• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Land of Equines - Daddy Joe

Who would've thought that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would bring something so surreal.

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Supply Shipment

Supply Shipment
March 11th, 2013

12:00 AM

Okay, so yesterday was the day that I had to head into the Everfree Forest during the day to check for any signs of Timberwolf, Cockatrice, Cragadile, Manticore activity in the Everfree and i'm relieved to say that I didn't find anything that be a major threat to Ponyville. However, I did find a few toppled trees near the South border of the Dovere territories. I suppose that's where the Timberwolves are hanging out at this time, fortunately.

When I get the bait mannequins from the supply shipment, I plan on placing one of them about half a mile from the Timberwolves position while the other three will be spaced out in that area. I don't want to place the mannequins too close to Ponyville because that would just draw them closer to civilization. And so, if I come back the next day and find a mannequin chewed, scratched, or knocked over, then i'll know that the Timberwolves are advancing their position.

Twilight has been very supportive of my recruitment in C.A.M.A, but I can see deep in her eyes that she is worried sick for me and wishes I don't go, and that's to be expected from Twilight's personality; a sign that our relationship has grown stronger, maybe as equal as her and Spike's.

Speaking of Spike, he revealed something quite shocking, in my book. Remember when I said that Spike blushed at Rarity two days ago? Well apparently he has a crush on her. Now my reaction was a mix between 'Yeah, you get her, boy' and 'Okaaaay.' Even now i'm still confused as heck, but I like how Spike is going for what he wants. Who knows, maybe the stars will align whilst a blue moon occurs and they might get together.

But, back to the true subject. It is now midnight and i'm about to leave Twilight's library to meet the royal guards delivering my supplies. Now let me remind you, the Everfree is a whole new goddamn ball game at night, so I have to be careful because Timberwolves aren't the only threats out there. The safest and quickest route to the open field where i'm meeting the guards is to take the path that leads to Fluttershy's cottage and continue forwards until I come across the same path where I encountered my first Timberwolf..... shit. Guess I didn't this through good enough. Well, like Night Hunter said, they're just pussycats when it comes to size. No biggie.

I then grabbed my black leather jacket, attachable flashlight, and boots, putting them on. Discretely, I went for the front door and gently gripped the doorknob, slowly turning it. The door emitted a quiet creak as the door began to open. Once I got outside, I couldn't see anything due to it pitch black because the moon was blocked out by the clouds that the Cloudsdale Weather Center placed in the sky, so I had to feel my way around. I turned my direction towards where the Defender was parked and I stuck my arms outwards to feel for it.

"Okay, where are you at?" I said.

While feeling around, I felt my knee impact against the metal body of the Defender.

"D'ow!" I yelped. "Well, atleast I found it." I said after rubbing my knee.

After I hopped into the driver seat and started up the vehicle, I slowly pressed on the accelerator to proceed to Everfree, keeping the engines noise level as minimal as possible so that nopony would be woken by the loud engine. The engine is actually pretty loud as it was idling.

Once I finished navigating the many streets of Ponyville and crossing a small bridge, I was now entering the Everfree Forest. The forest itself just had this whole different feel to it than it does during the day. I then picked up the pace and sped up to forty kilometers an hour.

After driving for a while and staying alert, I saw Fluttershy's cottage in the distance and shut off the brights and roof lights so that no excessive amount of brightness shines through her windows. Once I passed the cottage, I switched the lights back on.

Finally, I reached the left turn that leads out the open field where I first came into this world. It was such a funny feeling of being back here, literally. When I entered the area, it felt very... static. It felt like tiny surges of static electricity were surging through my body, but I just brushed it off as being the mild pins and needles sensation.

I looked around the grassy terrain and found a nice little spot to park that got a good view of Canterlot in the distance. Therefore, the delivery ponies will have no way of missing me due to having nothing obstructing the lights. Currently, it was twelve-twenty four, so the guards should be arriving shortly.

As I sat quietly in the Defender, I felt like I was being watched, but that could probably be my subconscious playing a mind trick on me. I still stayed alert just in case.

It was six minutes past twelve thirty and the guards had not arrived yet. While I sat in the Defender, I heard a faint whoosh sound come from outside. I quickly reacted and checked the outside to see if anypony was outside, but nothing.

"The hell was that?" I said to myself.

I then got back into the Defender and waited again.


"Ahh!" I exclaimed to the sudden sound.

"Boo!" a white pegasus royal guard with gold armor said from outside the passenger window.

"Jesus, how long have you guys been out here?" I asked.

"We just got here. Thought we'd just mess with you." A grey guard replied.

"Ha! Funny guy!" I said in a raised tone.

"C'mon, isn't it funny after being scared?" the white guard asked.

"Yeaah, I guess you're right. Good scare," I said. "Now do you have my equipment i'll be using?" I asked.

"All stocked up back in the storage trailer." the grey guard replied.

"Captain Shining Armour also came down here to help you out with unloading. Said you seemed pretty trustworthy." the white guard informed.

