• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Land of Equines - Daddy Joe

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

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My Malevolence

My Malevolence
August 4th, 2014

"Revalum, a secluded 17th century village. Anything could have been sent there, but my master chose me to eclipse the portal into the olden Earth. A wise choice on his part. Foolish that your kind would allow us to influence your precious lives, but that is what happens when a species becomes too self-aware, let alone misguided. When I arrived, I made sure the worshippers were ironically dealt with first before the residents. They all died and no one else knew until years past. And now that you touched and received a slight piece of me, you will experience what carried out that night, just lacking in rational control."

I sat up into a sitting position on my bed as I randomly woke up. My whole body felt extremely warm to the point that I was sweating, but the air was cool inside the castle. Plus, I was only wearing a yellow t-shirt and black relaxed fitted shorts. Inside my head, I could faintly hear to what sounded like a brief warp, but a shake of my head got rid of it, brushing it off as myself just being tired.

"Ugh, man." I yawned as I swung my legs over the mattress and onto the marble floor, wiping a few sweat droplets off my forehead.

As I went over to the bedroom window that overlooked Ponyville, the sun wasn't exactly verging over the horizon, but I could tell that Princess Celestia was working on it; a perfect representation of what dawn looks like. While I took in the scene and reminisced, my mind seemed to be involuntarily hijacked and began thinking about Twilight. Horrified, I fantasized about pinning her down on her bed as she slept, cupping my hands around her neck as I choked her out until she ceased to struggle.

When my mentality seemed to return to a normal state, I couldn't believe myself. Everything that happened those past weeks was happening again right out of the blue, but it was a whole lot darker. I turned my attention to Bridgette, who lied on the bed and stared at me. Even she looked as if she knew something was wrong, too. To protect her, I quickly ran out of the bedroom and closed the door behind me, heading into the bathroom.

I turned the sink handle, cupping the stream and splashed a good amount of refreshing, cold water on my face. But, when I removed the towel from my face, it almost seemed as if my face was beginning to be modified. I backed away from the mirror as I apprehensively touched my eyelids, now shaded in a way that gave the yellowing sclera in my eye a rather sinister look.

I tried to yell out in a fit of fear, but my throat started to tighten up and it was hard to breathe for a moment until something happened with my vocal chords. I didn't feel any pain, but my voice was far from remotely sounding human. No longer was I able to utter a single word coherently, I could only make ferocious, guttural, and airy roars. Tears ran down my cheeks and I clutched my head as a huge wave of just evil and horrible thoughts flooded through my head against my own will, followed by a flare of rage. Growling, I now punched the mirror as hard I could and shattered it to pieces. I didn't even feel the pain of the impact.

I knew at this point that something bad was going to happen to me and that I had to get out of there as fast I could, so that's what I did. When I managed to somewhat regain my normal state of thinking again, I bursted out of the bathroom and nearly trampled over a concerned Twilight.

"Caleb, what are you doing? Your hands are bleeding!" Twilight gasped.

"Hhhh-- HHhhhHh--- H-- elp!" I managed to plea through my constricted voice box.

Twilight was saying something in reply to my cry for help, but I was already booking it down the stairs and barging out through the front entrance, missing a few stairs and tumbling onto the grass. Left with grass stains, I started running south on the outer bands of Ponyville as I ran away into the Everfree Forest, pushing away obstacles and foliage that got in my way.

All I did was just put my mind to getting as far away from Ponyville as I could while my mentality was being constantly switched from normal to violent. In my normal state, my thought process was very conflicted, flowing with aspirations of covering ground from everypony I knew dear and terror of what I was even becoming. The violent switch was horrible as I felt what seemed to be the inside of my skull being compressed and my brain being swamped with malicious deeds and an unquenchable rage that made me furiously growl and scream at the top of my lungs.

Eventually, I had covered an unknown amount of distance between I and Ponyville, pausing in my tracks and collapsing on the ground. The malicious was beginning to overpower my humanity and I tried to fight it, squeezing my eyes tight and slamming fists into the Earth, but it was no use. After those grueling minutes, I was no longer considered to be Caleb Lee Barlow and under a parasitic control, still self-aware of the actions I now desired.

Taking deep, husky breaths that blew onto a nearby bush, I pushed myself up onto my feet and slowly took in my forest surrounding without turning my head. My eyesight had increased in the dark, pulsed, and the field of view became slightly narrow. Adrenaline flowed through my body and I felt angry, similar to the feeling if one were to be mildly frustrated, but not explosively mad. I then relaxed my fists, turning to open palms, and realized I had fortunately gotten myself lost in the Everfree Forest.

I stood in place, continuing with my low and paced pants while contracting my fingers repeatedly as I debated which direction Ponyville was. With a exasperate grunt, I arbitrarily walked in a straight line, clenching my fists again while keeping my arms from swinging with my steps, jolting my shoulders upwards every now and then. All I wanted to do was find and hurt somepony real badly, kill them if I could.

While stomping through the forest, the sky was now casted with an orange glow from the sun beginning to peek halfway over the horizon. When I thought about it, the area I was presently at seemed familiar. Eventually, on the other side of one of the paths, that's when I came across an apple tree, and then another apple tree, and soon it was rows of apple trees. Following the white fence a short distance, I spotted the barn house where Applejack and her family lived. I had found Sweet Apple Acres.

