of cobbler. Since I was the star guest of the evening, I was the first to get a helping. I picked up my knife, cut a fine square of cobbler and placed it on my plate.

“Go on and take a little more.” Granny Smith insisted.

“You sure? Will there be enough for everyone?” I asked.

“Don’t threat about it. You did say that all you had to eat today was a tiny, little apple.” Granny reminded.

“You’re right, I did say that.” I said as I got myself another square.

After I got an extra helping, I passed the cobbler to Granny Smith. Granny then passed it to Applebloom, then to Applejack, and finally Big Mac. Once everyone had a piece, I took a bite of the cobbler with my fork. As I chewed, I started nodding in approval.

“Pretty good, ain’t it?” Applebloom asked.

“Better than I expected! Granny sure knows how to bake.” I complimented.

“Thank you, sonny.” Granny replied.

“What do you like most about it?” Applejack asked.

“I think the best part is the filling. It’s perfectly thick, not runny, and that tiny hint of cinnamon within it is a very nice touch.” I said.

“I agree with you on that.” Applebloom said.

“Alright! Applebloom knows what’s good too.” I praised.

“Exactly!” Applebloom replied.

As we continued eating cobbler, I noticed Applejack staring at me, but she wasn’t staring at my face. She was staring at my shirt.

“Something up, Applejack?” I asked.

“Yeah. Is Under Armour supposed to be your nickname or something?” She asked while pointing her hoof at the center of my shirt.

“That’s actually a brand name of the company that makes these types of shirts. Athletic shirts to be exact.” I confirmed.

“Oh. Well why didn’t I think about that? You into sports?” Applejack asked.

“I do a lot of weightlifting at the moment, but I also used to play baseball all the time.” I said.

“What made ya stop?” Big Mac asked.

“Baseball just got really old to me as time went on. Just felt very repetitive for me because each game was just standing out at left-field and batting. That’s why I stopped.” I concluded.

“Well at least you found another interest to keep you busy.” Applejack said.

While we continued to eat, a thought came to my mind.

“Hey, Applejack. What exactly is a Timberwolf?” I asked in curiosity.

“Those things are mean as sin. If they see something that’s smaller than them, they’ll go after it. But if it’s something bigger than them, they’ll turn into cowards.” She said in a slightly louder tone.

“Nasty varmints.” Granny added.

“But what exactly are they?” I asked again.

“They’re these big wolf like creatures that are made up of branches, twigs, or any kind of wooden material.” Applejack described.

“Heck, they probably would go after me.” Big Mac said.

“I suppose. I’m much taller than you and that one Timberwolf went after me with no hesitation.” I said.

“But the point is, it’s best to just stay inside during nighttime.” Applejack said.

“No kidding there” I said.

Shortly after the conversation, the cobbler went from three-fourths to nothing as quick as a flash. Not even a crumb was left on the pan. I than proceeded to pat my belly with my hand. Applejack was now washing the dishes and drying them while I sat in the chair with my eyes half open.

“Stuffed?” Applejack asked.

“That cobbler filled a hole, Applejack. Hey, Granny, thanks again for the cobbler.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” Granny said.

“Actually, thank you all. Thank you for being so accepting and compassionate towards me. My time here at Sweet Apple Acres has been a great start in this world and I am grateful for your hospitality.” I said.

“No problem, sugarcube. If you ever need anything, come to us. We’ll always lend ya a helping hoof.” Applejack said, supportively.

“Yeah! And we’ll als-” Applebloom said before she was cut off from her yawning and rubbing her slightly weary eyes.

Granny Smith looked at the clock and saw that it read eight-twenty one.

“Woah, nelly! It’s way past our usual bedtime.” Granny exclaimed.

“Would you look at that.” Applejack said.

“That’s alright. I’m feeling a bit tired after that cobbler myself.” I said.

“I guess that means we should all hit the hay.” Big Mac said.

“I agree. I’m feeling tuckered out myself.” Applejack said with a yawn.

“Where am I sleeping at?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, Caleb, we don’t have a guest bedroom. The best we can give you is the couch in the living room.” Applejack offered.

“I’ll take the couch. Doesn’t bother me.” I said.

“Very good. Living room is left of the hallway and i’ll be right with you with a blanket.” Applejack said.

“Sounds good.” I said.