"I've haven't seen him a while. Where's he at?" I asked.

"Right here." Shining Armour said from the window behind me, wearing his usual purple armour.

"Hey! How's it going, Shining?" I asked as I exited the Defender.

"Pretty good," Shining replied. "I can see you're really coming up in the world, huh? " Shining inferenced.

"Yeah, I start my first official night out in the Everfree tomorrow." I said.

"That takes guts, Caleb. Going up against all those crazy creatures that lurk the Everfree." Shining said.

"Ever see a Timberwolf before?" I asked.

"In pictures, but never seen one myself." Shining replied.

"I've only seen the glowing green eyes, but not the whole damn thing in person." I said.

"That had to be pretty spooky." Shining said.

"Spooky doesn't even come close to what I experienced that night. I was close to becoming Timberwolf chow that night." I said.

"Look on the bright side, atleast you made it out of there." Shining said in an optimistic tone.

"Yeah, that is a big bright side." I replied.

"But anyways, we got your equipment and supplies you'll be needing for your long nights in the Everfree." Shining brought back up.

"Even the mannequins?" I asked.

"Yes, even the mannequins." Shining chuckled.

"Very good. Now let's get unloading." I said.

Shining walked over to the carriage filled with the supplies while I opened the Defender's back door. After I opened the door, Shining levitated all four of the mannequins into the cargo storage area and set them neatly aligned while I grabbed the iron sledgehammer from the trailer.

"These are your problems now." Shining said.

"Thanks." I said.

I followed Shining Armour back to the trailer and helped him load up my Defender with six month worth of MRE's and water.

"So, anything new going on in your life?" I asked Shining.

"Oh, you bet," he replied. "I've been in a relationship for quite sometime with a certain somepony." Shining said.

"Oh, lucky you!" I said. "What's her name?" I asked.

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or Princess Cadance for short." Shining replied.

"Ho-ho, a princess, huh?" I said.

"The princess of love to be exact." Shining added.

"Princess of love? Okay, maybe lucky was a bit of an understatement," I corrected. "When did you first meet her?" I asked.

"The first day she came over to foalsit for Twilight. She was so pretty." Shining sighed as he reminisced on the past.

"Yeah, I know how you feel." I related.

"You had a special somepony too?" Shining asked.

"Sure did, but like most teenage relationships, we broke up. I remember that day we broke up. Jess' parents said she was crying her eyes out and I spent an entire day in my room sulking all by myself. It was by far the saddest day of my life so far." I said.

"Wow... that sounds very rough." Shining said with compassion.

"It was. But we moved on and continued with our lives. You're lucky to have your relationship is still going on for this long." I said.

"Why did you break up? If you don't mind me asking." Shining asked.

"To be honest, I think it's the fact that we were teenagers. I'm nineteen years old right now and my brain has matured a bit more, but I think me and Jessica weren't ready for a serious relationship yet. Excluding our age at the time, me and her we're stressing out over how we would stay connected once we were in college because she wanted to go to Marquette University while I wanted to attend UW-Whitewater. So yeah, that's pretty much why we broke up. Too much stressing over." I said.

"I suppose. Being that far away and not being able to interact with each other properly." Shining said.

"We could've used this messaging app back in my world called Skype that allows you video chat with others." I brought up.

"Why didn't you both just use that?" Shining asked.

"Video chat and texting is just not the same as actually being there with the one you love in person." I replied.

"Oh, I see what you mean now." Shining understood.

"Yep." I finished.

"Don't worry, Caleb, you might find somepony." Shining said.

"In this world? I think not." I said.

"Never know. Maybe a female human was sucked into the portal as well." Shining said.

I remained silent, but a small smile formed on my face.

"Does Twilight know about your relationship with her own foalsitter?" I asked.

"Not at all. Me and Cadance kinda kept it secret from her." he replied.

"Well, you should tell her. She'll probably flip when she hears about it." I said.

"Don't worry, I will, but i've just been pretty busy lately." Shining said.

Shining Armour and I continued to load up the last of the MRE's, water bottles, and extra medical supplies in the back on the Land Rover until the only remaining item left was the X-Ray sensor, the little speaker, the Ingenious, and the Timberferno. I took the two smaller devices and placed them in the cup holders up front. I went back to the trailer and picked up the Iggy, which now had a grip that was suitable for my hands.

"Does the E.U.P Royal Guard utilize these at all?" I asked Shining.

"Nope. We use spears most of the time. These pieces of technology are quite rare and take a lot of time to develop." Shining replied.

"Want a demonstration?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Probably not the best idea. Might attract some unwanted attention." Shining referred to the Timberwolves.

"Good idea." I agreed.

I took the Iggy and sat it up front in the passenger seat, doing the same for the Timberferno.

"So, is that everything I need?" I asked Shining.

Shining went back to the trailer to double check.

"Looks like it, but Princess Celestia gave me one more thing before she authorized the delivery." Shining revealed.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"It is so." he replied, levitating a flat golden object.