I wasted no time in proceeding towards the barn, walking up the front entrance through the apple orchard, past the chicken coop, and up to the building. I stepped over a small animal pen by the side of the barn and leaped up fifteen feet in the air, grabbing onto an outside windowsill on the roof and perched myself up. I placed both hands on the window and glared into the room, my pair of completely yellow, dimly glowing eyes with eerie black pupils reflecting right back at me.

"What in tarnation?!" I heard Applejack exclaimed in horror, now awake in her bed.

I then slammed my entire body onto the window and shattered it to pieces, allowing me access to her bedroom. I pounced on top of her and held her down with force. Applejack thrashed her legs and desperately tried to breath oxygen in her body as I cupped my hands around her delicate neck and pressed both my thumbs down on her larynx, but she was unable to escape. I growled at her as I pushed down even harder to the point that the pillow and bed were indented. Before she was on the verge of losing conciousness, Big MacIntosh came into the room and acted quick. Right when I looked at him, he just drop kicked me right off of Applejack and sending myself across the room and into a wall, leaving a big hole.

"This way, Applejack!" Big MacIntosh exclaimed as she supported his sister, who violently coughed while catching her breath.

I was already on my feet when the exited the room and smashed through the closed door, knocking it off the hinges. The bedroom door across from Applejack's slammed shut and they blocked the door with a heavy piece of furniture, but I had no intentions on stopping to kill them. I forcefully twisted the doorknob and pushed, easily moving the wardrobe and the door, but was met with an unexpected force that sandwiched half my body.

"Keep pushing!" Big Mac ordered.

"What in the name of all things are you doing, Caleb?!" Applejack yelled.

My left arm wrapped around the wooden door and my leg was wedged between the door and the doorway. Bringing my right arm back and pushing, the door, furniture, and occupants were shoved out of the way and fell on the floor. I then proceeded over to Big Mac and was just about to stomp his head in before I noticed the weakest link in the room; Applebloom. Swiftly, I got her by the mane and dragged her down the stairs, kicking Winona out of the way.

"Applebloom! Get her!" Applejack cried.

"Caleb, its me! Ah-- ah- OW! Its Applebloom!" Applebloom begged me to stop.

Once downstairs, I switched from grasping her hair to her neck. I intensely gazed at the petrified filly in the eyes as she started asphyxiating, scowling and baring my teeth as I squeezed her like a tube of toothpaste. But Big Mac and Applejack, their sibling instincts kicked in and they nailed me right in the legs, causing me to fall over and loose my grip on Applebloom. Applejack acted quick to get Applebloom out of the living room because Big Mac and I were now standing face-to-face I looked down at him as I towered over his stature. The stallion was freaking out and confused on why I was doing these actions. Anypony would.

"Come and get me. You don't have it." Big Mac egged.

I tried to grab him, but he ran out the front door and into the front yard. I pursued after him and was actually starting to gradually catch up with his equine sprinting pace. However, he turned and hid inside an old, fairly large shed behind the barn. As soon as I swung the doors open, Big Mac must've jumped down from the second floor because the door shut behind me and was locked. I roared with irritation and banged on the door, barely able to break through until I got a running start and rammed. The wooden bar that acted as the lock snapped in half and the doors opened.

I tore up the Apple family's house as I searched for them. I knocked over and flipped furniture, checked the closets, rooms, the cellar, but they were long gone. I then guzzled cups of water and took deep breaths as my broiling rage simmered down, now back to pure anger. I may had lost the Apple's, but I knew I was now on the right path to Ponyville, and that's where I was heading.

The half a mile walk to Ponyville would've been surreal if I had the slightest bit of humane left in me, but it wasn't. The faces of my friends kept going through my mind and how much I wanted to end their lives. I didn't have any specific picks or preferred method on how to do it, anyone and anyway would do. I also looked down at my claws and the tears in my clothing, brushed the mane or coat hairs off, and then licked my own dried blood off until my hands were a little clean. It wouldn't be long until I would need to use them again.

Walking down a small vantage point, I saw the bridge that goes over the river and into Ponyville. I continued across the purple stone bridge and walked onto a random street. Nopony was out on this street, mostly because it was still early morning and everypony was still waking up. I exerted small and steady pants as I inspected the buildings, spotting none other than Bon-Bon. At first, it was a casual encounter for her, but then she saw my appearance, my eyes. I was now sprinting at the window where she stood behind and smashed right through, grabbing her by the tail and flinging her against the wall. She yelped upon impact and I pounced on top of her before she could move, flipping her over so that I could beat her face.

"What did you do now, Bon-Bon?" Lyra asked right before she walked in to the shocking scene.

At the moment both I and Lyra locked our eyes on each other, it almost felt as if the malicious left my body for a few seconds. I subtly relaxed my brow and glared at her with hostility. Lyra, one of my best friends in all of Equestria, the one who looked up to me as inspiration for her passionate study, now looking at me as the monster I was.

"Lyra, run! Get out of here!" Bon-Bon heeded.