I exited the dining room and head down the hallway and into the living room. Right when I walked in, I heard little pitter-patters on the woods floor. I looked down and saw a small dog that looked a lot like a Collie. The dog circled me and sniffed me at the same time, trying to figure me out.

“Hey, Applejack, I didn’t know you had a dog!” I exclaimed.

Applejack came back with a blanket and a pillow on her back.

“That’s Winona. Best pet and work dog a pony could ever have.” she said, giving Winona a small nuzzle on the head.

Winona looked up at me and gave a playful bark towards me.

“You want me to give you some attention, huh?” I asked Winona.

Winona then opened her mouth and had her tongue hang out while rapidly breathing. This indicated me to sit down next to her and started scratching behind her ears. Winona took liking to the affection.

“Yeah, you like getting all this attention, don’t you?” I said in the weird voice that most people do when they talk to pets.

“Winona just loves getting scratched behind the ol’ ears.” Applejack stated.

“I can see that.” I replied.

“At least you’ll have someone to sleep with, tonight.” Applejack said.

“You want to sleep in here tonight? Hope you like snoring.” I whispered to Winona.

Applejack must’ve heard what I said because it got laugh out of her and that made me laugh.

“There ya go, Caleb, all set up for you.” Applejack said.

“Okay then. See you in the morning, Applejack.” I said.

“You too, g’night, Caleb.” Applejack said before heading upstairs.

After she headed up stairs, I removed my t-shirt and switched off the lantern that lit the room. Thankfully, the moonlight was a decent substitute to find my way back to the couch. I hopped onto the couch, covered myself up with the blanket, and went into a deep sleep.

About five hours later, I was woken by a sound. Immediately I thought it was Winona walking around in the dark, but the floor board was creaking. Therefore, it was something much heavier than a small Collie.

"Who's there? Is someone there?" I asked.

"It's Applebloom." Applebloom responded.

I climbed off the couch and headed for the lantern. I switched it back on and the entire room lit up, revealing a fatigued Applebloom.

"What're you doing up? It's one thirty-four in the morning." I said, looking at the clock.

"I got thirsty." she said.

"What would you like?" I asked.

"Milk please." Applebloom requested.

I hooked my fingers around the lantern and headed into the kitchen. After getting the milk from the fridge, I poured some into a cup.

"Here ya go." I said, handing her the cup.

"Thanks." she replied. She began to take a sip from the cup.

I decided to start a conversation with Applebloom until she finished her milk.

"Your friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo? When did you guys meet?" I asked.

"Uhhhh, about two months ago at a cute-cenera." Applebloom said.

"Really? So it this was pretty recent then." I said.

"Uh huh." she trailed off while taking another sip and staring blankly.

"You were saying?" I reminded.

"Sorry. I'm still pretty tired." Applebloom said.

"Don't worry, I know how you feel." I said while letting out a yawn.

"My bullies were having their cute-cenera and the only reason why they invited me was to just make feel more down for not having a cutie mark." Applebloom explained.

"Bullies, huh? I never really liked bullies myself. But go on." I said

"I tried to fake having a cutie mark, but that was just a big fluke. I only ended up making myself look more like fool when everypony found out." she said.

"Why did you even go? You said they were your bullies, right?" I asked.

"I did say that. But if I didn't go in the first place, everyone would've known I was a blank flank." she said.

"Are Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo 'blank flanks' as well?" I questioned.

"Mmm-hmm. That's the main reason why we became friends in the first place." Applebloom said

"Wow. So maybe going to that cute-cenera was a good thing after all." I said

"That's right. Right now all three of us are trying different stuff to find our cutie marks." Applebloom said as she finished her milk

"Sounds pretty good, to me. And to be honest, Applebloom, you shouldn't let bullies get you down when they tease you. All you have to do is ignore them and they'll lose interest. It always worked for me." I advised.

"I know that now. But thanks for the reminder." Applebloom said.

"No prob'." I said. "Alright, you should probably head back to bed." I pointed out.

"Okay." Applebloom said as she got off the chair and headed for the stairs.

"Good night, Applebloom." I called from the kitchen.

"Night." she responded.

With that, I picked up the lantern and headed back into the living room. Winona slowly opened her eyes to my presence.

"Hey, girl." I greeted.

I set the lantern on the table and switched it off before lieing back down on the couch again and falling back asleep.

Author's Note:

Spot the RE7 reference?

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