"A golden ticket? Wonder if it says i'm invited to visit a chocolate factory." I thought to myself.

I took the ticket out of Shining's magical grasp and read it.

You're invited to the Grand Galloping Gala!

Spend your night at a royal ball to celebrate the anniversary of Canterlot's completion. Be sure to wear a proper attire and to arrive with this ticket for admission.

Location: The Canterlot Castle

Date: April 21st
Time: 8:00 PM-12:00 AM

"Oh, nice! A party!" I exclaimed with excitement.

"And she also wanted me to give your this." Shining said, levitating me a small scroll wrapped with a red ribbon.

I opened that up and read it as well.

Dear Caleb Barlow,

Not only did I send you this ticket because you're a newcomer to the land of Equestria, but I also thank you for taking the duty of protecting Ponyville and patrolling the Everfree Forest late at night. It is truly a sign of bravery and that you care towards your new friends and those who live there at the moment. Thank You.

Best regards,

Princess Celestia

"Man, my life here keeps getting better and better!" I said.

"Sure looks like it. Most ponies who attend are high-class or very rich." Shining said.

"Brilliant. A party filled with richie-riches." I said with a roll of my eyes.

"I like that nickname. Richie-Riches." Shining recited.

"That's not the only nickname I can come up with, I have a whole lot more." I said.

"Nah, i'm good. Me and the colts have to get back the bunks to get some sleep." Shining said.

"Oh, right," I said, looking at my watch that read 1:02 AM. "In that case, i'd better let you guys get some sleep. I gotta set up these four mannequins quick before I head home."

"Alright, you be careful out there." Shining urged before he climbed back in the trailer and shutting it.

"I will. And thanks again for the ticket and helping me out." I called back.

With that, the pegasus guards flew off into the sky, becoming as black as the sky.

"Welp... might as well get this over with." I said to myself.

I'm now arriving near the south border of the Dovere territories and I have to admit i'm a bit nervous. I may now be more mentally tough than before, but i'm pretty sure nopony can't help but to get nervous while out in a dark forest with mythical creatures running around. Once I arrived at my destination, I shut off the engine, but left every single light on. I did this because I need to hear incase if I get ran up from behind or the side.

I then grabbed the Timberferno, twisted the valve, and exited the Land Rover. Now let me tell you, it is dead silent at night in this forest. So quiet that I could hear the engine of the Land Rover clicking as it cooled down and the sound of my boots scraping against the gravel-dirt path. I then opened the back door of the Defender and grabbed onto one of the pseudo pony mannequins.

Using the high beam roof lights that pierced into the dark forest, I slowly made my way into a small ditch that led into the forest. When I made it the bottom, I bumped into a huge log and stepped over it. Twigs snapped with every step I took and it was hard to tell whether it was me or perhaps a Timberwolf following me. I would occasionally turn my head left and right to check for any glowing green eyes. Luckily, I did not see any.

Once I reached as far as the lights would shine, I placed the mannequin on the ground and used a few stones to keep it upright.

"Perfect." I whispered to myself.

Checking the vicinity once more, I headed back to the Land Rover. My nerves were now more chilled out than before and it seemed like a breeze walking through the forest now. Stepping over the log once again, I made a brief climb up the ditch, placed a pile of stones as a marker of where I placed a mannequin, and got back into the Defender.

"That was easy. Three more to go." I noted to myself.

After reversing towards the direction back to Ponyville, I continued on with my little mission. But something caught my eye as I began to drive away. Out of the corner of my left eye, I saw a dark mass in the rearview mirror dart to the side of the forest where I placed the mannequin. My eyes went wide and I slammed on the brakes, reversing back to my original position that I just came from.

"Oh, no you don't." I mumbled as I quickly pressed the sweep button for the X-Ray sensor.

The pulse wave swept across the forest and no orange figures appeared. The mannequin I placed was about eighty meters from my position, so if a Timberwolf were attacking it, the sensor should've picked it up since the wave covers one hundred meters, but that didn't convince me enough.

I then pointed the low beams, high beams, and the Maxtel 4x4 headlights in the direction of the mannequin while the roof lights covered a three sixty degree circumference. I quickly grabbed the Timberferno, got out of the Defender, and fast-walked towards the mannequin. I was relieved to see that the mannequin was still standing in perfect condition with no signs of attack.

"Phew! Must've been my eyes playing tricks on me. Guess I should've expected that." I said.

And so, I once again got into the Defender and drove off to my next destination. I placed each mannequin in a different location with each stop. For example, I would drive over to the eastside of the forest to place one there while the other would be on the westside in order to have variation. After getting every single one placed, I headed off back to Twilight's library to get some sleep.

Once I got back to the library, I slowly crept upstairs and got into my bed. Twilight slept silently, which was a contrast to Spike, who was sawing logs. I'm surprised Twilight could've fell asleep with that amount of snoring.

"Maybe this job will be a breeze after all." I thought to myself as I laid in my bed.

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