Lyra hesitated, but when I rose up to my feet and walked towards her, she ran up the staircase. There were a few rooms on the upstairs, but Lyra chose to go out the second floor window and slid off the roof and into the street was just at.

"Get up, Bon-Bon!" Lyra exclaimed.

Bon-Bon gave out a sharp scream.

"Ow! Ah, I can't. My leg is broken! Just go and get help, Lyra! RUN!" Bon-Bon replied, groaning in pain.

Lyra tried to stay back and to help her roommate, but Bon-Bon made her point and Lyra galloped away. Now with a fire burning in my head, I slid off the roof as well and sprinted after Lyra with fully lethal intentions. Her and I were about fifty meters or so apart, but with all the exhilarating adrenaline that was constantly being pumped through my blood, magically enhanced muscles, and brain mixed in with infuriating malice, it was an unstoppable combination. Growling and taking hoarse breaths that was probably creating friction on my larynx, I was gaining on Lyra until I was hot on her heels, sending her into a state of mortifying panic.

"Stop chasing me, Caleb! You're scaring me!" Lyra cried, tears starting to well in her eyes.

Along with a ferocious roar, I bounded into the air with my entire body stretched out. My shadow cascaded over the frightened mare and I hurled towards her at rapid speed, tackling her to the ground. She gasped and kicked her rock hard hooves against my head, but it only made me angrier. My hands scrambled along her body as I gripped her skin and pushed her back on the ground. With both hands on her back, holding her against the ground, I opened my mouth and bit down hard on her left side with as much force my jaw muscles could muster. Lyra let out piercing scream as my teeth sunk into her flesh, the taste of metal overwhelming my tastebuds as blood began to draw, and proceeded to shake her like a chew toy. Leaving go with blood flowing out of my mouth, I flipped her over onto her back and saw the face of broken mare who was being attacked by her friend.

"What did I do?! I'm your friend!" Lyra blubbered.

Without remorse, I began to savagely bludgeon her muzzle and face with my fists in repetition for twelve times before wrapping my hands around her neck and slamming her head against the ground, gritting and spewing saliva from between my teeth. Lyra had stopped moving at that point and her entire face was broken, blood profusely flowing out the nostrils and beginning to severely bruise.

"DIE!!!" I screamed. It didn't come out as the word, but more of an incoherent yet intimidating roar.

To finish the heinous act, I just grabbed her entire body with one hands and threw it overhand against a nearby tree, her lifeless body flopping onto the ground like a ragdoll. My hands and mouth were caked with red blood as tiny blood spatters stained my clothing. After everything that just happened, I didn't even feel the pity and anguish of killing my friend. I just felt... the same as before; fury and thoughts that dwelled on any possible atrocity.

I then stood up on my feet and proceeded onwards with evil endeavors. I happened to be real close to the Friendship Castle and spotted the Land Rover, giving me another idea on how to deal with any ponies I come across. Of course, when I looked back at Lyra before leaving the scene, there was a crowd of concerned ponies surrounding Lyra's body who witnessed my murder, checking if she was okay. I now walked up to the Defender that was parked a short distance from the Friendship Castle and inserted the fuel pump fuse, igniting the engine to life. Forcefully shifting into first gear, I floored the accelerator, causing the engine to roar as loud as my own, followed by the second gear. Grass, soil, and dust kicked up in from the amount of torque the powerful machine exerted on the soft ground, creating deep tire tracks.

Along the route to the crowd of ponies that attained to Lyra, I saw Amethyst exit her home and I cut the wheel to the right, ramming her on the steps and sending her flying back inside her house. With some damage now done to the front of the vehicle, I then shifted in reverse and the tires spun as they regained traction before continuing to the ponies I planned to exterminate. I took a shortcut around the town so that I would be able to catch them by surprise. Once I caught sight of the herd of townsfolk, I went foot to the floor and didn't leave go. The vehicle sped up to a speed of 90 kilometers an hour and they would surely had been dead if I hit them.

I had to be at least fifty feet from impacting them before the Defender skidded to a sudden halt. The engine died because the sudden force caused me to let off the clutch too early, messing up the shift into third gear. My eye drifted to the remaining side mirror and I saw Twilight holding the vehicle back with her magic, causing me to lowly snarl. She then lifted the vehicle up a short ways up in the air and kept her distance as she flew over to the side of the vehicle I was sitting. Twilight looked distraught as she took in my new, menacing appearance as her ears flattened.

"Caleb.... I know this isn't you. You would never do something like this, I know you. But..... I have to turn you in until--"

I quickly opened the driver side door and jumped out at Twilight trough the air, gripping onto her head. Twilight grunted as my weight sent both of us careening towards the ground until she did the next best thing she could do at the moment.

I don't know why she didn't just capture me at this point, but she instead teleported myself to a secluded area of Equestria that I was not familiar with. The ground was orange red, a desert, and the air was not too hot and not too cold. I was in a state of turmoil as whatever was controlling me was trying to find out what to do next, but I decided to just walk off in another straight line, hoping to find another settlement of ponies to terrorize. I was truly gone for the time being. Why did I even bother to leave the castle?

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